I Tried Origin Supps Pre Workout and Here’s What Happened.

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Bradley Martyn Pre Workout. Origin Review. Let’s. Go. You know you want to know if the pre workout that the big man touts is worth a shot. And I’m here today to tell you—that you need to read this full Origin Pre Workout Review before you decide whether or not to pull the trigger. In this Origin Supps Pre Review, I’ll tell you the things that you actually need to know about the pre workout that is poised to take the supplement world by storm. I’m going to compare it to Ghost Legend because those are probably the two pre’s you are deciding between. Am I right or am I right? I know. I’m getting pretty good at these pre workout reviews. Let’s jump in and get this Origin Supps Pre Review Started.

Where are my Bradley Martyn fans at? Where are they? Come on now I know you are out there.

For those of you that live under a rock, Mister Bradley Martyn is a famous youtube and instagram and social media star that is now promoting a supplement brand called Origin. I’m not going to lie, I don’t follow this fellah the way many do. But I’m willing to bet he gives you the whole “I wouldn’t put my name on something that I don’t believe in 100%”. And yeah. That’s great Bradley. We all know Origin probably takes care of you in terms of those dollar dollar bills yo. But who am I to judge? Heck if I was a buff youtuber and a supplement company approached me, you know I would be the FIRST one to sign the contract. Looks like that other huge Brad Castelberry dude did something similar. Might have to review his product next. But. Let’s get back to Brad Martyn. And we may as well undress this thing from the outside in. The origin pre workout, that is. Not Bradley. LOL. But that would be nice too LOL. 

Origin Supps Pre Looks FINE. 

And not a negative ‘fine’. It looks ‘fine’ like “DAYUMMM you look good mister!”. LOL. I say that in Whole Foods all the time to hot guys. JK. I’m a nervous wreck when it comes to hitting on girls. But. Um. Where were we. Ah yes. Origin packaging is not so bad. Not bad at all. I like the overall theme of something that isn’t too ‘techy’ or ‘science-y’. I think it’s a nice mix of form and function. The blue color them is really set off beautifully by the bronze-colored lid wrap. It would be ten times cooler if the actual lid itself was bronze, but, alas. It is not. The lid is white. They’ll probably change it after reading this Origin review because my opinion really is THAT important to these companies. (Seriously though, it is).

As far as other design critique…the fonts are nicely chosen. The sizing and spacing is all nicely done…I think the name ‘PRE’ is a little boring. They could have chose a fun name that is distinctive instead of leaving it just as ‘PRE’. But. Overall they’ve done a nice job. It’s simple, and reinforces a strong brand image. Good start so far for Origin Supps Pre. What about taste? 

Origin Pre Tastes WAY too Sour. 

I know. The flavor is called ‘Sour Watermelon’. So I really have no grounds to complain. But. I mean. I’ve had things that are called ‘sour’ before, and they just aren’t that sour. But this stuff truly is sour. It’s like. REALLY sour. Like beyond even the new Ghost Legend Warheads edition. I don’t know. Taste is subjective, so maybe you guys will think it’s just fine, but for me I could barely get through the jar without my teeth just feeling coated in sour goop. It’s definitely sour watermelon. It’s that Jolly Rancher watermelon flavor, turnt up with sourness. I don’t like it, personally, but maybe the fruit punch flavor of Origin Pre Workout is less sour and more drinkable. Oh. And real quick before we talk formulation- you probably want to know…

Can Women Take Origin Pre Workout? 

Bradley Martyn himself would tell you that the answer is obviously yes. There is no creatine in this Origin Pre workout, nor is there any testosterone booster. So that makes it perfectly compatible for us ladies. The only thing to keep in mind is that there ARE 150mg of pure caffeine, along with 150mg of regular caffeine, for 300 total grams. 300 doesn’t sound like a ton, it kicks the same as roughly 350-400mg of regular caffeine in my opinion, because of the PureEnergy. 

While we’re talking ingredients, let’s just stay on this topic. The key ingredients in Origin Pre Workout are:

  • Citrulline Malate 
  • Betaine Anhydrous
  • Agmatine Sulfate
  • L-Norvaline
  • Bioperine
  • Beta Alanine (lots of it)
  • Caffeine 
  • Higenamine
  • ThermoDiamine
  • Alpha GPC
  • L Theanine
  • Hordenine 

Oh yeah. That’s a pretty good amount of stimulants, ladies. So getting back real quick to if women can/should take Origin pre workout, just be aware that higenamine, hordenine, and evodiamine are all going to light you up pretty good. Just so you know. This is a STRONG pre workout. Let me tell you about my experience with it. 

I tried Origin Pre Workout Yesterday and Here’s What Happened:

The Origin Pre workout was similar to getting hit by a taser, for about 45 minutes. Okay maybe that is an exaggeration. But literally, you will feel absolutely TURNT up to ELEVEN for a good 35-40 minutes after drinking Origin Pre Workout. I took just one scoop before going in to crush a shoulder workout, and I barely could make it into the gym before feeling a super intense wave of energy wash over my senses. I was like fist-pumping and jumping in my drivers seat as I rolled up. I set in and got to work crushing front raises, DB military, and even straight arm barbell raises- AKA my arch nemesis. I did like double the sets I set out to do, and could absolutely tell you that Origin pre workout was to blame. 

I was getting really good pumps from the Origin pre workout as well. I really was doing my best Bradley Martyn impression by flexing the pumped up shoulders, and really milking it for all to see. I’m still not that big in the shoulders but I think I was the biggest chick in the free weight area, anyways. 

The only side effect I noticed during my 90 minute (yes, 90), was a big of a headache about halfway through, that lasted me through to about 20 minutes after I finished the workout. I always get headaches from pre workouts that have agmatine, so if you get one, that is the reason. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker, but it is a real thing. The only other Origin Pre workout downside performance-wise would be that I think it might be just a tad too strong on stimulants. After about an hour in the gym I sort of felt like my nervous system was being overloaded to a degree. Nothing crazy but I think I would probably do a 3/4 scoop next time. But I’m also alot smaller than Bradley Martyn (probably like literally half his weight LOL), so, I’m not surprised to notice this. And that’s really it, guys. It’s a really well-made pre workout. 

Origin Pre Workout Review Summary

  • Formulation: B+
  • Performance: A
  • Flavor: C
  • Value: A
  • Packaging: B+

Final Score: A

Bradley Martyn and his Origin pre workout might just find his way into our top ten pre workouts of 2017 with a pre workout that I think is better than 90% of anything else out there. Is it as good as Ghost Legend? You’ll find out when I release the official 2017 rankings. See you soon!*


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