My Warrior Fuel Hers Review: Is this Your Next Go-To Pre Workout?

Posted on March 4th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Pre Workout Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Today’s women’s pre workout review I go over Warrior Fuel Hers. Dubbed the Ultimate Women’s Training Formula, I was super curious to see how this product performed. In this in-depth review I’ll go over this pre workout from top to bottom. Everything from the formula and ingredients all the way down to the packaging will be covered in this analysis of the pink and white pre workout. 


Warrior Fuel Supplements was not on my radar until of course one of my random Instagram sessions when I was just killing time on my phone, looking through the recommended handles to follow. As usual Insta served me up all kinds of fitness and bodybuilding related content, which is a always appreciated. As I was scrolling through, something caught my eye- and it was just a pink shaker with an emblem that I didn’t recognized. Hmm. I read through the description and found out that this NPC competitor was sponsored by a company called Warrior Fuel. Once I figured out that they actually make a women’s specific pre workout, I knew I had to get my hands on  some and submit it to the official BPW top ten contest of 2015! So without further ado, let’s get into this review.

Warrior Hers Flavor Review: 9.1

I ordered the all natural pomegranate flavor of Warrior Hers because it uses all natural flavors and sweetener. It’s interesting to note that Warrior offers two variations of the product where one flavor (the one that I chose), is all-natural, while the others are not. I could see that some people could be confused because the labels are all kind of different too. But anyways. I ordered through the Warrior Fuel website which cost me about $50 to get the product in my hands. Of course I found a discount code after the fact, but it’s still a relatively pricey pre workout to buy. 

But the flavor. The flavor was actually really really good. Sometimes the products that go the ‘natural’ route with flavors and sweeteners end up tasting really unusual and can even upset my stomach sometimes- but that was not the case at all with Warrior Hers. In my opinion they really nailed the balance between sweetness but having enough bitterness to mask some of the ‘less good’ tasting ingredients in the formula. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a standalone pomegranate flavored supplement either, so it’s cool that Warrior Hers was willing to go out on a limb and be different. If I had to describe that flavor itself, I would say it was pretty true to real pomegranate. It’s really hard to compare the two because real pomegranate has such a texture to the flavor that you can’t imitate with a drink. But this flavor was fruity, sweet, and delicious. It makes me curious to try the other flavors now because of how much I loved this one! But if you’re a first time buyer- I would say you have to try pomegranate because you know it’s going to be good. So Warrior Hers tastes amazing, but does it work?

Warrior Hers Performance Review: 8.3

As with all my reviews, I’m going to be brutally honest and tell you absolutely everything that I liked or didn’t like about the product. Warrior Hers, in a nutshell, is not my top performing pre workout that I’ve ever tried. Now keep in mind I’ve tried almost every pre workout under the sun- including the ‘men’s’ products such as C4 and Assault. But even comparing Warrior Hers to some of the women’s products, it isn’t quite up to par. Let me tell you about my workout experience on Warrior Hers.

It was a Monday, aka yesterday, and I knew I owed myself an ass-kicking after my Sunday disaster. By Sunday disaster I’m referring to the buffalo wings and pizza that I ate by myself in silence in my apartment. If you were to look up binge eating in the dictionary there would just be a picture of that, because that’s exactly what it was. It was horrible. And Monday’s workout was going to be the penance for it. I was going to erase the memory of all those empty carbs with the most mentally challenging workout I know- heavy squat day. There is no running and hiding, or going through the motions on heavy squat day. You know this. Try losing your focus under the heavy barbell, and it’s not going to end well. So I knew I would definitely need a good pre workout boos on this day. I opened up my fresh jar of Warrior Hers and doled out two full scoops. Please start with 1 if you are new to supplements- but I usually jump straight to two to get the full effect. Plus, I needed all the help I could get for this workout. I shook up my pre workout with some water and a few ice cubes in my blender bottle and got a good, even dissolving of the powder. No clumping to be seen. As I discussed already the taste is ballar, and went down quickly. I finished up my last sips as I pulled into the gym parking lot- totally ready to crush the weights. 

During my warmup – which was just a super simple ab circuit of crunches, rollouts, and back bridges, I felt Warrior Hers start to make its presence known with some beta-alanine tingles. “It’s working!”, I thought to myself. I finished up the abs without having much of a struggle (O yeah, I had PLENTY of on-board energy from those carbs from the day before). 

I jumped into the open rack and started warming up with a quarter on each side of the barbell. (Those are 25 lb plates to the non-gym-rat :P). After my hips and hamstrings finally allowed me to reach a reasonable depth- I jumped into my working sets at 145 lbs. I felt really pretty good, but it was less of the pre workout effect than just me having all the stored up energy from my rest day. 

During my heavier sets, I could definitely feel the caffeine start to provide some additional drive and focus. What I wasn’t sure about was if I was getting any sort of strength or endurance benefits from this pre workout. With some of the others, you literally can tell that the weights are either going up easier (strength), or that you feel super strong all the way until the later reps (endurance). Unfortunately, I did not really feel any of these effects with Warrior Hers. I’m not saying it’s a bad performing product- because you definitely can feel some extra energy, but it’s just not as complete a pre workout as some of the others on the market in my opinion. Let’s go through some of the ingredients and see if we can determine what they could have done to improve this formula.

Warrior Hers Ingredients: 8.4

Here are the four main ingredients in Warrior Hers:

  1. Beta Alanine
  2. Caffeine
  3. Agmatine
  4. Octopamine

I would have liked to have seen some more creative ingredients in this pre workout. It honestly feels like it was formulated about 5 years ago. Not many pre workouts are still using agmatine for pumps- and honestly I’ve never felt any pump benefit from that ingredient regardless. The beta-alanine is fine even though it’s basically proven that you need to take 10x this amount to get any real carnosine-boosting benefit from it. The caffeine is all well and good, but they probably could’ve put a bit more in here. In terms of Octopamine- I have no idea what it does, but to be honest they would be better served making a standalone fat-burning product than trying to merge the fat burning aspects into their pre workout. A pre workout is supposed to enhance your workout and make you workout for as long and hard as possible. A fat burner in my opinion is not something you should be thinking about during the workout as this is done during the other hours of the day with proper diet and meal planning! So the supplement facts could’ve used a little more, er, attention. But how does the tub look? 

Warrior Hers Packaging Review: 8.9

Warrior Hers almost broke into ‘A’ range from me on their packaging. The product features a black tub and black lid, with a highly contrasting shiny white label. What I like most about this packaging is how the ‘hers’ stands out in a beautiful shade of purple. The font is also strong and distinct looking- not cheap ‘girly’ cursive script that so many of the the other pre workouts for women use. I also love the purple accents that adorn the top and bottom of the dieline. They make the white pop. The green accents are also a really aesthetically pleasing way to bring the ‘natural’ element to life on this label. Even the abstract triangle pattern in the background works for me. In summary, the designer did a nice job of keeping things clean and communicative, but at the same time creating something that works artistically as a whole. Really nice job Warrior Supplements design team.

Warrior Hers Value and Final Grade: 8.5


I love Warrior Hers pre workout packaging. I love the taste. It performed just ok for me though, and for that reason I just can’t give it much higher than a B plus. Since they are such a young company and seem to be struggling with what direction they want to go in (re: their about us video, which is, well, cringe-worthy). But the point is that I believe in this company and think they will go back and help this product evolve into something even better than what it is now*

Allie Lewis

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