REVIEW: Is Dedicated Unstoppable V2 the Sweat of Satan?

Posted on March 1st, 2017 By Allie Lewis in Pre Workout Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Hey now hum now it’s time for an Unstoppable Pre Workout Review by Dedicated Nutrition! Dedicated is the new black and yellow brand supported by that big huge jacked Simeon Panda dude. I may or may not have a poster of him on my bedroom ceiling. With emphasis on ‘may’. LOL. But guys. I’m pumped. I’ve been super quiet for the last few months dealing with some stuff, but I’m BACK with a vengeance and ready to deliver some incredible pre workout reviews in time for our fifth annual best pre workout for women ranking awards. I know. Crazy right? But let’s get down to business with this Dedicated Unstoppable review. Could this possibly be the best pre workout for women that I’ve ever tried? Let’s find out.

Unstoppable pre workout is a pretty great name for a pre workout, let’s face it. You really want to march into that gym and throw some fools out of your way when this pre workout from Dedicated Nutrition kicks in. The energy is really a phenomenon. It’s something to behold, really it is. But there ARE some drawbacks to this Dedicated Unstoppable pre workout that you’ve GOT to be aware of. Let me start, however, with a run down of how Unstoppable performs and what I DO like about this pre workout for men and women and beasts of all kinds. 

Unstoppable Pre Workout Kicks Pretty Hard. 

I’ve tried this pre workout now two times. The first time, I honestly wasn’t ready for what was coming. I thought this pre workout was going to be way, WAY more mild than it is. I mixed up one scoop, (heaping, you know how we do), and set about preparing for my workout. The energy starts pretty quickly after ingesting the Dedicated Pre Workout. I found the stimulants hitting my adrenal system with big waves of energy only minutes after downing my fifth sip. 

I headed into the gym immediately to fulfill my destiny. My destiny of having a seizure in the gym? Yes. Basically. LOL. Unstoppable sometimes gives you the sense that it’s trying to kill you and everyone around you. I could definitely feel my stress levels being elevated after taking this pre workout. Like. If you are sitting in traffic in the gym, you are going to start getting PO’d at the people around you. It’s a real thing. 

But once you get into the gym, you really have an advantage. I was able to ALMOST set a new PR on the squat, and that’s even with being hungover! I did heavy squats, semi-heavy lunges, and of course my favorite delts to finish. I thought Dedicated Unstoppable managed it all with flying colors. There WERE times I found myself getting a little anxious and that pissed off stressed feeling that I get from over-stimulating pre workouts. But the next workout that I tried Unstoppable v2 pre workout, I just did a half-scoop, and I thought that was a better sweet spot for me. So. If you are a chick I would definitely recommend a half scooper to start. But energy is great, strength is great, focus good, pump pretty good…I think Dedicated Unstoppable performs quite nicely. Let’s talk flavor now. 

Dedicated Unstoppable Tastes Like Satan’s Sweat. 

And that’s NOT a good thing. LOL. But you probably could figure that out, right? LOL. Yeah. It’s really not a good thing. The first sip of Dedicated Pre Workout, in the Satan’s Sweat, AKA ‘Cherry Vodka’ flavor, is so sour that you’re probably going to put on your best ‘sour grapes’ face almost instantly after it hits your lips. There’s a ton of sickly artificial sweetness that topples on top of the bitter to, sort of balance it out? But overall drinking Dedicated Unstoppable is such a gross experience that I can’t recommend the flavor at all. Maybe the other flavors are okay but Shawna (my training bud), tried the other one and said it was just the same- too sour and sweet to be enjoyable. So. There’s that. Flavor is bad. Let’s peek at the supplement facts and see what’s in this Unstoppable pre workout though. 

Dedicated Unstoppable Has An Intriguing Formula. 

And it’s full of stuff I’ve never heard of. That’s what she said. Oh Allie that doesn’t even make sense. I know. Ugh I’m so rusty. How have I written a hundred pre workout reviews it seems like this is my very first one. It might as well be. I’ll get it back guys, I promise. Lol. But. Dedicated Unstoppable pre workout, from a formulation perspective, is super interesting. There are, let’s see, Four Ingredients that I’ve never heard of in here: 

  1. Adreno Pump (Selaginella Tamariscina Extract)
  2. Longan Fruit Extract 
  3. Cocoa Drol 
  4. Legendary Lancelot (Thermopsis Lanceolata Extract) 

Whew. How about that last one? Legendary Lancelot? LOL. Like. What?? I HAD to google that one. But apparently it’s a natural extract that ‘potentiates every ingredient in Unstoppable’. So I’m guessing in that sense it works to complement their Astragin, which is another ‘ingredient uptake’ additive. Basically it makes sure your body is absorbing all this crap. Lol. As for the other three.. the first is a pump ingredient (I didn’t notice that great of a pump with Dedicated Unstoppable though), the longan is some sort of mood booster (maybe on opposite day- Unstoppable makes me pissed if anything, mood-wise), and the other is probably a theobromine ingredient. Again, for pump. Which I didn’t get a ton of. 

So those are the lesser known ingredients in here. The rest is made up of familiar faces like Betaine, Hydromax, Caffeine, Theacrine, Astragin like I mentioned, and N-Carbamyl Glutamate. Which I also haven’t heard of but am too lazy to go back and put it in the previous paragraph. But it’s another pump ingredient I think.

All in all, a pretty inventive formula! I rarely, and I mean RARELY come across a pre workout that contains this many ingredients that are unfamiliar to me. So the fact that Unstoppable has five is pretty neat. Props, props, guys. 

Dedicated Unstoppable Looks SWEET. 

If there’s one thing that you guys know about me, it’s that I love a good hipster design. And while Unstoppable might get pissed at me for calling this packaging ‘hipster’, I mean it as affectionately as possible. The label is very busy, almost frantic, and contains a big chunk of text. On first glance it appears rushed and cramped, but when you slow down and digest the entire package as a whole (that’s what she said! YES), the Unstoppable Pre Workout looks remarkable. I like that it tells you a story, and implores you to buy right away. I want to be Unstoppable. I want strength and energy. And yeah I suppose I’d like to be Legendary as well? Why not. The legend of Allie Lewis. I bet it would be a great Marvel Movie too. Lol. 

Dedicated does get credit, lots of credit for going outside the box. Combined with the innovative ingredient panel, and I think this is a pre workout that is worth a try. Heck it might even find it’s way into the BPW Top Ten Pre Workouts of 2017. We’ll have to wait and see.

Dedicated Unstoppable Pre Workout Review Summary 

  • Performance: A-
  • Flavor: D
  • Formula: A
  • Packaging: A+ 

Put all those pieces together, and you have a pre workout that’s worth trying. I think Dedicated might be onto something with the Unstoppable pre workout. Very excited to see where this brand goes in 2017 because their Unstoppable pre workout is on point.* 

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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