Femme Factor Body Fit Pre Workout for Women Reviews

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Body FIt Femme Factor Reviews

Tenth Place: ‘Body Fit’, by Femme Factor


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Femme Factor Body Fit almost didn’t make it into the top 10 this year. The Best Pre Workout for Women rankings are never easy to define past the top 3. Fem Fire, Ignite, and Toned were all unanimous picks for the gold, silver, and bronze. With the podium set, it was up to us to decide which products would fill in the other seven positions in the top 10. After much deliberation and a little bit of controversy- we gave new-comer Body Fit by Femme Factor the final spot in this year’s top 10…

PROS: Convenience, Trendy Formula

CONS: Price, ‘identity crisis’

The BPW4W top 10 is comprised of 9 pre workout powders, and 1 ‘Body Fit’ pill by Femme Factor. The curious thing about Body Fit, and the reason why it had to be tenth on the list, is that it’s in pill format. We don’t necessarily have anything against pills- but it makes it very difficult to classify as a pre workout supplement. That’s why we may as well put an asterisk next to the name. The company Femme Factor doesn’t even use the language ‘pre workout for women’ anywhere on the label or website! It’s a curious play by the supplement company not to place the product in a specific category. To be quite honest- it may be partially due to the pill format. More on the pills issue later- but first- how does it perform? 

Body Fit by Femme Factor was delivered to us courtesy of the company’s 14 day trial promotion. We were thus given 28 pills- enough for each of the 7 testers to perform two separate workouts on the product. The testing protocol, as usual, involved several varieties of workouts ranging from cardio to cross-fit. Even though, as we mentioned earlier, this isn’t strictly a pre workout product. The company describes it as a ‘lean lifestyle’ product. That being said- these are the best pre workout for women supplement awards- and it will be judged as a pre!

Femme Factor’s Body Fit Reviews begin with a review of the cardio performance. The team fired up Femme Factor prior to a group cycle workout. It was rare for the team to all be assembled at once for a test- but it allowed for greater collaboration of the product’s performance. The bike consisted of alternating intervals of low and high intensity pedaling- which is a very efficient way to burn calories and ramp up metabolism in a hurry. Bodyfit certainly does provide a metabolic boost. Within a few minutes of exercise you can feel your core body temperature start to ramp up as stimulants in the product do their work. In this sense, Body Fit did provide some benefits to cardio-style training. The stimulants allowed for greater push and energy which drove a much more rewarding workout. Outside of it’s stimulant complex however- it did very little to add incremental workout benefits. There are no aminos to be found in the product, and the beta-alanine was simply not felt. 

The best pre workout for women squad used the second dosage of Body Fit on the following day to test the product’s performance during a weight training session. We knew going in that this might not be Body Fit’s cup of tea- but it had to be judged as a pre workout to allow for comparison to the others. Similiar to ‘pre workout for women’ by Pure Fitness Nutrition, Body Fit did not perform very well for strength training. Yes there was a slight stim-kick from the caffeine- but this is nowhere near the experience of Fitmiss’ Ignite, Toned, or XP2’s Fem Fire when it came to powering through reps and sets. This isn’t all that surprising given the nature of the pill format as a pre-workout. Which brings us to the ‘cons’ portion of this Body Fit reviews.

Femme Factor is clearly a large-budget firm with marketing dollars to back-up their forced entry into the women’s supplement scene. It’s a common theme among the larger companies to cut corners to maximize the economics of a product. That doesn’t necessarily make them a bad company- but it does mean that the product may not be quite as effective as possible. The ‘corner’ cut here is that Femme Factor decided to encapsulate the ingredients. While this makes for greater convenience (ie no water bottles and spilling powders everywhere), it also makes for a small serving size. At just under a gram- it’s difficult to squeeze an effective dose of almost any ingredient into each serving. This is Body Fit’s biggest shortcoming- the fact that it can’t deliver an effective dose of any of its constituents. Which is a shame- as there is some good stuff in there (green tea extract, raspberry ketones, etc). There also isn’t any room for serious performance enhancing ingredients like Carnitine, Leucine, or creatine. 

It’s easy to be misled by our placement of Body Fit at the bottom of the BPW4W top 10. The low rating reflects it’s relatively poor performance as a pre workout for women- but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its place in the supplement world. It’s profile would make a nice anytime metabolic booster, as long as you take enough of the pills to get a good dose!

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