Invigor8 Protein Review- NOT worth the Premium Price IMO..

Posted on January 30th, 2017 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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This Invigor8 Protein review is going to be my very fines review of 2017 people. My first protein review of 2017 is an absolute beauty and I might just outdo myself. Which is tough to do considering I’ve written some-odd, oh, 500 supplement reviews. But hey, that’s what I DO. And Invigor8 Protein is about to get gone through with a fine-tooth COMB guys. I’m going to undress it like Ryan Gosling as I tell you ALL about the flavor, formula, and of course packaging, before rounding it all out with a final review summary. How does that sounds? Great, doesn’t it? I know. Let’s get this Invigor8 Protein review firing on all cylinders.

I’m ready for this one. Ready to take it on! Actually I don’t know why I’m so combative right now. Maybe it’s because I’m on the plane (my favorite time to assemble my thoughts on protein powders)…(isn’t it yours as well?) LOL, and because directly behind me is a baby. And that baby is Sca-ReAMing. Loud. Right in my ear. Almost makes me want to never have kids. Well. I’m well down that path. Not to worry. Lol. So. Let’s talk about Invigor8 protein. This is a protein powder that you probably have never seen much at your friends’ houses. In fact I don’t know where ANY of y’all ever found it, but one of my readers tweeted me being like- “yo Allie where’re your Invigor8 Protein review, Foo?”. She sounded like Method Man. And I was like.. err.. I never heard of that one. And so she DM’d me and LITERALLY send me a serving of her Invigor8 Protein in a plastic bag. Which is ridiculous. And even more ridiculous than that? I drank it. It could’ve been straight up anthrax. But didn’t I pour that baby right down my throat that’s what she said. And that was that. I sat there. Waiting for the supposed Invigor8 Protein shake to kill me. It did not. At least not yet. Maybe it’s delayed release anthrax. But. Maybe I can get this review posted as a clue for the detectives. Lol. See I told you I was ready for this Invigor8 Protein Review! Okay Okay I’ll actually tell you what I think about this protein now. 

Does Invigor8 Protein Taste Good? 

No. Next question. But no really. It doesn’t. I had the chocolate flavor and it tasted like Purell hand soap. Like. Not exactly but it actually sort of does. You’ll see what I mean if you buy Invigor8 Protein. But. Don’t say I didn’t warn you-it does not taste very good. Want to know why? Because it uses Stevia. And stevia is gross. So that’s a good segue into ingredients..

What is in Invigor8 Protein? 

The formula of this shake makes it really more of a meal replacement shake than anything. You have a pretty solid foundation of grass fed whey, dosed out at roughly 20 grams. Not bad. Then it gets really quite interesting. There is a laundry list of ingredients spanning from flax to coconut oil to probiotic to enzymes…all sorts of goodies. Maybe the strangest is the ‘cognitive enhancers’ which includes powerful nootropics vinpocetine, and bacopa. What these are doing in a protein supplement is sort of beyond me…but I suppose you would actually feel ‘Invigorated’ by Invigor8 Protein because of them. I personally didn’t notice them without seeing beforehand that they were in here so I don’t think it’s that significant of a hit of them. But. There’s definitely an interesting cast of ingredients used in Invigor8 Protein. Do I personally want to pay a premium for a protein shake with a bunch of trappings? Not really. But alot of folks do. So. I guess I understand it? 

Invigor8 Protein Looks Pretty Bland. 

They say appearance isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Wait. No. That’s not right…it’s MONEY. That’s the money quote. Money is everything. Ugh. Have you ever met such a self-centered, materialistic protein-powder-reviewer? I didn’t think so. 

But. Alas. I’m good at this admit it. Hehe. Okay. Looks. Looks. Yeah this Invigor8 Protein looks ridiculous! I mean. There’s a cartoon of a Ken Doll on it. Who even is that supposed to be? Absolutely ridiculous. I bet there’s a daytime TV infomercial for Invigor8 Protein. That has to be it. The branding and packaging has all the makings of a company that targets the daytime TV crowd. Thus making it, well, a bottom-feeder. So take that for what it’s worth too. Hm. Aesthetically…the dark blue and green isn’t a terrible start, but it’s just that the graphics in front of them aren’t really composed well in my opinion. The Invigor8 Protein logo and title is fine but then the callouts are too small…the cartoon is nuts, and then that foolish badge about grass fed whey is misleading. But probably a good business decision. The whole thing probably sells quite nicely. But I don’t like it anyways. So there. Boo.

Invigor8 Protein Review Summary: 

  • Taste: C
  • Formula: B
  • Appearance: B-
  • Value: B-

Final Score: C+

I really don’t think Invigor8 Protein is worth the premium price. I eat my fruits and veggies, so I don’t need to pay a premium for a dusting of micronutrients in my shake. But. If you buy into the whole ‘I really need a meal replacement’ thing, than, I guess this COULD be for you? But really peeps. Just eat dang meal. 

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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