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Perfect Fit Protein is a an easy business win from the Tone it Up girls. While I am a huge fan of Katrina and Karena – I am not so sure that I love their protein, and I’ll tell you why in this in-depth supplement review. My Perfect Fit review will go into detail on my experience with this powdered protein blend. I’ll tell you all about the taste, and describe this protein shake from ALL of the senses so that you can basically smell, taste, see, feel, and hear Tone it Up protein. Well, maybe not hear, but you get the picture. After I describe it in detail, I’m going to talk a bit about the supplement facts and the ingredients of Tone It Up Protein. I mean Perfect Fit Protein. Ugh. This is going to be a problem. My PERFECT FIT protein review is going to conclude with a really great tearing apart of the packaging and overall aesthetic of the packaging, before we close it out with a final score. So before my writing gets any worse slash incoherent- let’s get this Perfect Fit Protein Review over with!

Ok Ok you caught me. I’m in a hurry. And when you are in a hurry, you usually don’t do your best work. Or do you? I actually sometimes think that when I’m under the gun my writing is better. You be the judge. Just tweet me and tell me what you think of this Tone It Up protein review. 

So if you’re reading this review, you, like me, are probably a Tone It Up girl. I’ve been a TIU girl for about three years now. When I say Tone It Up girl I don’t necessarily mean that I’ve bought the programs but more that I just follow the brand, and the girls on fb, Twitter, Insta, etc. I think I can safely say that the definition of a TIU girl might as well mean ‘you follow K & K on social media and are jealous of them’. LOL. From that standpoint I’m sure there are like millions of TIU girls just like us. 

So I was actually kind of surprised when one of my fans asked me about the Tone It Up line of supplements. Don’t get me wrong I’ve known that the Tone It Up girls did have a supplement line for a little while now, but for some reason it never really struck me as something ‘real’. It might because I don’t really take the girls seriously enough in the sense that they really know what they’re doing from a supplement point of view. Do you know what I mean? No? Do you hate me for talking negative about them? LOL. Hashtag jealousyy. Ok let’s actually talk about the product already geez Allie didn’t you say you were in a hurry? Let’s start with my flavor review and tell you what the best flavor of Perfect Fit Protein is. 

Perfect Fit Protein Flavor Grade: 8.3

Ok so if you really want to know about this protein powder I’m going to give it to you straight. This is not that great-tasting of a protein smoothie. I had the packets of both chocolate and vanilla Perfect Fit protein and was not really blown away by either. However if you really want to know what’s the best flavor of Perfect Fit Protein, than I guess it’s my duty to fill you in. 

What’s the Best Flavor of Perfect Fit Protein? 

The best tasting of the two Tone It Up protein powders is by far the chocolate. I tried both by mixing them into about a cup of skim milk with a handful of ice cubes. I blended them up in a super high-quality mixer until they were silky smooth.

The shakes were actually mixing quite well. Like. There was no clumping, and I got the sense that all powder was distributed nicely throughout the chopped ice and milk blend. Um. Yeah, Allie, that’s what blenders do. I’m rambling sorry. The flavors. The flavors. The chocolate flavored Perfect Fit was relatively chalk-ey in texture when you sip it. You can really taste the graininess of the powder start to separate from the milk and ice in your mouth and return to more of a powder which is sort of a weird sensation that I didn’t much care for. The chocolate was sort of bitter and was not nearly sweet enough for me. There was also sort of a lack of authentic cacao taste which is totally unacceptable for a chocolate protein powder. I can forgive a bad consistency and even a lack of sweetness- but to omit putting enough chocolate powder in there is unacceptable. So as you can tell I didn’t exactly love the chocolate flavored Perfect Fit protein – but it was STILL better than the vanilla.

Ugh. The vanilla was pretty lousy to tell you the truth. I have had some bad proteins in my day believe me, and unfortunately this one was pretty low on my all time list. It was even more chalk-ey than the chocolate (say that ten times fast lol), and had a truly horrid aftertaste. I think it’s because the total lack of bitter notes in a true vanilla taste (unlike chocolate which naturally has a bitter element) make it so that you can’t mask any unpleasant tastes. You get the tiniest hint of vanilla at the beginning of each sip of Perfect Fit vanilla but then it immediately disintegrates into a torrent of bad plant flavors. I felt like I was drinking a dinosaur drink. What’s a dinosaur drink, Allie? Um. I don’t know. Something a plant-eating dinosaur would eat. Speaking of plants. Let’t talk about the Tone it Up Protein formula. 

Tone it Up Perfect Fit Protein Formula Grade: 7.5

I’m really not a a fan of plant-based proteins and here is why: 

  1. They taste bad
  2. They are way worse quality than dairy-based protein in terms of quality
  3. They taste bad
  4. They mix bad
  5. They taste bad

Ok so some of them actually don’t taste all that bad but let’s just say that the Tone It Up Protein actually does taste that bad. Others such as the Vega Sport protein, and also a new one (soon to be reviewed) from Body Nutrition actually came out really really well. But Tone It Up has yet to achieve that level of flavoring for whatever reason. It sort of all goes back to what I said at the beginning. Nobody loves K & K more than I do- but I really don’t know if they are capable of managing a top notch supplement brand. Anyways, here is the formula list of ingredients that provides 15 grams of protein and weighs in at just 80 calories per serving:

  • Organic Brown Rice Protein
  • Organic Cacao
  • Organic Chocolate flavor
  • Guar Gum
  • Sea Salt
  • Stevia

On paper it’s really not such a bad formula. I’ve just never been crazy about brown rice protein since it is lower in high quality amino acids than a dairy-based protein. That’s just a fact. So unless you have a lactose intolerance, or dairy allergy, you really should be drinking dairy-based protein shakes like whey and casein because they will benefit you the most, and help heal and rebuild lean muscle faster than plant-based. Let’s talk about the appearance of the Tone It Up protein

Perfect Fit Protein Packaging Grade: 8.6

Perfect Fit Protein Reviews are sort of few and far between and it sort of makes me wonder how well Katrina and Karena actually do with their supplement line. The entire Perfect Fit line feels just a little half-baked to me, and that theme extends through to the packaging even. Well. You know what as I turn over the pouch in my hands a few more times- maybe it’s not all that bad. The whites, light blues, and greens convey the right message, and the branding is not all that bad. I do like the name, and think that the graphics are both smartly arranged and of high quality. It is not the most original or ground-breaking concept from a creative standpoint- but it is adequate to use a conservative term. I think the arrangement of information on the front panel is intuitive and coherent also. Good work to Tone It Up on their protein supplement packaging.

Perfect Fit Protein Review Summary: 

  • Perfect Fit Protein Flavor Grade: 8.3
  • Tone it Up Perfect Fit Protein Formula Grade: 7.5
  • Perfect Fit Protein Packaging Grade: 8.6
  • Perfect Fit Protein Value Grade: 9.0

Overall- this is not a terribly successful protein supplement in my book. The taste is below-average. The ingredients, while they ARE ‘simple’ are just not going to get the job done for you, and together these two criteria are too much for even a favorable price point to overcome. At just about a dollar per serving, Perfect Fit Protein is a wonderful value. I guess the flavor COULD grow on you, and, well, I guess if you are vegan or allergic to dairy or something than I guess this would be worth a try. But even then I know there are better plant-based proteins out there than this one. My Perfect Ft Protein review concludes with a final score of 8.2 being awarded.*


Perfect Fit Protein Final Score: 8.2

Allie Lewis

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