Level Thrive Protein Reviews: Not Quite As Good as Shakeology

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LV Level Thrive Protein Reviews are loitered all over the internet and I figured I may as well throw my hat in the ring and tell you what the actual deal is with this protein powder. I’ve got myself both flavors and I can tell you a bunch of things about it. The first, and probably most important thing I’ll tell you is what’s the best flavor of Thrive protein. You have to know this first and foremost because, well, you want to enjoy the protein that you’re funneling down your throat. Trust me. You really want a great-tasting protein. The next thing we’ll discuss in this Thrive protein review is how the protein is pieced together. Formulations are more important than taste. You have to know what you’re actually drinking. Third and finally, I’ll tell you about the packaging. If that sounds like a good plan to you, get buckled up and ready for a super high-energy Level Thrive Premium Protein Review.

Is Thrive Premium Protein? That’s what I’m going to try and iron out for you. There are DEFINITELY a few considerations to keep in mind before you go ahead and grab yourself a can of this protein mix from LV Thrive. I’ll tell you all about the macros and how they stack up to similar products like Shakeology, Isagneix, and more. I know the Level vs. Shakeology debate runs pretty hot so I’ll do my best to give you all the inside scoop on that front. No pun intended. Lol. But let’s start with something that you’re probably most keen to find out first and foremost: What’s the best flavor of Thrive Mix Protein?

What’s the Best Flavor of Level Thrive Protein? 

Great question. And I wish I had a great answer for you. But I don’t. I have the PERFECT answer for you! Lol. I have tried both the vanilla and chocolate flavors of Thrive Mix, and guess what? They are exactly the same in terms of taste. No. Not LITERALLY. They taste different. But one is clearly much, much better tasting than the other. But unlike some of the other protein meal replacement shakes that I’ve tried over the past few months, the Le-Vel Thrive Shakes have a much greater amount of consistency in how the two flavors compare to one another. If I HAD to pick one over the other…hm…I honestly don’t even think I’d be able to. Let me recap the two flavors: 

Chocolate Thrive is definitely just a little bit more strong of a taste, but not in a good or bad way. It’s just because chocolate is naturally a bigger tasting flavor than vanilla. I think it’s because it has that extra little bit of bitterness that gives it a little bit more of a distinct taste. In the big scheme of things I would give Chocolate flavored Thrive protein a 7/10. It’s just average tasting. 

The Vanilla Thrive protein is similarly boring and average. It’s not unpleasant but of all the amazing protein powders that I’ve tried, this one just can’t compete with some of the proteins I’ve had in my day. The vanilla could benefit from some extra sweetness, and I think it could also use a tad less salt. I give it also a 7/10. 

You can’t go WRONG per say with either of these protein flavors, but again, don’t mix up a Thrive protein shake expecting to fall in love with what you’re putting in your body. At no point did I really think to myself ‘Ok, now THIS is the a darn good-tasting protein shake’. It just didn’t happen. And you want to know why? Because the ingredients just aren’t very good. 

LeVel Thrive Premium LifeStyle Mix Formula Grade: 7.0

That’s a ‘C’ folks. One little mark away from being a ‘D’. If we really wanted to get nasty we could actually give Level a ‘D’. I’ll tell you what I hate most about this protein in a second, but first let’s look at the macros, which are also pretty unimpressive:

Calories: 123

Total Fat: 2g

Total Carbohydrate: 11g

Dietary Fiber: 3g

Sugars: 1g

Protein: 15g

So not so bad right? It’s relatively low calorie and low fat and low sugar. So what’s unimpressive about that Allie? Well. Ok. I suppose nothing. It’s not THAT bad. But I’m a snob with these things, and for me, 15 grams of protein is not adequate. Especially when you consider the source of the protein that Le-Vel Thrive uses. 

This protein shake contains 15 grams of protein from soy, pea, and whey. I like the last bit, but I literally HATE the first bit. I hate soy the way Voldemort hates Harry Potter. I really do. I hate it passionately. I also hate maltodextrin and sucralose. And they’re both in Le-Vel Thrive shakes. So if someone can explain to me what makes this an ultra micronized premium lifestyle mix, I’m all ears. What I see is a super low-end piece of garbage. 

Now I hate to be the one that lifts the veil and reveals the wizard, but Thrive Protein is actually the worst. It’s cheaply made so that it’s compatible with the Thrive ponzi, I mean pyramid* scheme. Or whatever. ‘Multilevel’ if we’re being all PC over here. 

But yeah. I really don’t much care for these shakes, and if given the choice between Thrive LifeStyle Mix and Shakeology, I’m taking Shakeology ALL day. This protein looks way worse than Shakeology too. 

Level Thrive Lifestyle Mix Packaging Grade: 8.0

It looks worse than Shakeology, but in reality it doesn’t look too much worse than some of the other stuff on the market. It actually reminds me a great deal of the Pruvit KETO OS supplement that I reviewed a few weeks ago. I thought that product was dramatically over-priced but good-looking. That’s what she said. Lol. But no- Thrive looks fine. It’s a white pouch with a colored band around it that houses the product name ’Thrive’ along with a a handsome ‘m/w’ logo thing. I’m not sure what that emblem means but I sort of like it. The ‘LV’ logo sits down in the lower left-hand corner and is a nice way to add some abstraction to the appearance of this product. The one thing they could’ve improved on is added a little more of that sort of graphical edge to a product that could certainly be considered as boring or bland. Let’s be serious though. The taste and the formula are most important. Looks play second fiddle to all of that. Let’s wrap it up though that’s what she said again. Lol. Ugh. I must be tired. This Thrive review took it out of me. Don’t say it again Allie. Don’t you dare say it again…

Le-Vel Thrive Lifestyle Mix Review Summary

  • LeVel Thrive Premium LifeStyle Mix Flavor Grade: 7.0
  • LeVel Thrive Premium LifeStyle Mix Formula Grade: 7.0
  • Level Thrive Lifestyle Mix Packaging Grade: 8.0
  • LeVel Thrive Premium LifeStyle Mix Value Grade: 6.8

I’m not going to prohibit you from buying Thrive Lifestyle mix, but as with most of the other MLM proteins like Zurvita, Beachbody, Herbalife, Arbonne, Isagenix, etc- the products themselves are really not all that great. You’re much better off picking a protein from our top ten.*


LeVel Thrive Premium LifeStyle Mix Final Review Score: 7.0

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