Synchro Genesis Review: Alot to Love, Despite Some Flaws

Posted on January 15th, 2019 By Allie Lewis in Vegan Protein Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Synchro Genesis Reviews are actually piling up over on the Synchro website, but the thing that fascinates me is how little publicity this stuff actually gets. I wanted to get my hands on some of this new vegan superfood protein and give it a really good once-over. Or twice-over. Or three times. Whatever. Lol. And that’s exactly what I did. In this Synchro Genesis review I’m going to discuss the ins and outs of this protein in great detail. We will discuss the ingredients, the flavors, even the packaging, before compressing everything into one comprehensive review. I’ll tell you my personal favorite parts of the product and eventually give it on official BPW score out of 10. How about that? Sound like a deal? Alright then- let’s begin the BeSynchro Protein review.

Synchro is a cool enough name, and the packaging is also pretty slick. This protein powder seems to have some similarities to the other sort of ‘crunchy granola’ protein powders that I have recently reviewed here on the blog. The ‘crunchy granola’ products are defined to me as products that share some of the following characteristics, and that is that they are:

  1. vegan (obviously) 
  2. all-natural (no artificial sweeteners or flavors)
  3. often low carb
  4. high protein (duh) 
  5. share simplistic packaging

If you’ve been reading my reviews so far in 2019 you will actually find another VERY similar product to Synchro Genesis from a brand called YourSuper (read my full YourSuper Review here). I really enjoyed their product. However, some others in my crunchy granola category, I have not enjoyed as much. Go read up on my Amazon Solimo Vegan Protein review. Or don’t. It is kind of a forgettable product. Okay. So let’s talk about Synchro. I’ve told you it’s vegan, all-natural, yada-yada. To start, why don’t we chat about what IS in here. 

What’s In the Jar? 

Synchro Genesis has a familiar, almost predictable cast of ingredients, but just enough special tweaks that make it intriguing in my book. Let me list out the Synchro Genesis ingredients first, and then I’ll share my thoughts on what makes it unique: 


Organic Hemp Protein

Non-GMO Pea Protein 


ORAC 7000

Raw Cacao 








NOTES: The thing I like MOST about Synchro Genesis is that the organic hemp protein is the first ingredient listed in the two-part protein blend, with the second prtoein source obviously being the pea protein. 

I like that hemp is first simply because it has a unique amino acid profile that alot of these other products don’t have, since most of the other vegan proteins that you will try are primarily pea protein. 

One thing to note is that while the hemp protein is organic, the pea protein used is not. So I’m hoping that the hemp is used in a much greater quantity that the pea protein. But my guess is that it is not. 

Some thoughtful inclusions in the Synchro Genesis formula are the greens, turmeric, and antioxidant blend. I like that they have made something that is not JUST a protein shake but something that could be an entirely sustainable meal. I really dig that. 

The thing that I do NOT like about the formula is the presence of dandelion root and dulse- two common diuretics. The bottom line with those is that they make you pee and make you appear leaner (you are essentially pulling water out of the body with those ingredients, even though they are ‘natural’ their purpose is, in my opinion, not well-intentioned). 

And so those are my thoughts on the formula itself. I don’t dig the diuretics but I do dig the greens and some of the other cool ingredients in here.

Real quick before we move on to taste- I will mention that the macros are fairly standard for a protein shake. You have 150 calories, of which protein is the driving macronutrient at 15.5g / serving. There actually are a good deal of carbs in here at 17.5g / serving, of which 8.5g are sugars. 8.5 is essentially a negative/drawback for me as I don’t like quite as much sugar in my foods these days. The sugar does come from organic coconut palm nectar, and we can only hope it is sustainably harvested (most of it is NOT these days, even if it is organic- just something to keep in mind). 

All in all- the pros and cons of the Synchro Genesis formula are clear as day- they used some great ingredients, and should be applauded for using hemp instead of pea as the first protein source. But high sugar content, and the addition of diuretics are big causes of concern for me. Let’s move along to the taste and flavors now. 

Does Synchro Genesis Taste Good? 

The Synchro flavor that I had was the Raw Chocolate flavor. I found this flavor to have an interesting myriad of flavors. The first notes that hit the tongue are those of turmeric, vegan proteins, coconut sugar, and cocoa. That came as no surprise seeing as those ingredients make up most of the formula. But it’s true- if you do end up buying some Synchro Genesis you will find that it doesn’t necessarily have a unified ‘chocolate flavor’ as much as this adventure of flavor through sweet, grainy, earthy, yes, chocolatey- and then back to some other notes of tangy turmeric, and maybe even some of the greens at the back of the palette. 

While this doesn’t necessarily sound like your ideal culinary experience- I was able to find myself sort of enjoying the taste of Synchro Genesis Powerfood Protein. Maybe it’s that I myself am starting to prefer that crunchy granola, but there is something comforting about flavors that you can tell did not come from a lab. These are real foods that I’m drinking. And so for that reason I did start of enjoy my sips of the thick, golden-brown liquid. If you have a bit of that crunchy granola lover in you, I do think you might be pleasantly surprised by how you like Synchro Genesis from a taste perspective. 

Synchro Genesis Packaging is Equally as Fresh

You guys know I can be hard to impress when it comes to packaging. And sometimes I can be downright mean to the poor designers in this industry. But hey- we deserve greatness, don’t we? Both outside and in. I think Synchro has come a long way with their branding on Genesis. The jar itself, first of all, is perfectly sustainable and recyclable, which is a nice reflection of the brand’s values. 

I find the graphics package to be very visually stimulating, maybe even too much so. The flower pedals are green and grey and remind me of a kelp at the bottom of the ocean. I think the product has a nice look though. The diamond title box is unique and sets them apart. Three icons along the bottom edge of the jar tell us some key selling features while the Synchro logo sits within a box at the top edge. All elements do work nicely. I will give Synchro an 8/10 on packaging, and admit that their new design language is dramatically superior to their old. Okay. Let’s wrap this thing up now. 

Synchro Genesis Review Summary

-Synchro Genesis is a new entrant to the ‘superfood’ protein space that is pre-inhibited by the likes of MoonJuice, YourSuper, The Nue Co, and others

-Genesis contains a really nice ingredient list, highlighted by organic hemp protein, organic greens, and an antioxidant blend 

-Downsides to the Synchro formula are high sugar content and unnecessary diuretics 

-The taste is surprisingly rewarding but does not taste like a conventional chocolate shake. The texture is good but not great

-Genesis features Synchro’s new packaging, which is a little visually ‘busy’ but overall distinctive and easy on the eyes 

So what is the final verdict, then, on Synchro Genesis? I would say given the very reasonable price point of just under $30 for 14 servings, that Genesis is a buy all the way. I like that they have created a premium product at a realistic price point. The sugar content, unconventional flavor profile, and diuretics give me pause from ranking it among the best of it’s category, but Synchro Genesis has alot going for it, and is likely worth your giving it a try.* 

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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