My Foxy Fit Protein Review: Is it A Good Product?

Posted on February 23rd, 2017 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Foxy Fit Protein for Her is one of those new female-focused supplements from yet ANOTHER company that just seems to keep popping up on my social media. I have seen a few of my friends using Foxy Fit and so I finally decided to say ‘screw it’ and try it for myself. In this Foxy Fit review I’m going to tell you why or why not you should give Foxy Fit Protein for Her a shot. I’ll talk about all four flavors, the formulation, the packaging, and give you the red or green light at the end when I wrap things up with a review summary. How does that sound? Pretty good right? I thought so. Let’s get this protein review started.

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve done a protein powder review. It feels like ages. Coming off pre workout reviews the past two or three times, I’m glad I could return to protein with Foxy Fit.

So. Where to start. Where to START? I think I saw Foxy Fit on my Instagram first a few weeks ago when Sarah was posing with it. I was like. Hm. Yet another female-focused sports nutrition brand. Who woulda thought. Well. I suppose I woulda thought since after all it seems to be the cool thing to do is start a supplement company. But. I feel like so many of them have had garbage products. Like Cute Nutrition, Luxe, what else.. several others I’ve reviewed recently. But let me start talking about Foxy Fit and we’ll see what happens.

Foxy Fit comes in four flavors, and I actually got to sample all four of them. So let’s talk about which is the best flavor of Foxy Fit Protein for Her and I’ll tease out a final flavor grade from within that.

What’s the Best Flavor of Foxy Fit Protein for Her?

The best flavor, in my humblest of opinions (me, humble? LOL Imagine that!) is the cinnamon roll. The cinnamon roll flavor of Foxy Fit protein has a pretty authentic bakery-shop flavor that is tougher to come by these days. I found it to have good texture, a nice balance of sweet and dough-ey sourness, and just really a pretty good effort overall for Foxy Fit.

BUT. The thing that I got in the cinnamon roll, and really all four flavors, was a very severe aftertaste that sort of leads me to believe that the product is artificially flavored and sweetened. And actually I’ll reveal that to be true in my formula grade section below.

The second best flavor of Foxy Fit Protein for Her is the chocolate. I didn’t LOVE it but I thought it was an adequate representation of protein chocolate flavoring. I wish it had a more potent taste but it’s drinkable. Unlike the mocha. The mocha caramel flavor of Foxy Fit Protein for Her tastes like dirty Starbucks tap water. It has a gross bitterness to it that you know is them being like ‘make it taste more like coffee’ but they just went to far with it. I hated this flavor.

I also hated the vanilla flavor of Foxy Fit protein which is like, how do you even screw that up. But hey they managed to. They really managed to screw it up and I don’t know how but it has a horrible aftertaste that renders it borderline un-drinkable in my opinion.

So overall you have a good option with the cinnamon roll, an okay option with the chocolate, and then two pretty bad ones with the mocha caramel and vanilla. Final ranking is:

  1. Cinnamon Roll
  2. Chocolate
  3. Mocha Caramel
  4. Vanilla

And overall I would say this averages out to a final flavor grade of like 8.2/10 for Foxy Fit. Not awful I guess.

What’s in Foxy Fit Protein for Her?

The formula in this Foxy Fit protein is pretty standard. You have your base made of whey protein concentrate, and then pretty much all the rest is flavoring and texture ingredients.

The fact that whey concentrate is the primary source of protein in this product makes me think that Foxy Fit is just not a premium product. They say that it is a great meal replacement option but really there is no justification for saying this is a full meal. Usually a proper meal replacement shake will have vitamins and other minerals and nutrients that would make it more suitable as a standalone meal.

I mean. The whole concept of meal replacement is that it can sustain you instead of actual food. But looking at the formula for Foxy Fit Protein For Her…I just don’t see it. There’s only the whey protein concentrate and then artificial ingredients to flavor it…how is that a meal? It’s not. So I’m going to assign a loser grade of C- to Foxy Fit for failing on the formulation front. Let’s talk packaging now.

Foxy Fit Protein for Her Looks Boring.

I know I know…not all supplements have to look like art. But I wish they did. Foxy Fit looks like it comes directly from the Six Star / Walmart school of branding and design. It’s a terrible looking product that you really don’t ever want to display on your counter. I think that’s always my North Star of knowing if a product has a great label or not- would I want my friends to see it out on my kitchen counter. And the answer with this silver and pink and white Foxy Fit Protein tub is, absolutely not. It looks bad. So another losing grade on packaging. Oh and the name Foxy Fit is a disaster. It’s so bad.

Foxy Fit Protein for Her Review Summary

  • Taste: B-
  • Formula: C-
  • Packaging: C-
  • Value: C

Final Score: 7.0/10 C

So. Foxy Fit Protein is exactly what you think it is. A low quality brand for people that, I hate to put it this way, but just don’t know any better. It’s not a winner.

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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