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I’m so exicted to make Labrada Lean Body For Her Jamie Eason Signature Series my very first protein powder review. It’s been such a long time coming that I add protien as a category on my site, and to have a product with such amazing reviews as this one come my way is the perfect way to kick things off. In this, my very first women’s protein review, I’ll touch on this products formula, it’s mixability, any noticeable side effects or benefits, and, most importantly, the taste. I’ll wrap things up as always with a final assessment of the product’s value, and the award it an overall score. Without further ado- let’s get to it!

With so many of my readers asking me what the best protein powder for women is on the market today- the time has finally come to take our first step in finding the answer. Over the next several weeks, I’ll identify, acquire, test, and review several top protein supplements on the market that are (for the majority), focused on female athletes. I know off the top of my head Fitmiss has a a protein, as does vega sport, and some others. I decided to try out the Jamie Eason version first though, because I’m a big fan of her as an athlete. she does a great job sharing her knowledge with her fans, and I totally appreciate how open and accessible she has been over the course of her fitness journey. In a way I feel like I’ve gone through much of it alongside her! Anyways if you havne’t heard of her go check out her articles, they are super-helpful. Ok. So let’s get down to business. With pre workouts, I judged the products primarily on the feeling and the workout experience that each product provided. For fat burners- I ran each for a few weeks, and gave my analysis on whether or not any noticeable effects took place. Of course every other element from the formula to the packaging is also covered. Yeah as you know if you’ve read my reviews- I have some kind of OCD for SURE. I think you’ll find it adds a, er, humorous element to my reviews. So for proteins- the thing is that you don’t really ‘feel’ them like you would a pre workout. And you don’t really ‘see’ any effects (at least within a reasonable time period like you sometimes can with a fat burner). So for proteins, the areas of evaluation will be simple: Formula, mixability, taste, packaging, and of course value. I will also add a special notes section that will detail anything else I noticed that might not fit into any of the above buckets. ALRIGHT! Here it is- My official Jamie Eason Signature Series Labrada Lean Body For Her Protein Review:

Lean Body for Her Formula and Ingredients: 8.6

For this section, I’ll try and shed some light on whether or not products like Lean Body for Her are successful or unsuccessful from a formula standpoint. I’ll try and help you understand some of the different types of protein powders because it will help you understand the overall quality of the product, and whether or not it is going to be a good fit for you. It’ll also give us a really good sense of whether the price point is fair or otherwise. Another thing to consider is the ‘ingredients’. So the difference between the ‘formula’ and the ‘ingredients’ is that the formula is listed in the top section of your supplement facts panel, whereas the ingredients are usually added in fillers, thickening agents, sweetener, flavoring, and preservative. Essentially you can tell alot about the quality of a product just by looking at these two fields. And that’s where I’ll start analyzing Jamie Eason’s Lean Body Protein Shakes. Looking at the supplement facts panel- you can see that the formula is whey based. So super quick- whey is a TYPE of protein found in milk. The protein in milk is comprised of two different types of proteins- whey, and casein. The biggest difference is that whey is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and metabolized into amino acids for use by the muscle. Casein, which represents about 80% of the total protein content in milk, takes much longer to digest- up to 8 hours in fact. That’s why alot of folks will take a casein before going off to bed- because it will in effect provdide a ‘steady stream’ of aminos to the sleeping human muscles. Pretty sweet right? I think so. So. Lean Body For Her Protein shakes are all whey. Which is good- that means this product is going to be great for immediately post-workout, when you really want to get aminos shuttled into the blood as fast as possible to start repairing the muscles.

The protein is whey, but what else is in here? From a sweetener perspective, Lean Body uses a combination of real sugar and erythritol (monkfruit extract). I’m a fan of when companies use some real, and some ‘low-cal’ sweetener to add the sweeteness to the product. I think it adds alot more depth to the taste. But mroe on taste in a bit. Other than the sweetner, Lean Body for Her contains chicory root for some fiber content. I think they picked a good number for the the fiber content here. It’s just enough to make you feel satisfied when you’re done drinking it, but not so filled up that you feel like you just ate a tree (ever tried a quest bar?). So that’s bascially it for the formula. There’s some sea salt to compliment the flavors, and also some xanthan gum to add some thickness to the consistency. All in all, a solid, if not overly imaginative formula. Let’s move into the mixability & flavoring.

Lean Body For Her Mixability & Flavoring Review: 8.5

Let’s face it- proteins are so similar these days that sometimes it really just comes down to the drinking experience. And that’s why it’s important to spend some time going over how the product mixes and tastes. In terms of mixability, Jamie Eason Lean Body For Her Protein is right about average. I actually use a shaker for my protein shakes, and so Lean Body protein mixed right up in just a few standard shakes. Two-handers at that actually. Like a shake weight. Middle out? Yep. LOL. But seriously, Lean Body mixed right up quick. I also went back and did it old school- mixing up the protein powder in a glass with a fork, just to see how it would handle mixing the classic way. As I half-expected, the old-school way did a pretty crappy job at mixing the powder. But that’s kind of just the way it is- when you try and mix in a glass it’s going to be sort of clumpy and inconsistent versus the shaker. So i’d say this protein mixes up pretty normally. Now. Taste.

I got a bunch of sample packs so that I could taste both flavors of Lean Body For Her by Jamie Eason. The flavors are sort of standard with chocolate and vanilla. But hey, that’s not a problem. I like having the options- and having both allows for a wider variety of mixed smoothies. Like with chocolate flavored proteins I like to make a more decadent shake- often times with fresh ground peanut butter, banana, and dark cocoa powder. With vanilla, I like to make a sort of fresh berry and creamy tasting shake with raspberry, blackberry, vanilla bean, and some greek yogurt. But for the purpose of getting a really good sense of the flavors themselves, I started off just trying out these flavors on their own in milk.

The chocolate is better than the vanilla- I can tell you that much right now. I mean yes I generally like chocolate more than vanilla anyways, but Labrada really did do  a better job with the chocolate flavor in this case. it’s definitely more of a milk chocolate, which is standard for proteins- and it’s a smooth milk chocolate at that. It’s got a really nice balance of chocolate-y and sweetness, which is the main reason I chose it over the vanilla. The vanilla is by no means bad, but in my opinion they didn’t nail the flavor quite the same. The vanilla is definitely there, but the sweetness just doesn’t seem to go with it for some reason. It tastes way more artificial even though it doens’t use artificial sweetener. It’s odd. So I’d say yeah definitely go with the best flavor of Lean Body for Her protein : Natural Chocolate.

Lean Body For Her Packaging: 9.0

Woohoo, package time! One of the best features of the Lean Body Proteins are that they come in the nice re-sealable bag. I like this because I can easily just throw the whole works into my gym bag without packing those huge 5 lb. drums that take up like half of the entire bag. From a design perspective, I’m a fan of the design of the Lean Body for her protein shakes. Jamie of course enriches the front panel with her presence, wearing an illuminating smile that lets you know that you’ve made a great purchase. The color palette is feminine and inviting. The contrasting fonts are a little suspect, but I can let that one slide I guess. Does anyone know why all designers use that horrifying script font for the ‘for her’ callout? Is it like part of some sort of outdated best practice when marketing to the ladies? I actually hate it alot. The stock graphic of the chocolate shake is also sort of, well, stock looking. But I know that’s a best practice for sure that has been proven over and over soo we’ll let it slide. Overall, good stuff from a packaging perspective Jamie!

Lean Body Shakes- Value and Final score: 8.5

Welp we started off with a winner didn’t we?! The Labrada Lean Body for Her Whey Protein Isolate shakes have graced us with a very respectable B+ to open the very first best protein powder for women awards of 2015. One knock on this formula though- is that at $35 for 17 servings- it’s a little bit aggressively priced from a price/serving point of view. That’s $2 a pop. Not too, too bad, but I’m personally more comfortable in the $1.30-$1.75 range. But after all, the formula is solid, and the flavors are on point, so it’s still a good buy in my book. Stay tuned for more of my women’s protein powder reviews to find out if Lean Body for Her can stay the leader in the clubhouse as we march towards selecting the best overall protein powder for women!

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