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Posted on April 28th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Today we’re going to review Stance Supplements Women’s Thermogenic. I found this product at Nutrishop downtown the other day and thought that I’d do a review on it. I’ve actually had several of you contact me about this particular fat burner, and am glad I finally got a chance to write a full review. This is a stimulant-based thermogenic made for women, and is one of the more popular ones out there. In this review I’ll tell you about the three week run that I had with this product. I’ll focus on how it impacted my body and musculature. I’ll tell you about any side effects that I experienced, the formula itself, and basically everything and anything related to Stance Women’s Thermogenic. I’ll conclude the review as always with a value assessment, which will lead us to Stance’s final grade. Let’s take a Stance and jump right in- The BPW Official Stance Women’s Thermogenic Review!


Nutrishop is one of my go to stores when I need supplements so anytime they have something that catches my eye I usually end up buying it. That was the case this past week when I was doing my weekly run through of the store. The employee, unlike at GNC where they always try and pitch you on MuscleTech products, was actually super helpful and respectful and didn’t have many recommendations at all. He left me to wander around the store and find my own way. I’ll be honest I wasn’t even really there looking for anything in particular, I was just browsing. As usual the pink of Stance Supplement’s Signature ‘A’ Logo caught my eye. The product was very recognizable with the pink and black theme and I knew it would be a perfect and fitting candidate for the BPW Top Ten Fat Burners of 2015, which is almost ready. Anyways. So I bought my jar of Stance Thermogenic for the not-so affordable price of $49.99, but figured it might be worth the price. After all, some of the fat burners I’ve tried have yielded fantastic results- the type of results I would gladly pay fifty bucks for. So did this product work out for me? Let me tell you if Stance Women’s Thermogenic actually works. 

Stance Women’s Thermogenic Performance Grade: 9.5

Well. This is certainly refreshing. A fat burner that actually works!? It feels like it’s been years since I’ve had a halfway decent thermogenic in my life. Or boy. But that’s a story for a rainy day. Stance Women’s Thermogenic actually worked for me in a way that most thermogenic do not. That’s not to say that I haven’t had some great success with thermogenic in the past- I mean just check out my Super HD review. The stuff was absolutely fantastic. And then there are some of these products that work for me, but they just take way too much out of me. They elevate my metabolism and my heart beat to a point where I’m burning through any and all energy that I have to the point where I’m just too beat for my workouts. And on top of that I have a much harder time getting my caloric intake to balance out because I feel so weak at times that I convince myself that I need more and more food to compensate. And sometimes my body actually does not need anywhere near the amount of calories that I thought that I did need. Combine that with the horrible workouts that I have during these phases, and you have someone who is borderline malnourished and getting anything but ripped. Truth be told I just feel skinny fat. And probably look it to. So why does this happen with some products and not others? I’m not completely sure. But I think it might have to do with the fact that I’m only about 12 percent body fat to begin with. Most of the time when I’m taking these thermogenic products I don’t really need to cut down very much at all. And that’s when I run into problem I think, because my body is basically trying to protect me and keep me at a healthy weight and body fat. This is where Stance Supplements Women’s Thermogenic really differentiated itself. It allowed me to get that extra level of definition without compromising my feeling of good health. As a matter of fact I even think that I might have added a little bit of strength during the trial period. That does not happen! Here are the effects that I noticed, week by week. 

  1. Week 1: The effects of Stance Women’s Thermogenic began for me about halfway through the very first week that I started taking it. I noticed within about 48 hours that my core and abs looked much leaner and dryer. I use the term ‘dryer’ to refer to how various definition lines just had a much better appearance overall. Sometimes thermogenic  products can give you this effect by actually pulling the water out of your cells. You end up peeing like 15 times per day, but you don’t feel very healthy when this happens. At least I personally do not. Bodybuilders take a class of drugs and supplements called ‘diuretics’ to intentionally do this before a show. I didn’t have a show, but of course I could always use some extra definition, so I was super happy to see these early effects setting in with the product from Stance. 
  2. Week 2: Week 2 was when I could tell for sure that this product was going to be a winner. The effects had a middle-out sort of effect on my body. If you’ve seen the first season of Silicon Valley you are probably absolutely LOL’ing right now. If not, you really should watch. It’s hysterical. But what I mean from ‘middle-out’, is that my abs seemed to get really nice results first, and then these effects started to spread to other areas of my body. My thighs started to get those nice bits of striation down around my knees, and I swear I even saw a nice vein start to come out in my lower left quad during cardio this week. Of course it was during one of my hellish Soul Cycle classes, so I’m sure there were some veins popping out of just about everywhere because I was that close to death LOL. But seriously, the second week was tremendous. I could not wait to see what my third and final week would bring in terms of the benefits. 
  3. Week 3: This product wowed me during the third week that I was taking it. I had two spectacular weeks of workouts leading up to it. I can’t stress enough how clear-headed and just plain good this product made me feel. I didn’t feel faint and weak and light-headed like I sometimes do when I’m underfed and still trying to workout like a demon. What I noticed in week 3 was that all of the effects that I mentioned before intensified quite dramatically. I honestly don’t know that I’ve had a product this good in 2015. My shoulders in particular showed marvelous improvement in who defined and plain old badass they started looking. The deltoid and tricep lines were even starting to create that ‘hard angle’ on the outside of my arm that I’ve always wanted. I can’t rave highly enough about the ability of this product to help you add definition (if that’s what you’re after). Now for my favorite part of this review. We get to actually look at this formula and see if there is anything that jumps out to us that we don’t recognize. What could possibly be in here that makes it so darn good?

Stance Supplements Indredients/Formula Grade: 8.9

Here are the key ingredients in Stance Women’s Thermogenic: 

  • Beta Phenylethylamine HCI
  • Chromium: Assists in blood sugar regulation. This is a very cool ingredient that allows your body to partition the food you eat in a way that’s favorable to your body composition. I think the chromium was a big part of why this product was so effective for me
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: I never know how much GCB actually works because it’s literally in everything! I think it probably did contribute to things though
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine is probably the core of the stimulant engine of this product. I think Stance did a good job picking the right quantity of caffeine to put in this product because I felt energized while I was taking it, but never jittery
  • Guarana Seed Extract
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Synephrine HCI: Synephrine can sometimes make you sort of jittery but I didn’t feel that way with this product so things were fine. I don’t know if synephrine is the ‘magic ingredient’ in here though
  • Ginerger Root Extract
  • Borage Oil
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  • Cranberry Juice Extract
  • Caralluma Fimbriate Herb Extract
  • Dicana: Dicana is the real X-factor to me in this product. I’ve never heard of it or taken it in any supplement in the past, and I learned about controlled and uncontrolled variables in high school science class. That means that I have experience with almost all of these ingredients. Except Dicana. Accoring to, Dicana is “a potent non-stimulant metabolic booster developed to dramatically increase fat burning by raising basal metabolic rate, thus, increasing oxygen and energy consumption by the body. It works by increasing the rate of calorie burning through pro-thyroid mechanics.”

I don’t know what any of that means, but, I’m a believer that this really might be what gave me all of the enhanced definition that I saw in my physique. Super exciting stuff. Let’s calm down a little bit and talk about packaging.

Meh. This packaging is so simple to me that I just can’t find it in me to give anything more generous than a high C plus. The bottle is gloss black with a black lid, and a black label. Black on black is cool, but I always prefer the designs that have a little bit of something extra to them. Often times there is a bit of shimmer or shine. Or some holographic elements. Or some fancy background graphics. But not with Stance. What we get is a big pink logo and the product name. They say good design is basic, simple design. Keep it simple, stupid, right? Well, to an extent, yes. But if you take that to an extreme, you have a product that is just plain boring. And that’s how I would desirable this packaging. Boring. It’s not bad, but it desperately needs something to set it apart from the crowd. If I thought the product was bad, I wouldn’t get so worked up about it, but this is a product that deserves to be seen!

Stance Women’s Thermogenic Review Summary: 

  • Stance Women’s Thermogenic Performance Grade: 9.5
  • Stance Supplements Indredients/Formula Grade: 8.9
  • Stance Women’s Thermogenic Packaging Review: 7.8
  • Stance Supplements Value Grade: 9.2

You know from reading my blog that I do not compromise when it comes to performance. If a product works, I’m going to give it a good score. Is this product on the expensive side? Sure. But so are nice clothes, nice cars, iPhones, and everything else that plain old works BETTER than the competition. And that’s what Stance Women’s Thermogenic is. It’s a smartly crafted, premium fat-burning supplement. Do yourself a favor next time you’re at Nutrishop and grab a bottle, you won’t be disappointed*

Stance Women’s Thermogenic Final Grade: 9.3

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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