Chike Protein Shake Review: Not a Big Fan of These Shakes

Posted on May 18th, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Alrighty people time to talk about another meal replacement shake that has been on my radar for a long time now- and that is the Chike meal replacement shakes. In this Chike review, I will tell you legit everything that you need to know about them. From the best flavors, to the formulation quality, to the packaging- you are about to be a Chike wizard. You really are. It sounds like a strange sort of wizard…and it is. Believe me. I’ve been a Chike wizard for about two weeks now and it feels very unusual. But it’s just something that you have to get over. I don’t think Chike is the best meal replacement shake on the market, but there like everything I review here on the site, I will point out the pros and the cons of Chike Meal Replacement Shakes. If that sounds good to you, let’s turn up the volumes on our eye hearing devices and jump right into this Chike review.

I think aside from Gnarly Nutrition, Chike might have the worst name in the supplement industry right now. That’s a scary thing. Because Gnarly is a truly horrid name. I describe them as the ‘Go Pro’ of the supplement industry because I feel like you need to own a snowboard and wear a Go-Pro at all times to consider buying Gnarly Nutrition. But let’s talk about how bad ‘Chike’ is, too. Like. What the heck. How do you even say ‘Chike’ first of all…like…’Chee-kay’? ‘Chike’ like ‘bike’ ? Lol. I don’t even know. But what thing I do know is that it comes in a handful of flavors. One of them is really good, and the others are just ok. Let me describe them for you. 

What’s the Best Flavor of Chike Protein Meal Replacement Shakes? 

The best flavor of Chike shakes is the Chocolate Bliss. I tried four different flavors, which were the: 


  1. Chocolate Bliss (best)
  2. Banana Magic
  3. Very Vanilla
  4. Strawberry Burst


I did not try the Orange flavor because my Mom told me it was by far the worst. She has actually been a big Chike fan for a very long time and was actually the one who first convinced me to grab some of their stuff for a protein powder review. I hesitated for so long because let’s face it, we never listen to our parents the first time. But after she called me and told me how proud she was of my one hundredth pre workout review yesterday, I said you know what, I think I’ll listen to my good ‘ol Mum for once. So let me tell you about this protein flavor. 

All flavors of Chike shake taste about the same in regard to their texture and sweetness even, but it’s the actual flavors themselves where they really start to deviate. I found that the chocolate was the only one that really had me chomping at the bit to get more and more of it into my mouth. The vanilla was wicked artificial tasting, and then the berry and banana were both seriously lacking in how much real fruit flavors they were bringing to the table. The banana was OK I guess…but really go with chocolate if you are considering Chike as a real option for your next protein or meal replacement. 

Chike Protein Meal Replacement Formula Grade: 7.2

Ok so here’s where things go a little wayward for Chike Meal Replacement shakes. They don’t have a very good formula. As you know from my other protein shake reviews, I tend to favor the ones that are actually just protein. I think sometimes the plain proteins can be a little worse tasting than the meal replacements because they don’t have all these carbs to help them with sweetness and texture, but there are plenty that are able to walk the fine line between taste and solid formulation. Chike is not one of them.

While Chike does claim whey protein on it’s label, it also clearly includes soy protein, and the worst part is they don’t say, and you’ll NEVER know, what the breakdown between soy and whey really is. If you ask me, I’ll bet you they have all kinds of soy in here. Because soy is much cheaper than whey. 

The other thing that really turns me off about the Chike formula is the source of the carbs, aka the source of the extra non-protein calories aka the only reason they are representing this as a ‘meal replacement’ product. So you have a ‘meal’ that gives you some protein from high-quality whey protein, yes. But then also from cheap soy protein that is horrible for you, and then a slew of SUPER low quality carbohydrate from filler and nutritionally worthless ingredients like polydextrose, maltodextrin, and dextrose (sugar). Throw in some artificial flavorings and coloring, and you basically have a shake that, aside from some whey protein, is probably not even worth drinking. I know I personally would not make something like this a regular part of my diet. 

Chike Protein Meal Replacement Packaging Grade: 7.3

Another very weak point of this product is in it’s packaging. I find often times the products that start with your basic white bottle and black lid are failures. Well. You know what? I think Gym Angel uses a white jar and black lid, and they do ok in terms of product quality. But Chike has shown it is not a great product on the inside. So basically the ugly exterior is a perfect fit. Kind of like Perfect Fit Protein, which I’m starting to get so sick of seeing everywhere, by the way. I wish I didn’t love Tone It Up as much as I do because they convince me that I need their protein! But anyways. No. Chike needs serious help on this packaging. It’s like a big cursive word that is obstructing everything and everything behind it. You guys know I think it’s a dumb name to start with, so the fact that it is pretty much the only graphic plastered onto the front panel rubs me the wrong way off the bat. The color palette is super boring, and really the whole layout is so jumbled around that I have a tough time getting valuable product information from it. But. I suppose design is subjective. So maybe some people like how Chike looks. Not me though. Let’s wrap up this Chike protein review. 

Chike Meal Replacement Shake Review Summary


  • Chike Protein Meal Replacement Flavor Grade: 7.2
  • Chike Protein Meal Replacement Formula Grade: 7.2
  • Chike Protein Meal Replacement Packaging Grade: 7.3
  • Chike Protein Meal Replacement Value Grade: 7.8


I guess a saving grace is that Chike is super cheap. I could’ve guessed that because of how, well, cheap the formula sounds. I personally would not recommend this protein powder as a meal replacement shake, but I understand some folks are more price sensitive than I, so perhaps Chike is a better protein choice for them.*

Chike Protein Meal Replacement Final Review Score: 7.3

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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