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I’ve reviewed just one protein powder on my blog, and it was Jamie Eason’s protein. After sort of a ‘ho-hum’ experience, I turned to one of my favorite brands on the market today: Fitmiss. Powered by the supplement super-power ‘Musclepharm’, Fitmiss has churned out some terrific products such as the Ignite pre workout, and the Burn fat-burner. Since I loved both, I decided to give their protein powder a shot. Here’s my in depth Fitmiss Delight protein powder review!


Fitmiss Delight is the third Fitmiss product review that I’ve done- and I must say I came into this one having high expectations. After all, my experience with the Ignite pre workout was incredibly positive- good enough in fact to drop Ignite onto the podium in the best pre workout for women rankings of 2013. The second product I reviewed was ‘Burn’, the stand-alone fat burning diet pill from the pink and black brand. While I was thinking about candidates for my protein powder reviews, Fitmiss was one of the first brands that came to mind. I immediately googled it, and was ‘delighted’ to learn that they did indeed make a protein powder for women. I got my hands on three tubs of Delight (one of each flavor), and mixed up a shake of each. The following is my overall impression of the taste, mixability, formula/ingredients, and packaging of Ftimiss Delight. I hope it gives you a sense of the value of this protein powder and helps you decide if it’s right for you! 

Fitmiss Delight Flavor and Mixability:

How does Fitmiss Delight Taste? It’s hard to give just one concise answer here because in my opinion, the flavors are really different in their level flavoring success. The best way to break things down is to give you a sense of how each different flavor tastes. 

Ok, so what’s the best flavor of Fitmiss Delight? One of my favorite things about Fitmiss Delight is the fact that it comes in three distinct flavors. However, not all three flavors are, well, good. The one I tried first was the chocolate delight flavor. I figured this would be the most basic of the three on the menu, and therefore easiest to get right. And I was correct. The chocolate delight flavor was far and away the best flavor of Fitmiss Delight. It tasted chocolatey, and was quite smooth and drinkable. I did enjoy this flavor and would drink it for pleasure. I give the chocolate flavor a solid 8.5/10.

The second flavor I tried was the vanilla chai. This one was not my favorite. You have to keep in mind that I am not a big fan of chai anyways, so that certainly plays into it. But this flavor was just kinda gross to me. I’m not sure why, but the vanilla chai even had a different texture. It was much more chalky and it seemed like their was more of a bitterness to it than the chocolate had. I’d give the chai a 6/10. 

The last flavor I tried was the strawberries ’n cream. What I was hoping for with this flavor was a really authentic strawberry, with a subtle sense of creaminess that wouldn’t be overpowering. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. This version actually tasted a lot like the basic ‘strawberry’ flavor of Optimum Nutrition’s gold standard protein. There was almost nothing natural tasting with this flavor. It was that thin, cheap-tasting strawberry taste that you get in sugary hard candies. And there was like no ‘cream’ element to this flavor that I could detect. Overall I’d say this is the worst flavor of Fitmiss Delight protein. 5/10

Mixability: 9/10

Some protein powders really do not mix well and tend to clump up so that when you’re drinking it you end up swallowing little in-tact balls of powder, and then they release in the back of your throat and you end up choking down the stuff. Not my favorite sensation. And that’s why I always make sure to stir up the proteins that I review several different ways to make sure it will go down smooth every time. I sound like a beer commercial. LOL. Ok, so I started off by mixing it in water with just a spoon. This is basically as bad as it will get- because this is not a very efficient way to mix anything. However, much to my ‘delight’ (not old yet hehe), it stirred up rather quickly and evenly. There was some sediment on the surface and also in the last sip, but overall I was totally impressed. Needless to say when I used a shaker, and then blender, the product was 99% dissolved and mixed perfectly. I give the Delight protein an A on this front.

Fitmiss Delight Ingredients and Supplement Facts: 8.4

I was half-expecting this to be a pretty basic whey protein formula- but it turned out to be much, much more than that. The fact that it takes twenty-five minutes to read the supplement facts panel gives you a sense of the intricacy of this formula. Let’s start with the protein source itself, and then discuss some of the ‘goodies’.

The backbone of this protein powder, as I guessed, is whey. This fast-digesting dairy protein is the most popular for good reason. It’s relatively inexpensive, and has the optimum amino acid profile for muscle re-building. The second source of protein however, I did NOT see coming. They are using something called Solathin- which I had actually never heard of before. It’s a special potato protein that is supposed to give you a satisfied feeling more quickly than alternative sources. I thought it was interesting that I didn’t detect any unusual taste from this protein. I also didn’t even know there was any protein to be extracted from potatoes in the first place! I’m not sure what the amino acid profile of potato protein looks like, but I’m guessing it’s ok. Props to Fitmiss for the creativity though for sure! Rounding out the protein blend itself is egg, and micellar casein. Several products include these two slower digesting proteins to keep the body supplied with a consistent stream of amino acids while it’s in recovery mode.

‘Goodies’: My favorite part of Fitmiss Delight protein powder for women is the several additional ingredients outside the protein sources themselves. There’s a blend of about twenty additional ingredients that add a dynamic element to this product. It just makes you feel better about drinking it, you know? Among the ingredients listed in the ‘Proprietary Greens & Fruit Blend’ are flax seed, barley grass, cherry, spinach, watermelon, and wheat grass. Pretty cool. The entire blend weights in at only 1.5 grams, so let’s not fool ourselves into thinking theres very much of any of that stuff to actually be effective, but it’s still cool that they’re in there. Other ‘goodies’ in Fitmiss Delight are digestive enzymes protease and lactase, and even some calcium and iron.

Negatives of Fitmiss Delight: 

The downsides of this protein powder are not many. In fact there are only two gripes that i have with this product. If you’ve a regular reader of my reviews you probably can already guess what they are. Yepp- artificial sweeteners and flavors. Like why can’t anyone figure out how to make something taste good with natural ingredients? It’s getting ridiculous. I won’t go into specifics, but sucralose is one of the worst things you can put in your body. It totally messes with the way your body recognizes and digests sugar. For that reason I have tried to completely remove it from my diet.

Fitmiss Delight Packaging: 8.0

I sometimes go back and forth on what I think about the Fitmiss line packaging. Today I’ll give it a B, simply because, to be totally honest, I can’t remember what I rated the others on packaging. And I’m too lazy to go look. I know you appreciate the honesty 😛 LOL. So yeah the packaging is, if nothing else, consistent. The Fitmiss products use a black base color with grey as a secondary color to add some dimension to the graphics. Pink highlights important information and conveys a sporty, and feminine feel. I’m not crazy about the weird tip toe girl logo, but, what-evs. The packaging is clear, visually consistent, and that’s basically all there is to say. I’m not in love with it, but it’s solid overall.

Fitmiss Delight Overall Score and Value: 8.9


Delight same so close to grabbing an A in my book. If it weren’t for the artificial flavors and sweeteners, this would be a knockout. The formula is incredibly well devised, and includes some really thoughtful add-ons that set it apart from other women’s protein formulations. The chocolate flavor is tasty, and even if I wasn’t in love with the other two, they also were adequate. Rounding out the product is pretty packaging, and last-but-not-least, the price point is very fair. at about a dollar per serving, Fitmiss Delight protein is almost as good a bargain as you will find for a protein. I definitely recommend this product, and expect it to be right near, if not at the very top of our upcoming best protein powder for women year-long review that kicks of this year!

Allie Lewis

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