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Posted on October 28th, 2014 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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EHP Labs Oxyshred Reviews: Going in Depth

The very first fat burning drink review on BPW4W is Oxyshred by EHP Labs. I’m so excited to share my experience with this delicious new product with you. I’ll help you decide if Oxyshred is the right product for you by going over the overall peroformance, the side effects, and even taking a close look at the ingredients in Oxyshred and what they do. If you’re considering a new fat burning product give this in-depth review a read-it’ll help.


So it’s only fitting that after just a week after releasing the official BPW top ten fat burners for women of 2014 that we come across a seriously bad new fat burner. But here’s the catch: it’s actually a delicious powdered drink mix like a pre workout! As is such, I can’t really re-consider my top ten fat burners list. However, this product makes me seriously think about adding a whole new category to my site- and that’s the drinkable fat burning category. You know what? After my experience with EHP Labs Oxyshred, I just might. 

Oxyshred Benefits and Performance: 8.5

I’m usually pretty stingy in my reviews- especially when it comes to fat burning products of any kind. As you know, I stay at around 12.5% body-fat year round, sometimes higher and sometimes lower depending on the availability of junk food and my mental resistance to binge-ing (or lack there-of!). Point being- I sometimes struggle judging the real effectiveness of a fat burning product. That being said, I know I can help you pick the right one based on your fitness goal. I’m super in-tune with my body, so I notice even a small change in body comp, and can tie it back to the product. Because fat burners are first and foremost made to help you burn off fat, I judge each of the products within this category from that standpoint. Everything else becomes secondary. However, what I’ve noticed from some fat burners is that sometimes they will come with additional benefits outside of pure weight loss. Energy, mood enhancement, anti-oxidant support, and joint health to name a few. But let’s start with the fat burning. 

Oxyshred legit gave me a boost in body composition. This wasn’t one of those cases where I sort of can see something new in how my body looks in terms of hardness and tone. This was like – full-on there are new cuts in my obliques, hell yeah-type changes. I used EHP Labs Oxyshred for a whole month to see if the extra time would let the effects sink in a little more. I’m glad I did- I think that going forward all fat burning reviews will be run for an entire month. So I used Oxyshred for a month starting on October 1st. October is generally a pretty quite time for gym goers and fitness enthusiasts- myself included. Let’s be real- we worked our asses off all Summer to stay lean for the beach season. It’s honestly exhausting. I’ll be the first to admint that september is a pretty ‘fat’ month for me. Once the bikinis go back in the drawer, I definitely let myself enjoy a few more cheat meals, and a few more glasses of vino. I’m not talking like binge status but I feel like it’s healthy to let your body sort of ‘reset’ back to a natural level. And by level I mean 16% bodyfat. Not too big but I definitely was- er- fatter than I prefer. so on September 30, after, well, a binge involving strawberry cheesecake Ben and Jerry’s, I looked in the mirror, said ‘time to get back on the horse Allie’, and immediately went online in search of a new fat burner to take with me on the proverbial horse. And that’s when I came across Oxyshred. After doing a little research, I found several positive Oxyshred reviews from some pretty legit bodybuilders. I’d never heard of EHP Labs (I believe they’re an Australian company), and figured I’d give them a shot. 

So, as mentioned, I ran Oxyshred for a full month. I started back on my ‘cutting’ program, which includes a decent amount of high intensity cardio. so, yes my leaning out was going to come naturally- especially as I was coming off a sort of mental and physical reset. But I promise you, Oxyshred helped me get back to where I wanted to be, faster. I took it with cold water every morning as instructed, and then a half scoop right before my workout. I didn’t stack it with any other supplements because I wanted to really get a good feel for how it performed on it’s own- think of it as controlling your variables in an experiment! Towards the end of the second week is when I started to see the product have an impact on my physique. I just had so much more depth to my muscle. The seperation was deeper- and since there is no diuretic complex in this product- all the changes were real. There wasn’t that temporary dried out look that some products give you just because they drain all the water from your muscles (super unhealthy btw). Other benefits of Oxyshred that I noticed were moderate increases in energy and positivity. I’ll get into this a little later when we go over the ingredient panel,  but there was a very real feeling of happiness, and the right balance of energy. Not too crazy, not too mellow. It really is a nicely balanced energy complex, and I can’t tell you how good it feels to start your morning with it. Want to know what makes it such a great morning beverage? Yeah, the taste is amazing.

How does Oxyshred Taste?: 9.4

I’m a snob in almost every way. I’m a foodie which includes beverages too. I think. At least in my case. No matter what the drink is, from merlot to fat burning supplement drinks, I’m a tough customer. Which is what makes EHP Labs Oxyshred fat burner that much more impressive as a total product. First of all- they offer a menu of four great flavors. There is wild melon, pink grapefruit, guava paradise, and kiwi strawberry. If you’re wondering what flavor of Oxyshred is the best, I can tell you. It’s the Guava paradise. I’ve since tried all the flavors, so i can speak from experience. Guava was the first flavor I’ve tried. It caught my eye immediately because it’s such a uniqe flavor for a supplement. Like, how sick to death are we all of fruit punch, blue raspberry, and disgusting artificial watermelon? Yeah. We’re all on the same page. Guava is such a refreshing departure from the standard flavor menu that I needed to take some time to tell you about it. The taste is very authentic, which is also uncommon in a supplement powder. I’m not sure if they still make that Ocean Spray guava juice- but this tasted alot like that. The fruity-ness comes up huge in your mouth. Some supplements are just all sugary and sweet, but this one had a really developed flavor, and it was delicious. If you like tropical fruits, you need to give the Guava Paradise flavor of oxyshred a try. Pink grapefruit is also one of the most unique flavors of fat burner that I’ve ever tried. It’s a little intense for me just because I’m not a huge citrus fan- but if you are, you might want to give it a try. Huge props to EHP Labs on the flavoring of Oxyshred. Good flavor, check. How does the ingredient list stack up? 

Oxyshred Ingredients: 8.8

This formula stands apart from most most fat burners. On first glance it can look pretty bland, but looking closely at the ingredients, there are some great inclusions. Here are my highlights of this formula

  • Higenamine HCL: this is currently my favorite fat-burning supplement on the market today. Higenamine is a metabolic booster/thermogenic that will ramp up your system to burn more fat specifically. It’s a relatively new ingredient on the market, so you won’t find it in too many products yet, but I can’t speak highly enough about it. Compared to some thermogenics that will make you over-heat and feel awful, higenamine is very subtle in the way it makes you feel. You’ll just notice results, and that’s it.
  • ALCAR (Aceytlated L-Carnitine): ALCAR is easily the best nootropic on the market, and has fat-burning properties to boot. Can you beat that combo? Not really. This is the first product that I’ve come across that has both ALCAR AND higenamine together- and the effects are sweet. 
  • Chromium Picolinate: Chromium is used in blood-regulation supplements because of it’s ability to balance out insulin sensitivity, and basicially make you less hungry for carbs in particular. If you’re like me and have about a half-hour window (3 PM in the afternoon, like clockwork), where all you want to do is crush a huge bowl of cereal, then you know how valuable an ingredient like Chromium can be.

So performance is great, taste is great, formula is solid…is there anything bad to say about this fat burner? 

Oxyshred Side Effects and Drawbacks:

This will be relatively brief because I really do like this product so much. The few things that I would change are: 

  • First, I’d try and swap out the sucralose for a natural sweetener like stevia or monk fruit extract. My only fear is that the amazing taste that they’ve been able to achieve would get compromised, but flavoring has become so advanced that I’m confident that they can get it right.
  • The second thing I’d change, and I’ll go over this in my evaluation of overall product value, is that Oxyshred is pricey. It never feels good to fork over so much for a supplement, but unfortunately the days of the $30 supplements are over. Raw materials are just so pricey that companies can’t survive without scaling up their prices accordingly.
  • The third thing I’d change about this product, and it’s small, is hacking a few of the ingredients. Raspberry ketones for sure need to go. Like, it’s not 2008 anymore. Everyone knows raspoberry ketones don’t do anything. Just swap it out for something else. The other questionable ingredient is CLA. I still don’t think there’s any conclusive evidence showing that CLA does anything.
  • The fourth and last thing I would change about Oxyshred is changing to a fully transparent label. No, not literally. The label itself is fine (see packaging review below). I’m talking about listing out your ingredients line by line so that we can see exactly how much of each ingredient is in the product. Consumers are becoming spoiled by companies that DO practice label transparency- which makes all those who do not, prehistoric. Get with the times! Other than those few tweaks- I have nothing bad to say about Oxyshred. It’s good stuff. Not a single side effect that I experienced. Of course that’s not to say that you won’t find something wrong with it, but I personally had none.

Packaging Review: 9.2

Time for a good old fashioned Allison Lewis design critique! Yes, I was an art minor in school. 🙂 The silvery-pearlescent base material and color is a great starting point for this design. The label is clear, and un-cluttered. It’s easy to read, and the benefits are clearly communicated. You know immediately what the product is called, what it does, and who makes it. You really don’t need to know much more than that to justify a solid score. “But, it’s not beautiful!”. No. It’s not. It’s not cute- it’s not flashy – and it’s not modernist or minimalist. It’s just a clean, user-friendly design. I’m from the design school of thought where consumer experience is the only thing that matters. Yes, there’s something to be said for a package design that you ‘connect’ with at an emotional level. But so much of that is fluff. Design for the customer experience, and everything else will become less important. That’s what EHP Labs has done here, and I love it.

Oxyshred Value and Final Score: 9.3

With very few drawback, and terrific results, I’m giving Oxyshred a very solid BPW score of 9.3. In terms of value- things get a little tricky. You legit can’t find this product for less than $65. I don’t have a problem paying for best (see ATHENA pre workout – you’d think it was made of gold dust). I ask myself if this product is really worth it. And every time, the answer is, yes. You have to ask yourself what that boost in your physiqe is worth to you. I personally love that extra confidence that I get from getting truly ripped. I think you’ll come to the same conclusion that Oxyshred is worth it. It’s understated in it’s own way. From the packaging to the formula- there’s something to be said for a supplement that doens’t come off as ‘trying too hard’. Do you know what I mean? Like. So many have the busy, over-done labels and ridiculous marketing claims. In this day and age, I feel like we deserve better. And that’s what I liked most about Oxyshred, is that it just flat out performed well. To me, that’s what makes a product successful. It exceeds expectations because it doesn’t over-promise. 


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