Muscle Elements 212 Fat Burner: Such A Boring Product

Posted on January 11th, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Muscle Elements 212 Reviews caught my eye the other day on a popular supplement retailers site. I saw reports of unparalleled energy, focus, and some pretty intriguing fat loss results. Being the internet’s undisputed queen of online fat burning reviews, I knew that I had found my next topic. And yes, I just called myself the queen of online fat burning reviews. If you’ve read some of my other work I think you’d agree. You certainly will after this 212 Degrees Full Spectrum Fat Incinerator review. Speaking of ‘Total Spectrum’. That’s exactly how I like to conduct my fat burning reviews. I like to really get in there deep. I don’t just scratch the surface with these fat burners. I dig my kneels right in. After two weeks with the 212 Deg. Fat Burner from Muscle Elements, I can certainly say that my nails were firmly dug in. I’ll start my review with a few opening thoughts, just to get the juices flowing. I’ll then tell you all about the product performance. Did this product work for me in terms of fat loss? You’re going to find out. Other areas of critique will include product formulation, and even packaging. I’ll tell you if it’s well made, poorly made, and so forth. Let’s turn on the flame and heat up this fat burner review.

You know what’s funny? Sitting here, 20,000 feet above Oklahoma, or wherever I am (can you name that lyrics?), I was thinking more about life and where I am and if I’m happy. I guess I’m, well, sort of happy? Calling myself the queen of online fat burner reviews definitely got the mind churning, that’s for sure. I can tell you for certain that I never told my mother as a kid ‘Mommy, I want to become the Queen of Online Fat Burner Reviews!’. Lol. But here I am. And you know what? I love doing these reviews. Hopefully some of that enthusiasm comes off in each one. But enough of my self-reflection psycho-babble. Let’s talk about this orange and white 212 Fat Burner. We’ll start with the most important thing: Does Muscle Elements 212 Fat Burner work? 

Muscle Elements 212 Fat Burner Performance Grade: 8.0

This product ‘works’ all right. While it may not have helped me drop all kinds of weight, I definitely HAVE lost weight. Some of it is fat, some of it is muscle. The net effects is an overall improvement in the my aesthetics. So even though I think I ended up with some slight losses in strength, I’m not really going to complain about it. You can’t keep gaining, and gaining at all times. That’s what I thought I could do all year round, and it’s just not practical at all. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to improve yourself. So what does this product do best? Here are three benefits of taking Muscle Elements 212

The most profound effect that you notice when using this fat loss supplement is that your appetite will basically just go away. It won’t pass go, it won’t collect $200 dollars (Monopoly reference, anyone?). It will simply disappear. ‘That’s great, sign me up!’ you say, excitedly. Not so fast. You know that in order to have some muscle tone and a pleasing physique, you’ve GOT to, well, HAVE muscle. So if you’re eating one lousy meal a day, sure you’ll lose weight. But alot of that is going to be muscle. I actually ended up decreasing my dosage of 212 so that I was getting enough nutrition in my diet. 

The second thing you are sure to notice with this fat burner, is the incredible amount of energy and focus that you get after popping the 1 capsule serving. I really enjoyed this side benefit of the product. As someone who sits at a desk for 60 hours a week, there’s almost nothing I won’t do for a little added focus on the job. In a world where the workload is fixed, and my hours are tied to my level of productivity, I know that any performance gains translate into hours of my life that I can take back. Pretty awesome. 

The last thing you’ve got to know about Muscle Elements 212 Deg. Fat Incinerator is that you WILL pee A LOT. You will urninate very frequently, and think that you have some kind of sickness. But nope. It’s just the 212 fat burner. I don’t really like when fat burners use diuretics (we’ll cover those ingredients next), just because it really is a nuisance to be running to the bathroom every 20 minutes. I also made the mistake of taking it like an hour before an, er, ‘Netflix and chillout’ session with the ‘bae’. Bad idea. So if there is one side effect of Muscle Elements 212, it is hands down the urinating frequently thing. 

Muscle Elements 212 Fat Burner Formula Grade: 8.2

I’m never crazy about proprietary blends, and the Muscle Elements Fat Burner uses three of them in their fat loss product. I don’t get it. In this day and age, we’re too smart to see proprietary blends and just accept that this is the way things are labeled. I honestly think that people have the right to know exactly how much of these ingredients is going into their bodies. Mark my words, the government will step in and make this a law in the next few years. And rightfully so. But anyways. I’ll stop complaining and tell you the full list of ingredients: 


  • Caffeine
  • Synephrine
  • Vinpocetine
  • Bioperine
  • Evodiamine
  • Octopamine
  • Dandelion Extract
  • Juniper Berry Extract
  • Uva Ursi Leaf Extract


So there you have it. The nine ingredients that make up Muscle Elements 212. Going through the, nine, it’s really no surprise that my top three effects were appetite suppression, focus, and urinating. Dandelion Extract speeds up your urea cycle like crazy, and so does uva ursi leaf. And then as for the other two effects, it comes as no surprise at all since all the other ingredients are stimulant-driven. You have caffeine, synephrine, vinpocetine, and octopamine driving the appetite suppression by triggering your adrenal glands into action. Of course when the adrenaline gets going, you don’t feel like eating at all. Before I close out the ingredient section- I do want to throw a word of caution out there regarding octopamine. Is it a powerful focus-agent and stimulant? Yes. But is it also a relatively un-tested ingredient? Also yes. We’ve been seeing this story play out for years, haven’t we? The ingredients that really work PROBABLY aren’t that healthy for you. So use your judgement if this one is right for you. 

Muscle Elements 212 Fat Burner Packaging Grade: 6.8

Yeah I just can’t score Muscle Elements very highly re:packaging. It just looks old and tired to me. The colors are over-used, and the graphics themselves just aren’t all that visually appealing. A layer of white serves as the background to a sort of red-orange gradient that filters into view in a triangular manifestation. The big ‘212’ product title dominates the front fascia of the product, which is not the best decision for a few reasons. The first thing is that nobody knows what 212 is supposed to mean. If I walked by this product at the stores, I probably would end up walking right on past it. 212 what? Years? Dollars? Pounds? Presidential Candidates? It’s just a curious name for a fat burner, and an ill-advised one at that. Other visual miscues with this product include really ugly black outlines around all the text on the front of the Muscle Elements 212 Fat Burner label, and then some ugly black boxes with ingredient quantities. To summarize my opinion of the design- I just think it lacks any real character or defining ‘elements’ that would make it stand out as a winner in my book. It just doesn’t have much going for it. 

Muscle Elements 212 Fat Burner Review Summary


  • Muscle Elements 212 Fat Burner Performance Grade: 8.0
  • Muscle Elements 212 Fat Burner Formula Grade: 8.2
  • Muscle Elements 212 Fat Burner Packaging Grade: 6.8
  • Muscle Elements 212 Fat Burner Value Score: 7.5


Let’s go back to that ’20,000’ foot view. Looking at Muscle Elements from way up there, you can see a few things plain and simple. The packaging is not great. The formula is very stimulant intensive. Then you take it, and it becomes even more clear. This Muscle Elements Fat Burner is just what you think it is. A stimulant-based energy pill that makes you pee and blunts appetite. For the price, I think there are more sophisticated fat burners that work better at targeting fat versus merely jacking up metabolism. All things considered, I give a ‘run-of-the-mill’ 79/100 to the Muscle Elements Fat Burner. 


Muscle Elements 212 Fat Burner Final Score: 7.9

Allie Lewis

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