REVIEW: Ripped Femme Metabolism Support Works. Kinda.

Posted on June 7th, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Let’s just basically jump right into things here, shall we? Ripped Femme is a brand new company that was just such a perfect candidate for a review that I new I had to get my little paws on some and write a full review for all of you. I bought this pink and black fat burning supplement two weeks ago and I know that you’re going to enjoy reading my complete analysis of it. The product is called Ripped Femme ‘Metabolism Support’, but the reality is that this is a fat burning supplement designed and marketed as something that is going to get you slim and sleek and lean. I am really, well, sort of on the fence on this product. In this Ripped Femme Review you’ll learn why. Ripped Femme Metabolism Support is actually one of the more unique and sort of odd products that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Er. Was it really pleasure? You’ll find out as I talk about the ingredients, the packaging, but mostly the performance and results of taking it. So without rambling much longer, why don’t we really get things started and discuss my thoughts of Ripped Femme Metabolism Support.

I’m not going to lie, I hate Canada right now.

Wait. What? Lol. 

You heard me. I am really not happy with the entire country of Canada for what it did to me this past weekend. I suppose I should clarify. 

As you know from my last review, I was off to a bachelorette party north of the border to cap of my Metabolism Support ‘cycle’, and was really kind of dreading it to be quite honest with you. The Canadians have always frightened me because of how freaking hard they like to party. It’s almost like they bring out the worst in me. So it’s pretty safe to say, as you were probably guessing, that I am absolutely dragging bum this week so far. And I’m also telling you this because I feel like any sort of physical progress I had made during the previous two weeks of hard work were absolutely diminished by the weekends ‘festivities’. So. Why don’t I start by telling you about any progress I might have made in those two weeks leading into the party weekend.

Does Ripped Femme Work? 

That’s basically the main question I want to try and answer for you guys in this Ripped Femme Metabolism Support Review. The product is really sort of an odd one when it comes to performance. And. I don’t really think I mean that in a good way. Ripped Femme seemed to sometimes be working some magic for me, and then at other times it seemed like the product was doing almost nothing at all. I took Ripped Femme Metabolism Support for two weeks and after the first four days, I was like ‘oh wow this stuff really works!’ because I had looked in the mirror after a really good cardio session and I feel like I was seeing some really nice progress in terms of how my thighs and abs were looking. 

But then after like the tenth day, I was looking in the mirror after the same workout in my favorite mirror in the gym, and things just were not looking the way that I would have preferred them to. It was really one of the stranger experiences I’ve had with a fat burner- and let me tell you, I’ve had a LOT of them. 

So I think if I were to help you sort out if Metabolism Support Fat Burner actually works, I think it’s one of those that you would have to try out for yourself and judge those results for yourself. I seriously think it worked for a little while for me, and then maybe it just tapered out or maxed out all the results I was going to get from it. But. Yeah. I guess Ripped Femme Metabolism Support SORT OF works. Question mark? 

Ripped Femme Metabolism Support Formula Grade: 8.7

I’ll give the performance an 8.4 because it was a 9, that turned into an 8. And that averages out to an 8.4 when you’re in a bad mood and cranky. 

But let’s see what’s actually in this product to give you a better sense of what you’ll be putting in your body when (slash if) you decide to give Ripped Femme Fat Burner a shot. 

Here are the supplement facts: 

As you can see we have a non-proprietary blend that we’re dealing with, which is a great thing. The red pepper extract is an interesting addition that caught my eye off the bat. 

Uh. Why? 

Because even though most companies will use red pepper extract in their fat burners, not many use a SWEET red pepper extract in theirs- the way Ripped Femme has. I think that’s one of the things that has set it apart, and it’s really pretty neat. Another unique addition is the olive leaf extract, which is used for its oleuropein, a natural mood and energy enhancer, popularized in the CURSE pre workout that I still need to review by the way because it’s kind of awesome. 

But the other ingredients other than those two are pretty basic. You have caffeine dosed at 175 mg per serving. You then have L-Carnitine. Basic. Green Tea Extract. Basic. The final thing that is a LITTLE different is the Indole-3-Carbinol, which is some sort of estrogen support ingredient. 

So the thing about that one is…the main marketing point of Ripped Femme is how this Metabolism Support fat burner is one of the only ones made FOR women, since it includes this Indole-3-Carbinol stuff. I really didn’t notice or feel or experience any sort of hormone-related benefits relating to, well, anything. My mood, my cycle, my appetite…everything was super normal. Not that I’m trying to call out Ripped Femme…because I do think it’s cool that they’re trying to make something that’s more for US and not just by making it pink. Oh. But it is pink too…

Ripped Femme Metabolism Support Packaging Grade: 8.0

It’s pink but it’s not that attractive in my opinion. Like I’ve said a million times before, you really need to make something that goes beyond just using a pink color to get my attention and get a good design grade from me. I think Ripped Femme was off to a good start by at least using a rather pleasant SHADE of pink (almost between a pink and a purple…), but really they didn’t do a good job graphically making something that is attractive or successful to the eye. 

The ‘rip’ graphic is, er, kind of clever? But first of all, not everyone will even get that the rip is a fun little homage to the name ‘Ripped Femme’…and second of all, it just doesn’t look good. Like. You would be better served making that space filled with graphics of good-looking, ripped female athletes. Show the result of the product, not just a silly play on words on the name. 

Speaking of the name…why in the world are you naming your Fat Burner ‘Metabolism Support’? That could mean anything, really. Metabolism support could be something like a fiber supplement that helps you digest more quickly or something. It could be some sort of stomach-repairing/protecting deal. The name ‘Metabolism Support’ really doesn’t reinforce the purpose of the product all that well. And then on top of that the font they use for the name ‘Metabolism Support’ is sort of lousy. It’s like one of those ‘cracked’ ‘Metal Gear Solid’ fonts that just appeals to me in no way at all. It’s not a great design. 

Ripped Femme Metabolism Support Review Summary

  • Ripped Femme Metabolism Support Performance Grade: 8.4
  • Ripped Femme Metabolism Support Formula Grade: 8.7
  • Ripped Femme Metabolism Support Packaging Grade: 8.0
  • Ripped Femme Metabolism Support Value Grade: 8.0

I actually got the product for free from on of my Canadian fitties, but I think these pills are overpriced at GNC, where let’s face it- everything is overpriced. But Ripped Femme isn’t all that bad of a product. It worked a little bit for me, and I’d honestly consider giving it another try and adjusting my diet a little more to see if I can squeeze some better results from it. Are their better fat burning options for your buck? Sure. But Ripped Femme is off to an ok start. It works. Kind of.*

Ripped Femme Metabolism Support Final Review Score: 8.1

Allie Lewis

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