Instant Knockout Review: Cool Bottle but Does it Work?

Posted on July 8th, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Today I’m going to deliver yet another beautifully helpful fat burning review– this time on the Instant Knockout fat burner. I’ve been taking this funky little red diet product for the past two weeks, and I’m finally ready to share my findings with you guys. The product has been really blowing up my Instagram feed, meaning, like twice, and so when a few of my FB followers msg’d me asking about it, I knew it was time to do an Instant Knockout Review. In this review, we’ll discuss a few of the key aspects of the product. Eh. Actually ALL the aspects that matter. The most important topic is obviously does Instant Knockout actually work. And I’ll get into that first and foremost. Other areas of discussion will include the formulation quality grade, and then lastly the the packaging grade. It has to look good, right? And it definitely does look good as you can see. Ok. Enough introducing. Let’s get down to business with Instant Knockout fat burner.

Alright! Finally back on the fat burning train. As you know I’ve been bulking up a bit lately. Not like. Gross and fat. But certainly some fat has been put on. That’s why I was actually kind of stoked to add a new fat burner to my routine. The thing about the whole, gaining-cutting cycle is that when you are done with one, your body is sure to let you know. My body is just done with all the garbage food that I’ve been giving it. It’s ready for a deficit again. Ready for mostly fruits and veggies again. And that’s what I’ve been giving it for the past two weeks, in combination with the Instant Knockout fat burner. This is a product that does a few key things really well. Others, not so much. Why don’t we start with these pros and cons of taking Instant Knockout Fat Burner. And help answer the question: 

Does Instant Knockout Fat Burner Work? 

So. Here’s the thing. Instant Knockout does ‘work’ when you do the right things to helps it work. What I mean is, for the first week I was taking Instant Knockout, I was basically eating according to my ‘dirty bulk/ iifym’ diet, under which I essentially eat everything and anything under the sun if it’s in sight and reach of my grubby paws. Ok so I’m being dramatic. But seriously, cookie, snacks, it was all in there. I still looked fine through the first week, and I must say the Instant Knockout was giving me MAD energy, but I wasn’t exactly ’shredding’ up my abs and getting lean and mean like the pictures on the Instant Knockout website. But. During the second week, I think it kicked in. 

The second week, I started replacing some of the snacks and garbage food in my diet with more clean foods. More fruit instead of cookies- more veggies instead of breads and pastas and rice. I think this is the main reason why I started to trim down a bit. But I think Instant Knockout was helping me. One thing to know and be aware of is that this product really does amplify and ramp up your metabolism. I had a few meals that digested, er, REAL fast. Not sure how much of that was adding the fiber from the cleaner foods versus taking Instant Knockout fat burner every day. Probably both. 

So by the end of my two week stint with Instant Knockout, here’s what I noted: 

  1. Leaner overall body physique: I had less ‘loose’ ness in my lower back and sides, which are the two most difficult areas for me. 
  2. Energy for 4 hours: These pills are like 5 hour energy except they are 4 hour energy. But Five Hour Energy doesn’t really give you five, so, take that for what it’s worth. You don’t have a crazy crash with Instant Knockout, but you can certainly feel it tail off. 
  3. Metabolic Rate: Again, a really dramatic effect on digestion with this stuff. Just. Know this. Lol. 

Instant Knockout Formula Grade: 8.4

I’d rate the performance about in line with what you see in the ingredient panel. This product has a few things that give the majority of the benefit. You have caffeine, green tea extract, and then konjac root (glucomannan).

While caffeine and green tea have been the backbone of fat burning supplements for very long time, you don’t see too many featuring this amount of glucomannan. I actually don’t have a ton of familiarity with the ingredient. But what I do know, is that it essentially acts like a sponge in your stomach, and expands to up to 50x it’s mass by absorption. What this does is basically creates a big glucomannan gel that makes you feel really full just by the fact that it’s taking up so much space in your stomach. I’m pretty sure this is the ingredient that was messing with my digestion, and to be frank with you I’m not sure I would keep taking the product because of that reason alone

Now. I’m not saying that it made me so uncomfortable that it was problematic, I’m just saying for my body I don’t think this is the right fat burner for me. But for you? Who knows. I read quite a few reviews on Instant Knockout that were highly favorable. And like I said above, it DID seem to help me lose a little bit of body fat. So what you should do is take MY feedback, run it through your head computer, and make a decision. After you read about the awesome little jar that Instant Knockout comes in. 

Instant Knockout Packaging Grade: 9.0

You know from my hundreds of other reviews (yep, that’s right I said HUNDREDS), that if nothing else, I’m a big old sucker for packaging. And that’s what initially drew me to Instant Knockout in the first place. It was an Instagram picture of a super fit chick holding this freaking sweet little fist-shaped bottle. I actually think there is a cologne that uses a similar shaped glass jar. And by ‘I think’ I mean ‘I know’ there is because my ex-boyfriend used to wear it. And it was by Diesel. And it smelled amazing. 

But anyways. Seeing that fit chick wave the Instant Knockout fat burner in my face made me really pretty excited to try this fat burner. And I must say after trying it myself, I’m still more jazzed about the packaging than the product itself! The Pills themselves are red, and they fill the little fist-shaped jar beautifully. I think the jar looks better online, and in person it is actually a little bit smaller in real life (that’s what she said), but it’s still just good packaging and good design. Props to Instant Knockout for going off the beaten path and doing something to distinguish themselves. I like it. I like it aLot. Ok let’s wrap this Instant Knockout Review up. Shall we? 

Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review Summary

  • Instant Knockout Performance Grade: 8.4
  • Instant Knockout Formula Grade: 8.4
  • Instant Knockout Packaging Grade: 9.0
  • Instant Knockout Value Grade: 8.0

As usual, what we have here is another sports supplement that is more or less an average performer in an ultra good-looking package. Sounds a lot like my ex. But if you are looking for a new fat burner and want to parade around showing Instagram how cool your fat burner looks, Instant Knockout is probably worth a try. But the reality is that Instant Knockout is probably a bit overpriced at $60 per jar. But. Who am I to judge. Only the top fat burner reviewer in the world. Insert hair flip emoji here.*

Instant Knockout Final Review Score: 8.0

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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