My Glamour Protein Review: Can a Walmart Protein Hang?

Posted on March 8th, 2017 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Glamour Protein is one of these products that I wasn’t too keen to try just basing off of how cheap it is, but I’ll do my best to keep the snobbiness to a minimum and write a good old fashioned protein powder review for you guys. I think this new Glamour Protein is probably going to be a big hit at Walmart where I found it regardless of my thoughts, which, are going to be a bit spirited. You’ll see what I mean. I’ve written quite a few of these protein reviews now, and I’m quite good at it. I include my signature bit of bratty humor and flair that you just don’t find in many other supplement reviewers. So. Are you ready to join in on this Glamour Protein review with me? I think you are. Let’s do this.

I don’t always go to Walmart, I admit. But when I do, I make sure to take a quick peak into the depths of the supplement aisle. I sometimes get the cheap-product chills as I see the crooked labels, budget formulas, and horrific product names staring back at me. 

And then I saw this Glamour Protein from Midway Labs. This is a little different, I thought to myself. This doesn’t look QUITE as cheap and crappy as some of these other protein powders in the aisle. I decided to take a closer look. But then thought better of it. Let’s just buy it and review it. It’s less than twenty bucks after all. 

I grabbed the tub of Glamour protein and proceeded to checkout with my goods in tow. 

I got home and set about making a big frothy glass of Glamour Protein shake, and prepped my taste buds for their finest hound-dog reviews skills by making out with my boyfriend. Yes, I actually did that. 

Glamour Protein Tastes Pretty Bad. 

I don’t expect many Walmart proteins are going to be be in the running for my best-tasting protein powder of the year award, that’s for certain. These are typically products that are best left to, well, folks who don’t know that there are so many better alternatives on the magical world wide web. But. Let’s just keep talking Glamour Protein flavor- it is, well, just chalky. I don’t know how else to put it. There is not very much authentic chocolate to keep your taste buds interested past the first baby sip of Glamour Protein. It’s just missing that same depth that the best protein powders have. There’s also a pretty bad artificial sweetener aftertaste that is a super turnoff for me. So. I guess I have to just leave you guys with the knowledge that Glamour Protein tastes bad. But. Speaking of that whole artificial sweetener thing- it is part of why this formula also gets rather low marks in my book.

Glamour Protein is Not a Great Formula. 

Two things really. The first is the artificial sweetener. I mean. Come on now. We all know this is not the best stuff to put in our body day in and day out. I’d probably rather just have a few grams of good old fashioned sugar to be honest with you. 

The second thing I don’t like about Midway Labs Glamour Nutrition Protein is the soy flour that makes up 30% of the protein blend. Soy is literally my least favorite thing in the whole world as you know from my Soylent reviews, so, yeah as if the taste wasn’t a deal-breaker enough, the formulation itself is just garbage too. What else. Eh. I guess the Glamour Nutrition Packaging is alright. 

Glamour Nutrition Protein Packaging is Alright. 

The fact that ‘alright’ is the most positive adjective used in this Glamour Protein Review probably tells you all you need to know about Glamour Protein, right? But I should give the little bit of credit where (some) credit is due. 

The Glamour Protein font is the strongest part of this design. The layout is okay as well but the typeface in the main product title ‘Glamourprotein’ is good. It looks good. The chocolate bar graphic is also appealing enough. I wish Glamour Nutrition has spent a little more time developing and calling out the benefits and features of their Glamour Protein, but I think what they’ve done is create something aesthetic and simple. They probably didn’t want to risk cluttering things up with too much text, which makes sense. So. Let’s wrap this up. 

Glamour Protein Review Summary

Taste: C

Formula: C

Packaging: B

Value: C+

Final Score: C+

Glamour Protein is probably just not on my level. It sounds a little heady and arrogant but let’s just call a spade a spade. I’ve reviewed hundreds of protein powders of course a $20 tub of Walmart Glamour Nutrition protein isn’t going to turn me on.*

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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