Pro Supps Vanish Fat Burner Review: Way Too Hardcore For Me

Posted on April 20th, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Pro Supps Vanish is a fat burner that I took for two weeks in order to try and get my body ready for Laura’s bachelorette party. After fourteen days, I’m in a pretty good position to tell you about this product’s performance, and how it works for someone who really wants to shed a few pounds for beach season. In this Pro Supps Vanish review, I’ll do things a little differently than simply just presenting my usual log. I know some of you have voiced that my logs can be a a little muddy and not quite as helpful as just plain old telling you straight up pros and cons- so that’s exactly what I intend to do. In this Pro Supps Vanish Review, I’ll tell you all about the pros and cons of this weight loss supplement based on the two week stretch that I’ve been taking it. After we talk about those pros and cons, I’ll try my best to dig into the supplement facts and talk about what I like / don’t like about the formulation. I’ll finish up with a Pro Supps Vanish Packaging Review grade, and then tie it all together with a final review summary and score. Cool? Cool. We’ve got a plan. Let’s get the review started.

We all have that one super-fit friend right? You know you do. The girl (or guy I suppose) who just always seems to look like they walked out of a Calvin Klein ad (I work there so I see ALLL the ads trust me), and end up making you feel out of shape and like a pizza-eating fatty. Which, to be quite honest, just about sums me up. Ok ok I’m being modest. I would hope that many of my friends would describe ME as that one friend who is always fit and ready for the camera. But anyways, my reason for saying all this is that my really good friend who’s a trainer at my gym told me about Pro Supps Vanish and said she used it for the exact same reason as me- to get into a bachelorette party. Since she looks way better than me, I bought a bottle of Pro Supps Vanish and started taking it the very next day. 

Does Pro Supps Vanish Work? 

The thing I already knew about Pro Supps going into this review was that their products are, well, kind of hardcore. I tried their pre workout Mr. Hyde and did a review on it a little while ago and I really think my heart was beating faster than it ever had before with that stuff. For that reason I was slightly hesitant to try Vanish, because I guessed, (accurately, as you’ll see), that their would be some crossover ingredients-wise between the pre workout and the fat burner. 

So what you really need to know about Pro Supps Vanish from a performance standpoint are these three things: 

First, this fat burner does not work any magic. If you want to lose actual weight while taking it, you really have to eat less than you burn. Simple. Right? In theory yes, but it’s sort of hard to do because of point number two. 

The second point is that for WHATEVER reason, I was just not getting any appetite suppressant abilities out of Pro Supps Vanish. Usually these super-stimulant fat burners kill my desire to eat completely, but with Vanish I was like, ravenous, even within an hour after taking it. I think my digestive system has been going through a bit of a weird stretch because I was also burping like crazy after each meal. I honestly wanted to stop taking Vanish because my friend told me that caffeine can make the digestive system do strange things. I mean. I’m hesitant to say that the hunger and burping were side effect of Vanish itself, but I can tell you that I am pretty glad to be done taking Vanish. 

The results were weird. Like I said- I expected it to sort of do some magical transformation thing on it’s own, but it just didn’t. I was eating my regular amount and not seeing any results for the first week.

During the second week I decided to switch up my eating. Basically I HAD to because I was so uncomfortable with the burping and stuff. But during the second week I did start to get a little more toned and I did end up losing about 1.5 lbs. when all was said and done. So I’ll give Vanish an 8.4 on the performance side of things, but I really wouldn’t buy it again. 

Pro Supps Vanish Formula Grade: 7.3

As I expected, there’s quite a lot going on under the hood of Pro Supps Fat Loss Supplement. I swear ‘simple’ isn’t a word in the vocabulary of the folks at Pro Supps. It seems to be all about who can out-do the other with some of these companies. If you ask me, I much prefer something more simple like Kaged Muscle Clean Burn, or even something like Cellucor’s CLK, which has really grown on me since I did my Cellucor CLK Review.

Let’s take a look at the ingredient list in Pro Supps Vanish and then I’ll give you some of my insights on these ingredients: 

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffine Citrate

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Dicaffeine Malate 

Raspberry Ketones 

Calcium Phosphate




Rhodiola Rosea 




Huperzia Serrata Club Moss

Dandelion Root Extract

Yohimbe Bark Extract

Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Extract

Like I said- this is a standard Pro Supps formulation. It’s all about how many different ingredients you can stuff into one formulation. I’ve never been crazy about several of these ingredients because I think they push the envelope too much for my liking. Among such ingredients are the Yohimbe, which makes me jittery, the agmatine, which gives me a headache (see my Prime Nutrition Max HP Review for more on that), and then of course Pikatropin is literally illegal (well, FDA banned, what’s the difference)…so basically I don’t know what else to say other than that this product just isn’t for me. Enough said.

Pro Supps Vanish Fat Burner Packaging Grade: 8.8

Ok so I’ll throw the dog a bone. I think the positive thing about this Vanish Fat Burner in general is that the jar flat out looks awesome. The red jar is the perfect backdrop to the big, bold, brightly colored graphics that wrap around it. What I really enjoy is the hologram effect that seems to reflect a full spectrum of shiny colors back at you. In that sense, Vanish is actually really similar to the Max HP pre workout because it has a super shiny material combined with some aggressive red and black notes to give it the perfect ‘in your face’ product. And while the ‘in-your-face’-ness of Vanish is why I actually DON’T like it overall, I DO like the way the design appeals to my inner agro side. If only Vanish didn’t totally wreak havoc on my digestive system I’d actually probably consider this one of my go-to fat loss supplements. It’s a little masculine-looking, but hey, I’m attracted to masculine. Especially when it’s handsome. And for all it’s faults, Pro Supps Vanish IS handsome.

Pro Supps Vanish Fat Burner Review Summary:

  • Pro Supps Vanish Performance Grade: 8.4
  • Pro Supps Vanish Formula Grade: 7.3
  • Pro Supps Vanish Fat Burner Packaging Grade: 8.8
  • Pro Supps Vanish Value Grade: 8.0

If you want a fat burner that’s super edgy, than Pro Supps Vanish is up your alley. But all things considered, it’s certainly not for me.*

Pro Supps Vanish Final Review Score: 7.9

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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