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Posted on January 14th, 2019 By Allie Lewis in Vegan Protein Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Looking at the 22 Days Plant Power Protein Reviews, you would never know that this is actually one of the fastet-growing vegan diet and lifestyle companies out there! And that’s because I think 22 Days might actually do better at promoting and selling their actual diets versus their products, but, in this review, I am going to focus on their vegan protein powders. One of my readers tweeted me asking about it, so I figured I might as well grab a few tubs and put my thoughts together. In this 22 Days review, I’m going to breakdown the formulations, the flavors (letting you know what the BEST flavor is), and finally the packaging before tying it all together in one comprehensive 22 Days Protein review summary. Let’s stop letting the days pass and get started.

Why don’t we begin from the outside in today as we discuss 22 Days. And I mean way outside the jar, with a quick look at this brand from afar. On first interpretation, 22 Days is a diet and lifestyle brand founded by a skinny dark-skinned guy who preaches the magic of a plant-based diet. Lol. Super in-depth description, right? Sorry not sorry. I feel like everyone on the face of the planet (meaning instagram) is just pushing me to go full-on vegan. So forgive me if they all start to blend into one. Lol. But anyways I’m not here to tell you how their diet program is. But i can venture a guess how long it is, and roughly what they will prescribe. I also would venture a guess that these guys recommend a certain protein shake to help keep you on track with the 22 Days diet- yep- you guessed, that’s where the 22 Days Protein shakes come in. I grabbed a tub of each of the three 22 Days Protein flavors and can tell you just about everything about them. Let’s begin with the most important category of all- the looks. 

22 Days Protein Looks Average TBH

Okay so the looks aren’t the MOST important, Mom, I know that. But they do count for something. I mean. After all. Most of these protein powders are all the same. I can probably guess 90% of the ingredients in this one without even having looked at the nutritional info. 

So packaging does sort of set these products apart from one another. Let’s have a look. 

The jars are white plastic (somewhat less sustainable than some of the recent product that I have reviewed that have recyclable packaging- YourSuper and Synchro). 

The thing I do like most about the 22 Days Plant Power protein is the different color themes that each flavor has. 

The vanilla has a blue theme, while the chocolate has a purple theme, and the berry has red. Each flavor has a large flavor graphic that makes it crystal-clear what each flavor is. The vanilla has those nice big vanilla stick thingys with the flower. A laundry-list of product information sits handsomely beneath- organized within the blue (or purple or red) lower 40% of the label. 

Each of these tubs look good, but I will admit that they look VERY similar to almost everything else on the market. In that sense I think 22 Days played it very safe. And you know what- it came to me- this looks actually identical to one of the other top-selling vegan proteins that I have reviewed here as well- the Tone It Up protein. I wonder if there was a little bit of design ‘inspiration’ taken from that product. So. I’ll give these guys a 7/10 on packaging because it’s well, average. 

Appearance gets average marks, but what about the 22 Days Plant Power flavors? How do they taste? And what is the best flavor of 22 Days Protein? 

The Best Flavor is Berry. 

There’s your answer. Lol. Loud and clear. Moving on. 

Jk jk I’ll add some color here- these three flavors each had their strengths and weaknesses, but I did find that one of them stood apart from the other two in terms of the flavor, and that is berry. 

Berry: The berry flavor did stand apart from the other two for one big reason, and that is that for whatever reason, this flavor seemed to get WAY more of it’s namesake flavor. That’s right- I just tasted WAY more berry in this one that I did vanilla in the vanilla, or chocolate in the chocolate. I don’t know why. But it was pretty good. The texture is not great in any of these three, and there is definitely a pervasive ‘pea’ flavor in all three. But yeah the berry is best. 

Chocolate: The chocolate flavor claims my silver medal as far as 22 Days Plant Power flavor rankings go. The chocolate will not floor you with how strong the chocolate flavor is, but there is enough cocoa there to make this flavor drinkable. Texture again, not a strength to this, or any of the three 22 Days protein flavors, but it’s not horrid. 

Vanilla: The vanilla most accurately sums up my thoughts on this product overall (that it’s relatively generic and plain), and the vanilla really lacks strong taste. I taste more pea than vanilla in this one, and the stevia aftertaste comes charging through in a big way at the end. I did not care for this flavor of 22 Days Plant Power Protein at all. 

The bottom-line is that one of the flavors of 22 Days Protein is worth buying, and the other two aren’t. Eh. Well. Before I jump right into recommending it as a buy, let’s spend a few moments discussing the formulation. 

What is in 22 Days Plant Protein? 

The ingredients can make or break a protein’s rep here on the BPW, and nothing escapes my watchful eye. I can sniff out every cost-cutting strategy, every drop of label dressing, and every questionable ingredient. 

Knowing that this product hit me as a budget product from the start, you better believe I had my microscope out when I was running through the ingredients of this product. Here is the list of ingredients: 

Pea Protein 

Flax Seed

Vanilla Flavor 

Sacha Inchi 


Wow. I didn’t really need my microscope at all, did I? Nope. Not at all. This protein powder really does not have very much going on under the hood in the least. What we need to decide is if this product is just following the ‘minimalist’ trend, or if it is just a super basic budget product. 

I am leaning towards the latter, and here is why. 

We all know pea protein is cheap, and contains one of the least favorable amino acid profiles of the lot of vegan materials. I do see sacha inhi protein in here, but look, it is listed AFTER the flavoring material even. Meaning there is almost zero of it in here. That is no bueno. But. Hey. It is what it is. A cheap product. There is nothing really to report from a macronutrient perspective as you are purchasing raw pea protein with not much else. Even with flax listed on the label there is less than one gram of fiber per serving total- a further indicator that this is a pea protein + pixie-dust formula. Let’s wrap this thing up now. 

22 Days Plant Power Protein Review Summary

-22 Days Protein comes in three flavors, with the Strawberry being my favorite of the lot. All flavors taste heavily of pea, and have below-average consistency

-This protein looks extremely generic from an aesthetics standpoint and is not attractive to me in that regard

-22 Days Plant Protein features a VERY simple blend of just five ingredients. My calculations tell me that the pea protein accounts for over 95% of the serving 

So. What’s the bottom line? The bottom line is that this has all the calling cards of a true budget, bottom-line-focused product that I hate. But hey- you might want that. I certainly don’t. It IS cheap…in fact you can get a tub of all three flavors of 22 Days Protein for less than you can get one tub of some of the premium plant-based proteins. If you are into that kind of thing, have at it! But don’t come crying to me if it disappoints.*

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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