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One of the final contestants in this years BPW4W top ten best diet pills for women is BSN’s Hyper Shred. After reading several Hyper Shred reviews myself, I was super excited to try out this fat burner from industry staple BSN. As one of the ‘founding fathers’ of sports supplementation, I knew I had to include an entry from BSN in my official reviews. Now some of you may ask- is this really a product FOR women? The answer is – no – not really. But after doing plenty of research myself, I discovered that Hyper Shred was designed for maximum effectiveness in both men AND women. Needing no further rationale, I got myself a 90-count jar and launched headfirst into a three-week long cycle with BSN’s hyper fat burner. Read on for the official BPW Hyper Shred Reviews.

Hyper Shred Effects 

My main criteria for judging these diet pills is the effectiveness of each product. It’s the reason why Cellucor’s Super HD is sitting atop the official BPW rankings- it just plain works. If a fat burner works, it is evident within a matter of weeks, and it deserves a spot in your supplement stash. If not, you know it’s time to ditch it and try a new one.

Hyper Shred is the second fat burner that I tested for the rankings. I grabbed my Hyper Shred online for just $35 for the full 90 pill jar. There was actually a lot riding on my Hyper Shred test because I was taking it in the weeks leading up to my Spring Break in the Bahamas. Knowing that I probably wouldn’t be doing much training, and that most of my time would be spent in my bikini, I really wanted to refine and ‘polish’ the look that I’ve been working so hard to build.

Since BSN is one of the bigger players in the industry, I expected them to put out a strong product. I was particularly pleased with the price point of BSN Hyper Shred- which is what made the following effects that much more of a nice surprise. Here are my top three effects that I personally experienced with BSN’s Hyper Shred:

Relentlessly Energetic: Ok it’s a fat burner. But seriously- this stuff is stronger than any Red Bull you’ve ever had. I would probably actually start using BSN Hyper Shred as a pre workout. Or maybe even a study aid. It’s that strong. I think I know the reason why these pills get you so wired up (see ingredients section below), and I have to say it’s a rush. I took BSN’s Hyper Shred as prescribed- about 45 minutes prior to my first meal of the day on a monday morning. My first meal on mondays and wednesdays is just a protein shake and a banana, and the thing is- I like barely wanted to eat them at all. I think it’s because of the crazy energy that I got from Hyper Shred, but it totally revs you up and makes you not hungry at all. It’s not really a bad thing, because the energy that you get from this diet pill lasts for hours. The directions say that you can take a second dose 4-5 hours after your first serving, but I found myself going like 8 hours straight on Hyper Shred without lagging or feeling like I was running on empty. This stuff really gives you a lasting boost of energy.

Vascularity: One of the most unique effects that I experienced with BSN Hyper Shred was how it made some of my veins start to come out a little bit. Now I’m not talking about crazy shoulder veins or anything like that (and seriously who even wants those?) but I definitely appreciate when my forearms start to have that cut up look to them. I think Hyper Shred played a big part in reducing the amount of fat that I had overlaying some of my muscles and making me look more lean and toned. While I don’t think I would put Hyper Shred on the same level as some of the others in terms of overall fat-loss, I did notice some toning effects, and they were significant enough to make me a believer in what this diet pill can do.

Caloric Deficits: As is the case with several of these diet pills, I found myself consuming way way less calories than usual. I have really strong self control, so it’s not like I was taking Hyper Shred to try and suppress my appetite, but what ended up happening was that after taking Hyper Shred, I ended up just not eating as much as I usually would. i think this is all part of the strategy that BSN intended when putting together the instructions for Hyper Shred. By instructing you to take it prior to a meal, it gives the fat burner time to kick in and have a really strong impact on your appetite. Like all of the meals that I ate directly after taking my dosage of Hyper Shred ended up being less than 800 calories. That’s why if you think you might be looking for a diet pill that can help you get into a caloric deficit (eating less than you burn over the course of a day), than Hyper Shred might be for you.

BSN Hyper Shred Side Effects

As you know from reading my other diet pill reviews, I like to go into details of both the pros and cons of each product. I basically have yet to find a product that doesn’t have both sides of the coin- that is they provide some really positive effects, but on the flip-side there are some negatives to consider. BSN’s Hyper Shred fat burner is no different. While I did appreciate the energy, appetite blunting effects, and increases in vascularity- I was not so much a fan of the following Hyper Shred side effects.

  1. A bit Jittery: There have been a few diet pills that I’ve reviewed over the course of preparing the BPW top 10 diet pills for women of 2014 that I’ve come across some serious jitters. Unfortunately, BSN’s Hyper Shred was one such case. I think this might be because of the gender-neutral aspect of the product, that maybe they dosed it so that it would be strong enough for men to achieve significant effects, but in doing so might have created a diet pill that’s just a bit too intense for ladies like me. I should mention that by no means do I have a low tolerance for stimulants, so the fact that I was getting a bit rattled when taking Hyper Shred might mean that it’s a bit overpowering for the average Jane!
  2. Don’t Forget to Eat: So this one is tricky because it’s like a pro and a con at the same time. While I definitely was shooting for a caloric deficit in order to lean out for my big trip, I think it would be too easy to lose too much lean muscle while taking Hyper Shred. I say this because I know a lot of my readers definitely ARE at a point where if they aren’t careful with their calories, they could end up losing some of the hard-earned muscle that they gained. For me personally, anything over a few hundred calories and I start to notice that my workouts lack intensity and that I can’t move enough weight as I usually am able to. So if you do end up going for BSN Hyper Shred, I would recommend being super conscious of what your eating and to make sure that you get enough nutrients!
  3. NCAA compliance: This effect is one that I have to point out only because one of my roommates friends ended up getting in some trouble at his school he thinks because of Hyper Shred. He’s a football player, and is pretty ripped, so I don’t know if he was taking anything in addition to Hyper Shred, but he insists that he didn’t- and he ended up failing a urine test for the NCAA that almost cost him his eligibility. Without going into detail, I think there was some kind of loophole or complication that he was able to leverage (with the help of his dad’s lawyers), and was able to continue to play. I went through the supplement facts very closely, and I really couldn’t tell what would cause the failed drug test- although I DO think that synephrine/bitter orange either is or was banned by the NCAA at one time- so it definitely could have been something to do with that. You could probably get away with taking Hyper Shred, but losing NCAA eligibility is definitely a side effect worth mentioning!

Hyper Shred Ingredients

hyper shred ingredients

The ingredients in BSN’s fat burning diet pill are a mix of both traditional and non-traditional thermogenic ingredients. The formula is divided into three different parts- the thermodynamic interfusion component, the nootropic stimulators, and the Insulino-composite (whatever that means). The first piece includes the boilerplate fat burner ingredients. We have cafffeine- the most popular stimulant in the world. We have the aforementioned synephrine (biter orange). We have Red pepper fruit, and also bioperine black pepper extract. I’m a big fan of Bioperine so definitely love seeing it in the Hyper Shred supplement facts panel.

The second piece of the formula includes bacopa, niacin, toothed club moss, and riboflavin. The toothed club moss is a way to source huperzine-A I believe, and this supposedly balances out the stimulants effects to prevent jitteriness. In my opinion, they could have done a little more with this ingredient, because I totally got the jitters when taking Hyper Shred.

Packaging Review

BSN might have the most recognizable packaging in the supplement industry. The translucent red bottles with silver lids have practically transcended the products themselves and become representative of all sports supplements. That’s why no matter if I like Hyper Shred packaging or not, I wouldn’t advise them to change it no matter what. Everyone knows they are a long-standing brand that has been there from the start and has a tremendous following. While the red/silver combo paired with the robotic looking typefaces doesn’t strike me as particularly brilliant design, there are a few aspects of this packaging that I do appreciate. For one, I’ve always liked the BSN logo, and the way the yellow contrasts against the red. The other thing that I like about the Hyper Shred label is the holographic parts. I brought it out in the sun one day and holy cow it lights up with all kinds of rainbow effects. It’s pretty awesome!

Final Hyper Shred Summary & Score: 8.4


I’m giving BSN Hyper Shred an 8.4 in the official BPW top ten diet pills for women which is good enough for 4th place. I expected absolutely nothing less from one of the biggest and most respected supplement companies. I really liked the way this diet pill brought out some of my natural vascularity, while also providing some totally awesome energy. I definitely headed into my vacation feeling like I was about as toned as I’ve ever been. Of course there were a few small negatives such as some jitters and missing out on some meals, but in a lot of cases that is actually a positive anyways. For all these reasons, I’m for sure a fan of BSN Hyper Shred. If you’ve got a big vacation coming up, I’d seriously consider Hyper Shred.

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