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Posted on February 9th, 2018 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Elivate Nutrition Proform Protein Reviews are in and I’m excited to share with you the results. I’ve had my eye on Elivate Nutrition for quite some time now, and it’s pretty exciting that I get to dig in and let you all know if this protein powder lives up to the hype or not. Elivate Nutrition Proform was highly recommended by almost every big-time cross fit athlete on Instagram so I thought- how bad could it be? In this review we’ll find out. I will discuss the Elivate flavors, the Elivate Nutrition Facts, and of course the Elivate protein powder packaging to come to a final Fit Life Allie-style conclusion on whether or not Elivate is a worthy newcomer to the cross fit supplement world. Let’s Elivate ourselves into this review!

Elivate. Not to be confused with Elevate. What an interesting choice of names. Very interesting indeed. I find that these supplement companies never cease to amaze me in terms of what they come up with for names. I personally think Elivate is silly. It’s just a mis-spelled word. It’s as if the big bosses really had their heart set on the word ‘Elevate’ and then found out it was trademarked or something. But. Let me talk a little bit about the actual product. How about that. Lol. That’s why you’re here right? To actually read my Elivate Nutrition review? I know. I know. No more babbling Allie. Come on. Why don’t we start with taste? Sound good to you? 

What is the Best Flavor of Elivate Nutrition Proform Protein? 

That’s a great question- and one that I do plan on answering for you. I plan on answering it in such marvelous fashion that you might all off your chair. Ew I’m so annoying right now. Hashtag ADD. Um. Proform. Proform. Yeah. This stuff taste OK. Don’t go into it expecting to fall in love. It’s not special in terms of the flavor. You have your two boring flavors that we all are sick of, chocolate and vanilla. Like. I’m pretty over these two by now. I guess that’s what happens when you literally review hundreds of protein powders like I have. But still I’m so over it. Boring. The chocolate flavor of Elivate Nutrition Proform is ten times better than the vanilla if you’re curious. But that doesn’t mean that the chocolate Proform is exceptional or all that good by any means. I think this protein powder could actually use way more flavor. Way more sweetness. Way more salt. Way more everything. It just lacks any big bold flavor that turns me on. I think the vanilla Proform in particular totally is lacking the flavor department. It’s like. Oh man. Super super plain. I also think that the limited amounts of vanilla flavor that it does use are shallow and taste sort of cheap. I don’t like it. The chocolate Elivate Nutrition protein flavor is much better though. The chocolate flavors, while still too subtle, are at least multi-dimensional and stay on your palette for longer than a fleeting second. The best flavor of Elivate Nutrition protein is without a doubt the chocolate. Hm. What else. Let’s talk about nutrition. You’ll see what I mean about the taste. Meh. For reference I mixed it with 2% milk, which SHOULD be a better recipe for success. Let’s discuss formula now. 

Elivate Nutrition Proform Ingredients

You have a pretty basic formula with Elivate’s Proform protein. They start with your standard whey isolate as a base, providing 24 grams of protein per serving. They move on to soup things up with additional Branch Chain Amino Acids, which I DO think is a good move. I also suspect it is those added aminos that made this particular protein powder so difficult to flavor. The other thing that they do a good job of here is adding in a little bit of digestive enzymes. Sometimes these whey proteins can be hard to digest so I think the enzymes help Elivate Nutrition’s product digest really quite smoothly. 

The macros in the Elivate Nutrition Proform are very standard. I think you will recognize that these macros are very similar to several other protein powders that I’ve reviewed here on the site. 100 calories per serving, less than a gram of total fat, less than a gram of total sugar, and very little else other than those 24 grams of protein. Yeah. Elivate Nutrition makes a good protein from a formulation perspective. Again, those added BCAAs are a nice touch. Let’s move along into the packaging now. 

Elivate Nutrition Packaging is Meh. 

Ok. So where are we. Elivate Nutrition Proform flavor is average to below average. The formula, however is quite good. Could the aesthetic be the make-or-break factor here? It sure can, and is. Unfortunately, that factor is leading towards ‘break’. The white theme sets Elivate up for failure from the start. There is no emotion. No movement, no passion. The graphics are a curious combination of a sort of mountain-scape, and unimaginative text. The flavors. Literally just colored boxes that say ‘chocolate’ and ‘vanilla’. Like. Of course they taste terrible. They clearly took no trouble to make their Proform protein taste or look good. Okay maybe that’s unfair, but I’m just calling it like I see it here. Proform needs some love on the packaging. They have a big hashtag on the front though? I guess that counts for something…#ElivateYourself… hm. That sounds like my stoner boyfriend. But to be both candid and obnoxious at the same time, Elivate really does need to ‘Elivate’ their packaging and flavor game to get on the same level as Progenex and some of the other big-time players in the cross fit-themed supplement space. Let’s keep this thing moving. 

Elivate Nutrition Protein Review Summary

Packaging: C-

Formula: A-

Flavors: C+

Value: C+

Final Elivate Proform Score: B-

So I have a ton of respect for the Elivate Protein formula. It’s special. Really. And for a lots of people that will be enough. It will definitely help you recover from a tough WOD. And there’s no debating that. However. There is more to a protein than the formulation. There just is. And it’s everything ELSE that Elivate needs to bring up to par with it’s formula. Until then Elivate is just a slightly over-priced whey isolate formula.*

Allie Lewis

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