My Evogen Lipocide IR Review: Is It Better Than the Original?

Posted on July 5th, 2017 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Well this should be an interesting review. The product I’m going to talk about is Lipocide IR – the ‘Metabolic Accelerator Powder’ from good ‘ole Evogen Nutrition. In this Lipocide IR Review, I’m going to tell you everything you could ever want to know about the product. There is going to be a good old fashioned discussion of effectiveness. There is going to be a discussion about Lipocide’s ingredients list. There is going to be a discussion about Lipocide’s packaging. We’ll talk about price point. And then we’ll all go have an Old Fashioned. Or a fourth on in my case. Yes I’m a touch drunk right now. But that doesn’t mean I can’t write you one heck of a review about Evogen’s latest fat burner. Are you ready? Sure you are. Let’s start the Lipocide.

Gosh what a name. What an absolutely heinous, poorly-chosen name. Lipocide. I mean. Are YOU kidding me? They actually couldn’t have picked a worse name for their supplement. I mean. You hear about people going to prison for crimes with names that don’t sound as VIOLENT as ‘Lipocide’! Seriously! But hey. Hany Rhambod isn’t known for being a wunderkind at product naming. He is known as the master trainer and that’s because he knows how to build bodybuilding champions. Different skill set than whatever skill let’s you pick the names of fat burners. Lol. But. I ramble. I actually do like some of the other Evogen products, including the original pill version of Evogen’s Lipocide. But this product is a bit of a different animal. Let me tell you how it works and what it feels like. 

Does Evogen Lipocide IR Work? 

Lipocide IR is an energy drink. There. I said it. And to be pretty frank with you, Lipocide in pill form was basically an energy pill. But honestly that’s what ‘thermogenic’ is slang for: ‘energy’. A thermogenic is supposed to ramp up your heart rate and metabolic rate, so that you burn more calories, thus burning through more fuel and losing weight. Simply math. 

Now. I think Lipocide does a PRETTY good job of that, but I have to tell you- this product served me quite well more as a pre workout than as a fat burner. I was just CRUSHING cardio with Lipocide. I was having a great time doing it too. I felt that Lipocide IR helped me get my wind (endurance) really under control despite trying to be at a caloric deficit for most of the time. And so I was able to keep a high level of performance without relying on tons more food for fuel. Pretty cool. 

Lipocide IR gives a big kick in the butt when it comes to energy. I can tell you that up front. I was taking about 2 scoops mind you, but just five minutes after taking it, I could tell that this product REALLY lights the fire in terms of energy. I was focused too. Super focused. And again, great workouts. 

Want to know the punchline? I haven’t lost a single pound over the past two weeks. Lol. I think what this product is missing, is the part that helps you reduce appetite and/or partition carbs the way some others do. Because while my workouts WERE good, my appetite would go haywire afterwards. I was having five hour binges. Like. No joke. Eating from like 7 PM when I got home til midnight. So the weightloss isn’t really there with Lipocide IR. But I think my physique did get a little better by virtue of those enhanced workouts. I think if I cleaned up my diet a little bit and took Lipocide IR, I would do alright. Let’s talk formula now though. 

What’s in Evogen Lipocide IR? 

There are some key ingredients in Lipocide IR that are responsible for it’s ability to ramp up energy and focus, while aiding in workout performance. The main stimulant complex comes from caffeine and good old Advantra-Z synephrine. I have always been partial to this combination. Some additional energy comes courtesy of b-vitamins, and L-Tyrosine. 

The big differences between this Lipocide IR drink, and the traditional pills, is how the drink uses huperzine instead of yohimbine and PEA. Those are the real heavy hitting stimulants in each. I think for weightloss I prefer the formula in the pills, and for pure feeling/energy I prefer the drink. That’s actually a pretty good way to sum up the difference in one sentence. 

Other shared ingredients that are in both the IR drink and the original Lipocide pills are 

  1. ALCAR (acetyl L-Carnitine) 
  2. Choline Bitartrate 
  3. Caffeine
  4. Advantra-Z
  5. Bioperine 
  6. Capsimax

The newcoming ingredients, among the ones I mentioned already, are a cocoa extract, along with higenamine, yet another stimulant. So. Much the same as the pills, once again, Lipocide is an absolute stimulant cocktail. Not for the faint of heart. (Or anyone with a history of heart problems!). So my final word on the supplement facts for Lipocide- keep in mind what it is, and what it isn’t. It’s a pure thermogenic, proprietary blend. I would say do some homework with your primary care before jumping headfirst into this one. Time to talk packaging. 

Lipocide IR Packaging is Classic-Evogen.

Evogen has a nice look and feel to it. I’ve always seemed to trust them, blindly. I can’t explain it. Maybe something to do with that Rambod guy. Maybe something about the color blue…hey you know what? It IS the blue. I remember someone told me once that your brain associates the color blue with trust-worthiness. Because the police are blue maybe? Not sure the police would approve of Lipocide though TBH. Lol. Ah I’m so funny aren’t I? I know. I am. But yeah Lipocide IR looks nice. I like the shiny borders along the top and bottom edges. The classic DNA Strand is overused, but that’s to be expected from these supplement companies, right? The layout of the information on the main face of the label is clear and well-organized. The fonts are appropriate and on-brand. I think overall it’s another nice job by the good folks at Evogen. Except that horrible name. I’ll give it a B plus anyways though. 

Evogen Lipocide IR Tastes OK. 

I almost forgot to tell you guys about the taste of Lipocide IR! I had the ‘fiery fruit punch’ flavor, and I thought it was just ok. It sort of stuck to the roof of my mouth at times, the way most artificially flavored products do, but it was definitely drinkable. I think they should have tried to make it a little more natural-tasting, but I’m not too upset with the current flavor of Lipocide IR. I have had worse. Believe me. 

Evogen Lipocide IR Fat Burner Review Summary

  • Taste: 8.4
  • Effectiveness: 8.3
  • Formula: 8.5
  • Packaging: 8.2
  • Value: 8.3

Lipocide IR Review Overall Score: 8.3

I don’t know about you. You might be more adventurous than I am. I personally don’t think I have a permanent home for Lipocide IR. Maybe for special occasions when I need a REAL energy boost- but frankly I’d rather just take one of my favorite pre workouts for that. So. Lipocide isn’t particularly a new FAVORITE of mine, but I’d say give it a try if you have your little heart set on it. Just know that heart is about to get a real good kick in the pants by Lipocide IR.*

Allie Lewis

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