1st Phorm Bliss Review- Is it Worth $60?

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1st Phorm (can I please just spell it First Phorm?) is a company that came across my radar because of Instagram. I had never heard of or seen the products before one of my friends told me to follow this super motivational guy on the IG. I’m a big fan of being inspired and motivated (who isn’t right?) so I gave him a follow. And wouldn’t you know it, the same guy actually is the owner of a massive supplement company! I’ll tell you more about who this mystery man is in a second but let me finish my lead in first. Bliss is the thermogenic fat burner from 1st Phorm Supplements and is the very first product that I’ve tried from the brand. I’m going to go in depth on Bliss and tell you if the product works, if it has any negative side effects, and also discuss the feature ingredients. I’ll lighten things up and discuss Bliss packaging, because we all know that looks are of utmost importance! We’ll finish as always with a value score that advises the overall final grade. Without taking any more important time let’s dive in headfirst into the very ‘first’ 1st Phorm review: 1st Phorm Bliss.


Since I’m on vacation down in beautiful Costa Rica, soaking up so much sun. I actually think that I’m going to turn black by the end of this. It’s so amazingly gorgeous though I actually might never ever leave. As you know from reading my Stance review, I’m totally staying committed to my training down here. Well, it doesn’t feel that way as I sit by this pool eating chicken and french fries, but, hey. I’m on vacation. I have to let my body reset a little bit right? I’ve actually found that when I’m a little more relaxed with my diet I end up feeling way healthier and super refreshed than when I stay super strict and don’t eat anything ‘dirty’. And ‘dirty’ means fried food, cheese, sugars, sweets…you know. Pretty much anything that tastes good. But let’s get back on topic. I was on Insta on the beach when my super good friend Becca was like ‘you gotta follow this guy Andy Frisella, he’s super motivational and inspirational!’ I obviously looked him up and found him quickly because we all know that sometimes we all need some extra motivation before a tough challenge- be it a workout, test, speech, or whatever. Some people are super inspiring, and as it turns out, this Andy Frisella guy is exactly that. He posts a lot of standard ‘rich guy’ stuff like pictures of his cars and stuff—which usually rubs me the wrong way because who likes to have rich people just rub it in, right? But Frisella always types out some very motivational stories and principles that have helped him get to where he is. The combination of being able to visualize his success and then have the voiceover to back up how he got there has been very powerful and impressive to me. He also will often post videos of him talking about his sources of motivation and how you have to be strong enough to ignore the people who try to hold you back. I highly recommend you find him and give him a follow. But now let’s talk a little bit about one of his best-selling products from his company, 1st Phorm.

The Bliss fat burner for women is clearly 1st Phorm’s female targeted product that they claim will increase your core body temperature, burn fat, eliminate cravings, boost natural energy levels, and even ameliorate the effects of PMS, mood swings, water retention, and even menopause. This all sounded VERY far-fetched to me when I got the product. I want to make the focus of this review on the fat burning and elevated metabolism aspect of the product because let’s face it. We aren’t seriously going to buy Bliss thinking that it’s going to stop PMS or mood swings or menopause. Like. Seriously. It just isn’t going to happen. But can it really help us burn a little bit of extra fat? The answer is- kinda.

1st Phorm Bliss Performance Review: 8.5

I’m not sure that I’ve ever taken a fat burner and have such mixed results. The way I did this review was that since my fitties and I are all down here doing our little fitness retreat together, I thought that it would be a good idea for all of us to try it. We all took two pills per day for the entire two week duration of the stay. Here are the thoughts of each of us on how 1st Phorm Bliss performed as a fat burner: 

Me: For me, 1st Phorm Bliss was a really inconsistent fat burner. The product starts off awesome for the first couple of days. You end up getting a very dry, lean look all throughout your midsection, face, arms, and legs. I think this is because Bliss makes you drop some water right away. I’ve never been a fan of ‘diuretic’ products, but I don’t think Bliss is really made just for those purposes. I did like how it gave you a similar effect as these products though. What I did not particularly like about Bliss was that it really seemed like the effects lessened as the two weeks went on. If you remember from math class there is such as a thing as a point of diminishing returns. Or was that one of those impossible economy classes in college that I’ve tried to erase from my memory? Who knows. But the product definitely loses a little bit of it’s fast and furious pace at which it SEEMS to work in the beginning. I hit such a wall with Bliss that I felt like stopping taking it because it literally was doing nothing for me. Oh. And if you’re expecting Bliss to cure your PMS or mood swings or anything of the matter- I can tell you it most certainly does not. I know. Talk about an awful time of the month. On vacation no less. Are you kidding me. But getting back to the results. I guess by the end of the second week I WAS looking leaner. But it was the same exact look that I achieved after the first 72 hours of taking it. I also noticed that once I stopped talking 1st Phorm Bliss, that super-lean look went away very quickly. It’ll be interesting to go over the ingredients now and see if we can figure out just which of these ingredients might be responsible for giving the fast action result, but then sort of petering out.

Becca: I liked 1st Phorm Bliss but not for the reason that you might expect. I do tons of yoga and found that 1st Phorm helped me to ‘phocus’ (Allie made me say that) during those sessions. I actually did not notice very much fat burning or fat loss from taking this product but I also don’t know if two weeks is long enough for a fat burner to work on your body. I’m probably 4 or 5 lbs. heavier than I want to be and absolutely wanted Bliss to be the magic pill that it seems to be on the website. I guess I’ll just have to keep waiting for my magic pill.

Diarra: Allie is always trying to get me to take these products and wouldn’t you know it I finally cave. On vacation. I tried the 1st Phorm Bliss for like ten days but stopped because I didn’t like the feeling that I was getting from it after awhile. I was feeling a little bit over-energized to the point where my stomach was just too much on edge for comfort. I’m also a big coffee drinker so I didn’t want even more caffeine in my system. I don’t know exactly how much caffeine was in here, but after taking one of those pills you feel like you just drank about 3 cups of coffee. I wasn’t digging it at all. 

1st Phorm Bliss Ingredients/Formula Grade: 8.8

While my girls weren’t quite as in tune with the product as I am, I think that they had some valid points. The first is that this product provides a nice focused feeling. Becca was crazy about Bliss because she would go do Yoga for like two hours after taking it and I swear she blacked out each time and didn’t even know the time was passing. Diarra was also correct that there’s a definite stimulant component to Bliss. I am so used to caffeine that I could take four pills of Bliss and not even skip a beat. But if you are not used to caffeine than you really should be aware of the levels of caffeine in here. In my estimation there is probably 100 mg of caffeine in here. So there’s caffeine- but what are the other ingredients in 1st Phorm Bliss? Let’s have a look: 

  1. Niacin
  2. Vitamin B12
  3. Caffeine
  4. Picamilon
  5. Hordenine
  6. N Methyl Tyramine
  7. Huperzine A
  8. Choline Bitartrate
  9. DMAE
  10. Sulbutiamine
  11. Beta Phenylethylamine HCL
  12. Green Tea Extract
  13. Coleus Forskohli
  14. Evodiamine
  15. Cayenne Pepper Extract Powder
  16. Synephrine
  17. Green Coffee Bean Extract
  18. Damiana Powder
  19. Ashwangandha

Of all of this very extensive list of ingredients, I like the ashwagandha and the synephrine most. Synephrine is what gives Bliss the focus element that Becca noticed, while synephrine added to the effects. I’ve also become quite fond of picamilon, which can also give a sort of dialed-in or goddess-like feeling. If I had to knock this formula in any way, I’d have to say that the quantities are a bit too small. For a one pill serving, even the ‘good stuff’ ends up being pretty dramatically under-dosed. Namely the green tea. Other than a pretty impressive ingredient list, Bliss also boasts some of the neatest packaging that I’ve seen in awhile. 

1st Phorm Bliss Packaging Review Grade: 9.0

I’ve been getting so much nicer with my packaging grades and I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s like my critical eye is softening with age or something. 1st Phorm Bliss is a perfect case of this. Usually I’d complain about the rotated product name, and the cheesy cursive font that is supposed to tell us all ‘hey this is for you, girls!’ But today I’m not going to do that. Today this packaging is actually super nice looking. To start with, the 1st Phorm logo is really cool looking. The shade of pink that they chose for that rotated product title is not too hot to be obnoxious, and does a good job standing out against the black backdrop. The sans-serif fonts are easy to read and give you a good idea of what this product does without being over the top. This isn’t the most complex design that you’ve ever seen, but it’s actually a nice piece of design if you think about what the role of a package label is. Do you know without a doubt from one glance what the name of the product is, and what brand makes it? Absolutely. Is it pleasing to the eye to look at? For sure. That’s all there is to it, folks! Let’s wrap things up with a few final words and a final review grade for Bliss.

1st Phorm Bliss Review Summary: 

  • 1st Phorm Bliss Ingredients/Formula Grade: 8.8
  • 1st Phorm Bliss Performance Review: 8.5
  • 1st Phorm Bliss Packaging Review Grade: 9.0
  • 1st Phorm Bliss Value Grade: 7.8

What I struggle mightily with, with Bliss, is the price. There have been so many new fat burners introduced on the market that have given me some nice results that it’s become hard for me to justify spending $60 on these. Yes, I understand that it’s a one pill serving and that technically the price per serving is pretty reasonable- but I’m telling you that to really get the results with Bliss you need to take at least two pills. And at THAT price per serving, you can find better performance AND better value than in 1st Phorm Bliss.*

1st Phorm Bliss Final Score: 8.3

Allie Lewis

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