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Liporush came across my radar shortly after I posted my review of NDS Nutrition’s Popular Pre Workout ‘Cardio Cuts’. I really did enjoy my experience with the company’s pre workout, so I figured I should probably get my hands on some of their take on the diet pill – Liporush. I was pleased to see that NDS actually just released a new verison of their Liporush product- Liporush DS. So without further ado, here is my official BPW review of Liporush DS!

My Liporush DS Review: I have to preface this review with a quick overview of where we’ve been in 2014 in terms of finding the best diet pill for women. Since the official review has been open- we’ve sampled over a dozen fat burners for women in our quest to help you find the best option for your fitness goals. I’ve had the pleasure to sample top products from the likes of Cellucor, Musclepharm/Fitmiss, Hydroxycut, and more. Let me say this- some of these acts have been extremely tough to follow. If you want to read what may be the best example of someone getting way too excited about a diet pill, I think you need to checkout out my Super HD reviews – I re-read it the other day and. Wow Allie. LOL! Ok so let’s get back on track. What’s NDS Liporush all about and is it right for you? 

Liporush Benefits: 8.7

NDS Liporush is first and foremost a strong performing fat burner. Any product that gets a B+ out of me in the performance review section is just a solid product in terms of the effects it’s going to provide. There’s no getting around that. If you’ve been a reader of my supplement reviews, you KNOW I’m not easy 🙂 . Liporush is successful at doing what it claims- and that’s jacking up your metabolism and helping you burn off some extra calories. If you’re thinking “well Allie, isn’t that what ALL diet pills are supposed to do?” The answer is, well, yes. But you would be amazed how many women’s diet pills just do NOT deliver in that sense. But Liporush really does help burn off the fat. Here are the top three benefits of Liporush – in order of most noticeable -> least notiecable. 

Thermogenesis and weight loss: So I’m not someone who really needs to lose the pounds (*flips hair*), and I actually lost like three extra pounds during my three week cycle on Liporush DS. I was taking the reccommended one pill per day, and was taking it with my morning breakfast. My first week was really a positive experience with NDS Liporush. The very first thing I noticed was the energy that I had. I am definitely NOT a morning person, but after my breakfast preceded by a Liporush DS pill, I was absolutely high with energy. I was taking notes like CRAZY in class, which I like, never do LOL. The professor was probably real confused as to what I was writing because he’s probably never seen me do it. Anyways I found that not only was my academic energy and focus boosted, but that energy carried me into my workouts that I do usually around the lunch hour. I typically end up skipping lunch and using that time instead to get my workout in. Also that way I can eat a massive dinner and not feel bad about it. The thing about the energy was that it was a direct effect of the thermogenic effect that NDS Liporush fat burner had on me. My body was literally throwing so much fuel on the fire and that’s why I was having such unreal levels of energy. I know that I was going through calories like crazy too. I use the Polar watch to track my calories spent every day, and after totalling up my first week after NDS Liporush, I had expended +24% more calories than I had the previous week! This was crazy. And the thing is – I did my same routine that I always do. There was no concious effort to be more active during that week versus the previous. It was the pillzzz. LOL. 

Focused Energy: So I already pretty much covered this one above, but it’s so real. I had energy for days. The biggest thing that I noticed when taking NDS Liporush was that without even really thinking about it, I was becoming much more focused on the tasks at hand. Case in point how I was taking crazy notes in class. Did I make a concentrated effort to just become more attentive and diligent in class? No chance. It was totally part of the Liporush effects. I also was forgo-ing my pre workout drink on these days because I legitimately did not need them. The carry-over of Liporush and the energy that it was providing was more than enough to get me through my workouts. And you KNOW my workouts are not a pushover. I get the f@*k after it every day in the gym. The fact that a diet pill was giving me enough energy so many hours after ingestion was crazy. This was another example where the laser-like focus was there. It’s totally cliche and frankly I sort of hate that term- but it was such a reality. My sets were prolonged, and my reps were text-book. Like not even kidding. I’d almost consider taking this in place of my pre workout.

Diuretic: This one is really kind of fluffy and hit-or-miss for alot of people, and that’s why I have to list it third in the list of NDS Liporush Benefits. The ‘water-shed’ complex included in this diet pill is either going to really have a noticeable effect on your body, or do zero for you. The weird thing is that for me it seemed to vary day by day. Some days I would see myself looking super-dry in the mirror, with the cuts and striations usually only reserved for my saturday (aka hung-the-f-over) mornings where I practically am dying from de-hydration (you know exactly what I mean LOL). But anyways, sometimes I did notice that I looked way more lean and dry than expected given the amount of water that I drank that day. However, on some other days, particularly the ones where I worked out for super long, I wasn’t flushing out at all. Probably a correlation there, but, hey, just wanted to throw it out there!

NDS Liporush Ingredients: 8.3

NDS Liporush Ingredients

I’m inserting the my ingredient reviews section of Liporush between the benefits and the side effects for this diet pill review only- and you’ll see why as we get deeper.

The first thing that you noticed is that I gave the ingredients a score of 8.3. Not bad at all. But when you dig into this supplement facts panel, you might be confused as to why I gave it such a low score. I mean, look at all the GOOD things in this formula. We’ve got a solid core of caffeine, L-carnitine, rhodiola, yohimbine, even some BCAA! But the other thing you’ll notice, and this is where I start to transition to the Liporush side effects- you’ll also see two ingredients. You’ll notice PHYENYLETHYLAMINE, and you’ll notice DENDROBIUM. so let me preface this next section by saying that there have not been studies linking these ingredients to any terrible conditions, but, let’s just take a step back and go over the history of these ingredients.

Liporush Side Effects:

The benefits of Liporush are pretty clear, but are there downsides to this pre workout? Of course. I almost never take a supplementk, particularly a diet pill, where there aren’t some things to be aware of on the negativie side. First and foremost, and this is what I was getting into in the ingredient shakedown, are the inclusion of two ingredients- PEA and Dendrobium.

The worst side effect for me wasn’t really tangible. And here’s what I mean by that. Dendrobium, and PHYENYLETHYLAMINE are two of the key ingredients in this product, and in all honesty- they are probably responsible for my favorite part of this product, which is the focus component. And I intentionally did not mention this in the benefits section because I wanted to give you a sense for exactly the kind of un-phased experience that I had. As ashamed as I am to admit this- I totally did not read over the supplement facts panel before taking it. As someone who literally maintains one of the most read supplement review blogs in the world, you would think that I would be the last one to make such a rookie mistake. And you know that 9 times out of 10, you are right. But for whatever reason I breezed over the supp facts literally until it was time to put pen to paper and review this product. 

So here is the scoop on Dendrobium. It was introduced to the supplement world in a product called CRAZE. craze is a pre workout supplement that was produced by a company called Driven Sports. Without naming names, Driven Sports is run by someone with a very dark and storied past in the industry. Unofortunately, not very many people know this. But the fact of the matter is that this man has hurt some people, and as such, his products are never to be trusted. You can see where I’m going with this. Dendrobium is the key ingredient in Liporush DS. And it was brought to market in CRAZE, which was a pre workout that has been investigated by the federal government because of tests and claims that the product is unsafe. The results of those tests are that the product contained ingredients comparable in chemical structure to AMPHETAMINES. Ya. We’re talking about something bigger than just energy and fat burning now. And you know what? There’s just no place for that in this industry. So the fact that NDS would put this un-proven, possibly dangerous stimulant in their product really really just rubs me the wrong way. I think it’s a miscalculation of NDS as a company, and in alot of ways is disrespectful to their customers- whom they are assuming to be un-educated on the background of the ingredients in their products.

But hey. That’s why you’ve got me. 

To recap- the worst side effect isn’t that Dendrobium gave me cancer. It’s not even that dendrobium is ALL that evil. It’s the connection of the ingredient to something ugly and sketchy, and the company being willing to throw it in here despite all of that. I’ll get off my soap box now for my label evaluation.

Liporush Labeling and Packaging: 8.8

Whew. I really gave it to NDS. What’s the phrase again? Sorry I’m not sorry? LOL. Ok on to the labeling. I honestly and actually really love the packaging of this product. It’s clearly not a gender-specific design like some of the women’s fat burner products that I’ve reviewed, but at the same time, it’s not as isolating as some other fat-burner package designs, cough Hyper Shred cough. The black base color rubs me the right way, and is preferred to some of the more bland designs such as the NLA Shred Her design. I like the yellow accents, and the overally graphical theme of the sort of abstract, scientific, machined type stuff going on along the sides of the jar. It’s just an effective piece of design- so props to NDS on that front.


After testing by the rest of the BPW team (aka me and my fitties :P) and after gathering their feedback- we came up with the final score of 7.0- the exact same as NLA Shred Her got. It’s an effective product, don’t get me wrong. And if you are ok with a *slightly sketchy ingredient list- then by ALL means get this stuff. You will literally love the effects, and let’s be honest- dendrobium probably isn’t gonna screw you up. But for the purposes of the BPW top 10 diet pills for women, we just can’t get Liporush anything more than a C, all things considered.*


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