Prime Nutrition Redux Review: Take A Pass On This Fat Burner

Posted on April 27th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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In today’s review we’re going to talk about an unfortunate failure of a product called Redux by Prime Nutrition. You know from reading my blog that I give it to you straight. The good, the bad, and the ugly. If you are a Prime Nutrition fan, or worse yet an employee, I want to personally warn you that this review if not going to be fun for you. If you are not a stakeholder of any kind, you should sit back, grab some popcorn, and just enjoy the public execution that is my official Prime Nutrition Redux review.


You know what I hate more than typing on an airplane? Nothing. But a close second place is a crappy fat burner. And that’s precisely what Redux is. In this review I’ll tell you all the reasons why. I had never heard of Prime Nutrition until one of my fitties that actually works at brought the product to my attention for me to review. I thought that the product looked ok appearance-wise anyways, so I went ahead and bought some without thinking twice. I’m at the point now where I buy the product without doing any previous research on it. That way I don’t have any pre-judgements about how the product would perform. This way as I’m going through the review process I’m giving the most unbias and raw data that I can provide. So without much further ado, let me tell you about the one week run that I’ve now completed with Prime Nutrition Redux. 

Prime Nutrition Redux Performance Grade: 6.0

If you read the previous line and are wondering why I only gave this product just one week for the review period, here is why: because the first week was so pitiful that I simply gave up on the product. There are problems with doing it that way I know. Because more than half the time with fat burners, there is a ramping up phase where you don’t really see results until the second or third week anyways. But I’ve taken enough of these products and done enough of these fat burner reviews to know that this product wasn’t going to work for me after three weeks, or even eight weeks. This product is pure garbage. 

As I write this review I’m off to Spring Break in South Padre Island. I know. I thought I was too old for that scene too, but I’m not. My friends just refuse to give up the idea that we aren’t freshman anymore, but that’s ok. There will still be plenty of cute boys and booze, and we’re still lean enough to be part of the scene. I’ve actually been taking lots of fat burners to make sure I’m bikini-ready. And of course we’re only a few weeks away from announcing the Official BPW Best Fat Burner of 2015 so I’ve been popping pills like a mad woman to try and get all the nominees reviewed thoroughly. Prime Nutrition was set to be the very final fat burner that I tested prior to Spring Break. It ended up not being, as I opted to take the remaining doses of my StrongGirl Smart WeightLoss for the last couple of weeks. And here’s why. 

I took the recommended dosage of Redux before breakfast, which is three pills. I also took an additional serving before my big meal of the day which is like an early dinner. Now these products are supposed to work by kind of blunting your appetite and making you less hungry. The less hungry you are, the less you eat, and the less weight you put on. Or the less weight you don’t lose? Confusing. But you know what I mean. The problem with Redux is that it contains very little stimulant, which is the key reason why you are going to feel those hunger-blunting effects from a fat burner. Since Redux has only trace amounts of caffeine from green tea extract, I was feasting during these meals. I think Redux might have actually made me hungrier. The other thing that a lot of other fat burners will do is jack up your metabolism so that you really do burn more calories at rest. Even that small bump in increased metabolism has always created meaningful results for me because it will add up over time. The calories that get burned in total by the end of the day via a good thermogenic can be almost 500 calories in my experience. I actually did a test with my fancy Polar system where I measured a before and after with one of my favorite thermogenic. I ate all the same things, and did the exact same workout on two days, with a ‘blank’ day in between to give my body time to reset. On the day that I took nothing, I burned just over 2800 calories (a lot right?!). And then on the day that I took my favorite fat burner (Super HD), I burned 3287 calories. Pretty crazy right? I thought so. 

I did not bother to run such a test with Redux because I can guarantee you that there would have been no result. I got no energy boost or metabolism boost from Redux. I also saw absolutely no change in my body composition. I had the microscope out, too. Believe me. Going back to what I mentioned earlier, you might be curious as to why I just quit on this product before giving it time to ramp up. And that’s because even with those other products I can tell that they are working. And that’s why I know to stick with it, and that’s why 9 times out of 10 I DO have some results to tell you about. But that wasn’t going to happen with Redux. Like ever. I want to talk a little bit about the ingredients now, and why this is such a poor choice for a diet pill.

Prime Nutrition Redux Formula Grade: 6.0

That’s two straight ‘D’s for Redux. Good thing I don’t give ‘F’s unless the product gives me an actual heart attack. So the first problem with Redux is that it’s a proprietary blend. So you can’t tell how much of each ingredient is actually in each serving. This is a problem in itself because you’ll never know how much L-Carnitine, for instance, is in here. The second problem, and probably the even bigger problem, is that there is only 2.3 grams worth of the ‘proprietary blend’ in this product. Now. There are three pills per serving, and each pill houses roughly 2 grams of powder. Who passed second grade math class? That’s right. I did. And I got five stars on every test. There are 6 grams of powder going down your stomach with each serving of Redux. And of of those six grams, two of them are active ingredient. Who passed FIRST GRADE math? Again, me. There are 4 grams of unaccounted for ‘stuff’ going into your body with each serving of Redux. Oh wait, never mind they’re accounted for now. In the ‘other ingredients’ section we have our culprit. It’s gelatin. That’s right. The same gelatin you’re thinking of. So that’s nice. With each serving of Redux fat burner you’re getting a little bit of Jello! For the Jello thighs you’ll have if you continue to rely on the product! How Ironic! This is the kind of stuff that really gets me fired up about the supplement industry in general. These companies will give you just a trace of actual product and then stuff fillers and gelatin in there to cut costs. It’s shameful, because the real ingredients that they do have in here aren’t horrible. L-Carnitine is incredibly effective as a fat burning ingredient. As is Green Tea Extract even though it’s listed dead last on the supplement facts panel and is therefore included in just a dusting. Other things that irk me about this product can be found on it’s laughable product page on Let’s start with some of the copy first of all: “100% Prime Fat Burning Formula”. Uh. What? What does that even mean? It’s absolute nonsense. The funniest part is  that in the area where they list the ingredients, they list ‘L-Carnitine’ separate of ‘L-Tartarate’, as if they are two separate ingredients! They even have bullet points talking about what each one does! If you don’t get why I bring this up- It’s because L-Carnitine-L-Tartarate (AKA LCLT) is one single ingredient. Hilarious. Ok so the formula sucks and doesn’t work- can the packaging be the saving grace? Or will it keep the report card consistent with a big fat ‘D’?

Prime Nutrition Redux Packaging Grade: 7.0

This is somewhat of a pity score I admit. I actually don’t think I’ve given ANY product an overall 6.0 (Tweet me if I have?) and as cold as my heart is, even I would feel kind of bad ripping a product apart that badly. I’m giving the Redux packaging a 7.0 because it’s very average, but not horrible. They of course opted for a pink and black color scheme which will always rub me the wrong way from the start. Can’t anybody stray off the beaten path these days? Prime Nutrition can’t I’ll tell you that much. The product title is big, bold, and ugly. But I guess the holographic shine of it is ok. Other than that there’s almost nothing else to say about this packaging. It’s got a pink lid? It’s got white text and crappy fonts? Yeah I don’t know. There’s just nothing special about the way this bottle looks. And if it ever does see the light of a shelf, I seriously fear for it’s life. Well, actually I don’t because it’s going nowhere. Alright let’s twist the knife one last time and get out of here.

Prime Nutrition Redux Review Summary: 

  • Prime Nutrition Redux Performance Grade: 6.0
  • Prime Nutrition Redux Formula Grade: 6.0
  • Prime Nutrition Redux Packaging Grade: 7.0
  • Prime Nutrition Redux Value: 6.5

Remember that one time you got a 65 on your Math test and were actually afraid to go home to your parents because you had never gotten a grade that low? Me too. And that’s the exact score that Redux is getting. And I truly pity the product manager that was in charge of this one. It’s such a lousy product that it just is not going to sell and that person will likely be fired. Redux is a cheap, ineffective, and completely unremarkable diet pill that I hope you never consider buying.

Prime Nutrition Redux Final Score: 6.5


Allie Lewis

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