A Dozen Pre Workouts for Women you MUST Try in 2017.

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Way back in 2013 when I started this list, I never could have guessed that sitting here, halfway through 2017, that I would be publishing my FOURTH annual Top Ten list where I choose my best pre workout for women

The strange thing is, and I’m actually feeling a little nostalgic, is that the landscape has changed SO much over the past four years, when the likes of Fitmiss Ignite, Promera’s Women’s Elite, and some of those ORIGINAL womens’ pre workouts dominated the scene… things are SO DIFFERENT now. We have different pre workouts for different people and different training styles. I almost yearn for those old days when things were so much more simple. But. No matter how overwhelming it may be, I’ve FINALLY complied my 12 FAVORITE pre workouts, not just for women, but for ANYONE. Let’s be honest. All of these supplements can be taken by men and women. In this years article I’m also releasing my official rankings of EVERY pre workout I’ve EVER reviewed. That’s right. You can find all 130 (and counting!) pre workouts that I’ve reviewed in ranked order according to how well they performed on the BPW scale, which ranks, as you know, the:

  • Taste
  • Performance / Effectiveness
  • Formulation Quality
  • Packaging
  • Value for the Price

So without further ado, Here are my BEST PRE WORKOUTS of 2017. I have them ranked in order, but you really can’t go wrong with ANY of these top 12. I will include a brief sentence about WHY each of these pre workouts made my top 12 best pre workouts this year. After I list my favorites, I’ll post the TOTAL rankings of every pre workout I’ve ever reviewed over the past four years. Where does YOURS stack up? I bet you find some new ones to try!

The 12 Best Pre Workouts For Women in 2017

  1. VPX Bang : Convenience is King for me these days. While some others on this list outperform Bang, I still love the flavors and convenience of my VPX Bang.
  2. Ghost Legend : A great product with exceptional taste, and from a super exciting young company. I love the Warheads flavor!
  3. Koala Freak : I’m obsessed with Calum Von Moger so of COURSE Koala Freak is in my top 12. This one is NOT for the faint of heart.
  4. Optimum Gold Standard : I know, I know. I’m a corporate sellout for picking an Optimum product in my top 12 pre workouts. But those deep pockets led to them creating one of the industry’s most reliable pre workouts for women and men.
  5. ATHENA Intense : Our gold medallist from the past TWO years, Athena Intense is still one of the best and safest pre workouts that will always have a place in my supplement cabinet, and heart.
  6. Momenutum Catalyst : Easily the UGLIEST pre workout on my list, this pre workout relies on big-time dosages of some great ingredients to give it an edge for serious lifters.
  7. Pre Jym : The darling of bodybuilding.com has a place in my top twelve pre workouts because guess what? It just freaking works.
  8. Dedicated Unstoppable V2 : Another SUPER strong pre workout, this pre workout could seriously wake the dead. It’ll get you moving, I promise you that.
  9. Surge Hers : An interesting inclusion to my top twelve pre workouts is Surge Hers. Perhaps the least well-known brand, but one of the more consistently smooth-performers on here.
  10. Cellucor C4 Ultimate : Cellucor has been playing this game for long enough. They put their decade of formulating prowess into creating what really is the Ultimate pre workout, with this legendary new release under the iconic C4 name.
  11. Pre Kaged : Kris Gethin’s ‘Jym Stoppani Killer’ is number 11 on my list this year. It will get you through ANY workout with great endurance, the perfect amount of energy, and dramatic pumps, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  12. Performix ION Glow : I know the little ‘terra beadlets’ are gimmicky- but one scoop of Ion Glow will have you hanging from the rafters of 24 hour fitness. Well worth a try, although it is pricey.

BONUS Picks: These two pre workouts could have very easily been in my top Twelve.

  1. MegaWatt V2
  2. Blackstone DUST V2

And there you have it! Those are my top twelve favorite pre workout products for 2017. As always, it’s important to keep in mind that what works for me won’t work for you. The human body is different. And even though we’re all about to be replaced by robots, when all of our bodies WILL be the same- for now- they are not. So take my pre workout recommendations with a grain of salt. And above all else, enjoy the pre workout process. Take a minute to savor that hit of energy. That extra weight you added. That minute you shaved off your time. The products get a bad rap. But I’m old school at this point. I’ll always LOVE pre workouts and I hope these reviews help strengthen your love of them, and help you find some new pre workouts too. Below are my rankings for every pre workout I’ve reviewed all the way up to the time of posting this article, which is July 10, 2017. I’ll check in and update it monthly to make sure you are always seeing the most recent pre workouts that I review. Enjoy!


Product | Rating

VPX Bang | score: 9.8

Controlled Labs White Flood | score: 9.8

Pre Jym | score: 9.8

Ghost Legend | score: 9.7

Koala Freak | score: 9.5

Optimum Gold Standard | score: 9.5

Carbon Prep | score: 9.5

Evogen Carnigen | score: 9.5

Athena Intense | score: 9.5

Neon Sport VOLT | score: 9.5

Legion Pulse | score: 9.4

Vega Sport Pre Workout Energizer | score: 9.4

Muscleology Sledgehammer | score: 9.3

Momenutum Catalyst | score: 9.3

RSP DYNO | score: 9.2

Cardio Cuts | score: 9.2

Fitmiss Ignite | score: 9.2

PMD ACG3 | score: 9.1

Dedicated Unstoppable V2 | score: 9

Surge Hers | score: 9

Cellucor C4 Ultimate | score: 9

Origin Pre | score: 9

Performix ION Glow | score: 9

MAN GameDay | score: 9

Run Everything Labs EWP | score: 9

Cellucor C4 Ripped | score: 9

Citadel Tier 1 | score: 9

Onnit T Plus Pre Workout | score: 9

Cellucor C4 Original | score: 9

MegaWatt V2 | score: 8.9

Blackstone DUST V2 | score: 8.9

Prime MAX HP | score: 8.9

Beast Predator | score: 8.9

MTS Clash | score: 8.9

Recor Pre Action | score: 8.9

Olympus Edge Artemis | score: 8.9

AllMax Nutrition Amino CUTS | score: 8.9

Performix Ion | score: 8.9

MuscleSport Cardio | score: 8.9

EVL ENGN | score: 8.9

About Time AUX | score: 8.9

Warrior Fuel Hers | score: 8.9

Gym Vixen Sexy Charge | score: 8.9

Energy Angel | score: 8.9

Gnar Pump | score: 8.8

Driven Nutrition | score: 8.8

IdealFit IdealLean | score: 8.8

Rivalus Powder Burn | score: 8.8

Top Speed Dyno Shred | score: 8.8

Snac Nutrition Xpedite | score: 8.8

Pre Kaged | score: 8.8

Stance Lipotropic | score: 8.8

EvoChem Thermovex | score: 8.8

Fem Fire | score: 8.8

RedCon Total War | score: 8.7

Formulation1 Pre Workout | score: 8.7

Hardcore Mutate | score: 8.7

Ergogenix ErgoBlast | score: 8.7

1 Up Nutrition Her ProPump | score: 8.7

Fate Fuel | score: 8.7

Femme Zip | score: 8.7

Bucked Up | score: 8.6

GNC Total Lean | score: 8.6

EHP RP Max | score: 8.6

MyProtein MyPre | score: 8.6

PES High Volume | score: 8.6

MusclePharm Assault | score: 8.6

Advocare Spark | score: 8.6

Strength Cartel | score: 8.5

Black Market Fierce Tone | score: 8.5

Transparent Labs Pre Series Lean | score: 8.5

Epiq Rush Pre Workout | score: 8.5

StrongGirl Pre Workout | score: 8.5

BPI Best Keto | score: 8.4

Gamma Labs G-Fuel | score: 8.4

Royal Sports Cardio rush | score: 8.4

Cardio Igniter | score: 8.4

Beyond Raw Lit | score: 8.3

BPI 1MR Vortex | score: 8.3

Pre FA | score: 8.3

Rev Labs Enamour | score: 8.2

NLA Uplift | score: 8.2

Igniter Extreme | score: 8.2

Adaptogen Warp5 | score: 8.1

Promera Women’s Elite | score: 8.1

Fit Affinity Fierce | score: 8

Recon Thermonuke | score: 8

Zurvita Zeal | score: 8

RHB Hulk Juice | score: 8

Sheer Strength Labs | score: 8

Slap Nutrition Slapuccino | score: 8

Shredz Pre Workout | score: 8

Red Leaf Pre Workout | score: 8

Protein World Pre Workout | score: 7.9

Onward Lifestyle Drink | score: 7.9

Amino Energy | score: 7.9

Innov8 Elev8 | score: 7.8

Gnarly Pump | score: 7.8

Arbonne Phytosport | score: 7.8

Jamie Eason Lean Body For Her Pre Workout | score: 7.6

MuscleTech Shatter SX-7 | score: 7.6

Pure WOD | score: 7.5

Scivation Quake | score: 7.5

Gamma Labs 24k | score: 7.5

HD Labs Calibrate | score: 7.5

Rivalus Complx5 | score: 7.4

BeautyFit Beautystrong | score: 7.4

Fit Girl Prep | score: 7.3

Sexy Strong Fuel | score: 7.3

Natural Force Raw Tea | score: 7.3

Flyte Fuel | score: 7.2

Ab Cuts | score: 7.2

Natural Science Creations Pump Infusion | score: 7.1

Diva Burn | score: 7.1

Beachbody Performance Energize | score: 7

ANS Ritual | score: 7

Nitro Fem | score: 7

MuscleSport Rhino | score: 6.9

Finaflex Stimul8 | score: 6.9

Women’s Best Pre Workout Booster | score: 6.7

Chick Pump Pre Workout | score: 6.5

Black Market Labs AdrenherLyn | score: 6.1

Mr Hyde | score: 6

LeCheek Hottie | score: 6

Femme Factor BodyFit | score: 6

Pure Fitness Nutrition | score: 6

Eboost Pow | score: 5.5

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