Wicked Protein Review – Is This ‘Clear Protein’ Worth Buying?

Posted on December 18th, 2023 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

Wicked protein is another of the ‘clear proteins’ that seem to be gaining a little bit of popularity lately, and I was very curious to try it out. 

In this Wicked protein review, I’ll tell you what I think of all three of their fruity flavors, how it compares to Seeq protein, and whether or not I think it’s worth a try. 

wicked protein powder review showing packaging with review score data

What to Expect in this Wicked Protein Review

Just like your favorite sitcom, my protein reviews generally follow a pretty consistent structure. 

The first thing I like to do is talk about the brand, in this case ‘Wicked’.

Before I try each product I like to research the brand and share what I learn about them with you guys.

I also like to share where I found them, because sometimes its interesting to compare product quality of the products found on social media vs word of mouth, etc. 

After that, I’ll get into the good stuff, and talk about the flavors. 

Wicked has three intriguing flavors, and I sampled each one extensively. 

I’ll tell you what the best flavor of Wicked Protein is, and which I liked the least. 

After we talk flavor, we talk formulation. 

I share the ingredients list, and whether I think its a high quality formula, or not. 

This is the part where I also talk about macros, (calories, fats, sugar content, etc). 

At this point in the review I’m going to compare Seeq vs. Wicked in a ‘battle of the clear proteins’.

And finally, we’ll wrap up the review by talking about Wicked protein packaging, and then I’ll share my final score. 

If that sounds good to you guys, let’s get this Wicked protein review rolling. 

About Wicked Protein 

Wicked protein appears to be one of the newer protein brands to the market.

I did a little homework on the brand and learned a few things about this up-and-coming brand. 

They were founded within the past 4 years by a former college student who actually set out to create a ‘better-for-you’ protein bar

His bars were designed to use only clean ingredients, and have superior macros to the other offerings…

The mantra of ‘more protein, less sugar’ is what defines this company, which has since expanded its offerings beyond bars to protein cookies, powders, and bars.

While the product line is now rather expansive, the company still appears to take a boutique approach to their product, and keeping quality first and foremost.

After learning a little more about the Wicked Protein story, I was actually much more excited to try out their products. 

I would much rather use protein from a smaller business than one of the larger conglomerates like Bloom or Ryse (both of which I found on Tik-Tok). 

Speaking of where I found those brands, where did I find Wicked in the first place? 

Where I Found Wicked Protein 

I actually found Wicked protein on Google when I was doing some research for my Seeq protein review. 

Seeq is one of the other new protein brands, which specializes in making clear protein powder with fruit-themed flavors. 

But yeah, I was just doing some googling, and one of the recommended queries was ‘seeq vs wicked’. 

So that’s how I found Wicked, because I could tell a bunch of folks were looking for a comparison between the two clear proteins. 

And speaking of the comparison – later in this review we’ll do a direct compare / contrast between Seeq and Wicked. 

But first, let’s talk about Wicked protein, and how it tastes.

Wicked Protein Flavor Analysis

I typically choose my go-to proteins based on flavor/taste…

Some people base their decision based purely on ingredients and macros…

And if I were to do that, I’d probably just use Promix protein, which is one of the cleanest proteins that I’ve ever had. 

But alas, I have a massive sweet tooth, so half the time, I’m looking for a protein powder that can meet my ravenous dessert-craving.

Most of the time, when I’m in these moods, I opt for a more traditional ‘milkshake’ style protein like Clean Simple Eats

But sometimes, I am more in the mood where I want my thirst-quenched…

And that’s where these clear proteins can be useful. 

So if you’re considering grabbing a jar of the Wicked Clear Protein, here’s how I would rank the six flavors: 

NOTE: I mixed one scoop of each flavor into exactly 10 ounces of ice water. To make the flavors more milk, you can opt to use more water, but I like to really get a good feel for the flavors so I make them more concentrated/dense. 

1. Lemonade

Look – if I’m buying Wicked protein, it’s because I want something really refreshing. 

Something I’d want to chug on a hot, Summer day after a grueling leg workout. 

And the lemonade flavor fits the bill perfectly. 

This flavor is sweet, tangy, and totally refreshing. 

What I like about it the most, is that it is actually the lightest-tasting of the 6 flavors. 

It is very light and drinkable, whereas some of the flavors are more ‘thick’ and almost heavy-tasting, if that makes sense. 

I really, really enjoyed the Lemonade flavor of Wicked protein. 

2. Ice Pop

The Ice Pop flavor was super fun, and comes as a close runner-up to the lemonade flavor when it comes to best-tasting. 

I thought it was just a little bit too sweet, but it has a great combination of flavors that make it super fun to drink. 

You can taste notes of cherry, lime, and lemon together, just like in the popsicles you used to have as a kid. 

I thought this flavor was exceptional, and my daughters really enjoyed it too (I always let them try a little bit of what I’m trying!)

3. Watermelon

This one was surprising, because the first two flavors had a very ‘real’ taste, just like the real fruits. 

The watermelon flavor of Wicked Protein was different – it was more of a ‘candy’ or artificial watermelon flavor, in my opinion. 

I really wanted that fresh flavor, but sometimes the watermelon-flavored supplements miss the mark with me if they taste too ‘chemical-y’. 

My husband did love this flavor though, for what it’s worth.. 

So if you’re a big watermelon person you might want to give this one a try anyways. 

4. Tropical Punch

The tropical punch flavor of Wicked protein was actually better than I thought it would be. 

I really prefer normal ‘fruit punch’ to a ‘tropical punch’ flavor because I really like cherry-themed flavors, as opposed to something with more pineapple and mango flavors…

But this one actually was really tasty. 

I still rank it below watermelon because again, I’m just not big on tropical fruit (unless it’s a pina colada with a big ‘ol floater).

This flavor is not bad by any means though.

5. Cherry Limeade

Now this flavor wasn’t bad either – but here’s the thing. 

They already have the ‘Ice Pop’ flavor, which already had a bit of lemon and cherry flavor…

And I even would go as far as to say that it was a lemon-lime cherry flavor. 

So to that extent, I don’t think that they really needed a cherry limeade flavor, because it sort of tastes like the ice pop flavor. 

It is not exactly the same, but is close enough to where it is just a little too ‘over-lappy’ in my opinion. 

With that being said, it was still better than my least favorite flavor, which was the blue raspberry. 

6. Blue Raspberry 

I know it sounds weird, because normally I do enjoy blue raspberry-flavored things…

But this was actually by far my least-favorite flavor of the Wicked protein. 

Unlike the blue raspberry Seeq protein, which was almost too sweet, this one I found to be too sour. 

It just didn’t have the right balance between the sweet and the sour elements. 

So I think if they just dialed down the sour by about 50% they would have a much better flavor profile with this one. 

What is the Best Flavor of Wicked Protein? 

The best flavor really depends on your personal preferences,  because as you saw with my rankings, most of it was decided by my own personal taste. 

But I really do think that in a room full of a hundred people, my rankings would probably represent the general consensus. 

The best flavor of Wicked Protein, in my opinion, is the Lemonade flavor. It’s perfectly balanced with sweet and sour, and it’s very refreshing. 

The best flavor of Wicked Protein, in my opinion, is the Lemonade flavor.


Now that you have a good sense of the Wicked Protein flavors, let’s dive into the nutritionals and ingredients. 

Wicked Protein Ingredients & Macros

They say that the ingredients are more important than the flavor, but as you guys know, I am more of a flavor-gal. 

That being said, we do need to know what we are putting into our bodies, right? 

Of course we do.

Some brands are putting cricket flour into their protein now, so, yeah, its kind of important to know what is in our proteins. 

So here’s the Wicked Protein full ingredient list: 

Wicked Protein Ingredients List

  • Whey Protein Isolate 
  • Natural Flavors 
  • Citric Acid 
  • Stevia Reb M
  • Fruit & Vegetable Juice Extracts (for color)

NOTES: The only note here is just to say that Wicked has kept the ingredients very clean here. Nothing artificial, and nothing unexpected. Very impressive.

Wicked Protein Macros 

The macros are important, but usually with protein powders they are pretty consistent / unremarkable. 

Here’s the full macros of Wicked protein, regardless: 

  • Calories 95 
  • Total Fat 0g
  • Saturated Fat 0g
  • Trans Fat 0g
  • Cholesterol 5mg
  • Sodium 10mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 1g
  • Dietary FIber 0g
  • Total Sugars 1g
  • Protein 23g

NOTES: I’m actually impressed by how much protein there is in this product, given the scoop size of 28 grams, it looks like they’ve packed 23 grams of protein into each one. That is a testament to how clean this formula really is

The major takeaway with Wicked, from looking at their macros, and ingredients, is that they go above and beyond to keep their formula clean, with zero fillers or additives. 

This is one of the cleanest protein products that I’ve seen in a long time, actually. 

Now, I want to do one quick comparison before we move on to discussing the Wicked protein packaging. 

Seeq vs. Wicked Protein – Which is Better?

I just did a full Seeq protein review last week, so I have that product fresh in my mind (not to mention several jars of it sitting in my kitchen right now!)

These are the two most popular ‘clear’ protein powders on the market right now, so I thought it might make sense to do a quick comparison. 

Here is how I ranked each one, and I’ll include some notes below the comparison table: 

Wicked ProteinSeeq Protein
Better For:Clean EatingRefreshing Taste
  • TASTE: When it comes to taste, Seeq does generally taste better than Wicked protein – if we are to grade them strictly on flavor, I’m going with Seeq
  • INGREDIENTS: The thing you have to remember though, is that Seeq uses artificial ingredients, which allows them to achieve that superior flavor, so Wicked is far superior to Seeq on formula quality and purity
  • PACKAGING: I’m talking Seeq in a landslide on this one. Wicked looks very dated, whereas Seeq has a modern, fun look
  • VALUE: Both of these proteins are rather expensive, with Wicked being slightly more costly. I don’t know that I am comfortable paying such a premium for either ‘clear’ protein right now, but this one is a wash when it comes to price – both are pricey

So what is the bottom line when it comes to Seeq versus Wicked? 

I will say this. 

If you are like me, and flavor is the most important thing to you, I have to give the slight edge to Seeq

But if clean ingredients are more important to you, than I would go with Wicked protein. 

If You Are Going For Flavor Alone, Go with Seeq. If Clean Ingredients Matter More to you, Go with Wicked.

– LovelyReviews.com

It just depends what matters more to you. 

Now, let’s move on to my favorite part of my protein reviewsf – the packaging breakdown!

Wicked Protein Packaging Looks Dated

Wicked protein has pretty good flavors, and exceptionally-clean ingredients, but their packaging could use a serious update. 

Don’t get me wrong, Wicked does some things right on their jars…

For example, the flavor graphics are enormous, and leave no room for confusion on what each flavor tastes like. 

The fruit-themed graphics take over the entire front panel of the packaging. 

But the whole thing just seems very, how should I say this, like retro…

And not in the cool way like Beam Protein did theirs…

But rather the sort of cringey, ‘who even designed this?’ way. 

Even the flavor graphics themselves seem very old-fashioned, as if they were made in photoshop in the ‘90s. 

The water graphics behind the fruit? 

I mean, come on. 

We’ve seen those exact graphics on Shutterstock a million times.

The whole thing visually just lacks any imagination. 

I guess the ‘Wicked’ Protein logo is sort of cool, and gives ‘Supreme’ vibes…

But other than that, there’s not much that I like about this protein powder from an aesthetic standpoint. 

The tub itself is also very dense, and heavy.

I’d love to see this brand move towards more eco-friendly packaging similar to Promix and Clean Simple Eats

Anyways, I know that’s harsh, but I really think that Wicked Protein could be a home-run with a bit of a visual makeover. 

Let’s talk about the Wicked Protein price-point now, before we summarize our review. 

Wicked Protein Value – Is it Worth It? 

Most people, myself included, are not exactly rollin in it’ when it comes to ‘mulah right now. 

So to pay around $2.00 per ounce of this protein powder certainly feels painful. 

Now, I’m sure we all spend money on dumber things than a premium protein powder, but the fact remains, this is one pricey protein.

As I mentioned earlier in the review, I am not fully on-board the clear protein train yet, and here’s why. 

When I want a protein shake, I actually kind of prefer more of a milkshake-style protein.

Maybe that will change as I have more of these juicier style products, but for now, given how expensive these clear proteins are, I think I’m going to stick with what I’m used to.

Wicked Protein Review Summary

Wicked is one of the top clear protein options on the market, competing with Seeq protein, which is popular on social media

This small business started with protein bars, before expanding into protein powders, and even protein cookies

Wicked protein focuses on using clean label ingredients, meaning no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners are allowed in the formula

Of the six Wicked protein flavors, the Lemonade flavor is the best, featuring a nicely balanced flavor profile that is perfectly sweet and tart 

Each serving of Wicked is 28 grams in total, but features 23 grams of protein – showcasing how clean this formula really is

At over $2.00 per serving, Wicked is quite expensive, but may be worth it for those seeking clean ingredients and the clear format.*

Wicked Protein Final Score

  • Flavor: B+
  • Ingredients: A
  • Packaging: C+
  • Value: B

Final Score: B+

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

Hi, my name is Allie and reviewing products is my hobby. I am passionate about being fit and active, so making a blog about my experience with different products that help me stay healthy made sense to me. Please contact me at any time if you would like to guest post or advertise on-site.