Pruvit KETO OS Ketone Review: Overpriced? Magic? or Both?

Posted on March 1st, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Pruvit KETO OS Reviews are starting to pile up on the internet, so I just wanted to get mine out there now before any more of y’all kept asking me. KETO OS Ketone system is one of those products and one of those companies that has seemed to come out of nowhere and is all of a sudden this huge, relevant thing. I didn’t know what to make of Pruvit prior to taking it for two weeks, but over the past fourteen days I’ve learned a TON about ketones, a TON about Pruvit, and I’m excited to share some of what I learned from my two week trial. I must say, you’ve found a great Pruvit Keto OS Ketone Operating System Review. I’ll tell you if it ‘worked’, a.k.a what did it make me feel like physically, mentally, etc. In addition to answering the question ‘Does Pruvit Work?’ I’ll talk through some of the ingredients and science behind Pruvit. Or at least I’ll start to and then fail brutally because I actually still don’t quite understand all of it. Lol. I’ll end the review with a packaging grade and a final Keto OS Review Final Score. Let’s get this Pruvit Review started!

Now before you start raising eyebrows, gritting your teeth, and bracing for a super-obnoxious MLM sales pitch, just rest assured I’m not here to sell you this stuff. I’ll be straight up with you. I’m not a Pruvit affiliate. Lol. Ain’t nobody would want to work with rough ’n tumble Fit Life Allie anyways I bet. Because my reviews are crude, rude, and, well, honest. You don’t REALLY get that on the internet. But you’re getting it from this Pruvit review. So buckle up.

I had actually never tried a Ketone supplement before (no, we’re not talking raspberry ketones here), and I have to say I was unbelievably skeptical when I started learning more about it Pruvit Keto OS. I mean. All you have to do is look at the price tag to see where some of the hesitance and skepticism comes from. But. Keep in mind I routinely shell out $50 for VULCAN Advanced Muscle Toner so I AM willing to pay for premium when the product works. But this isn’t just premium. This is like…another level. Even more than Shakeology (which is grossly expensive itself). How expensive is KETO OS? It’s 30 Servings will run you a hefty $160. You want more? You can spend almost FIVE HUNDRED bucks on Pruvit. That’s what.. a whole paycheck almost? At least for use poor betches? Yeah. Not cheap. But lucky for me, I’ve got a sugar daddy. And by that I mean one of my best friends was one of the first promoters for Pruvit and I got to steal some for him. He thinks he gave me one week supply, but he accidentally gave me two. Dang it’s tough being in beach-shape in February! Lol. Anyways. I’ve been taking Keto OS for two weeks. And I’m FINALLY ready to share my Pruvit results. So. Does Keto Work? Let’s find out. 

Does Keto OS Work? 

As always, we need to define work. On the Pruvit website, there are apparently a billion different ways that the KETO OS product can ‘work’. Whether that’s increased levels of good cholesterol, losing fat and weight, increasing lipolysis, reducing blood pressure, providing energy, or even increasing athletic performance. But I’m going to tell you how the product made me feel or change based on some of the more quantifiable metrics: weightloss, strenght, and then some musings on mental / overall health and feeling while taking Pruvit Keto OS Ketones. Let’s start with the first criteria which is weightloss. 

1. Does Pruvit Make you Lose Weight?

In my experience, personally, over the past two weeks, I have not lost a single pound. I actually ended up gaining about a half pound. Am I saying that you can’t lose weight with Pruvit Keto OS? No. I’m sure for most folks who are buying this product, they will see some results from Pruvit’s Ketone system. But for me, I already basically live a ‘KETO’, or ketogenic lifestyle. So my body wasn’t really enhanced and stimulated by exogenous (supplemental) ketone. For folks eating a normal American diet high in carbohydrate and protein, you will probably experience a change in your appetite levels which will in turn help you lose some weight. But let’s move on to the best part of Pruvit OS. The energy. 

2. Pruvit Keto OS Makes You Feel Unstoppable. 

There’s a fun little video that you HAVE to watch if you’re considering taking Pruvit Keto OS. You’ve probably watched it fifteen times already, who am I kidding. Lol. But you know the part where there’s the trapped little energy box that’s finally released? I would compare this product to that feeling. You really get the sense that you’re unleashing this big energy reserve that you never tapped into. And even though my body has been in ketosis a million times, I definitely felt like Pruvit got me on a whole new level. I was so alert and so focused right after drinking it. It’s an amazing feeling. Coupled with that is my third favorite effect of Pruvit OS, which is the placebo effect. 

3. Pruvit Placebo Effect: 

You thought I was making a funny? Nope. I’m so serious. With any supplement there’s a level of placebo. Whether it’s a multivitamin or a fancy $500 ketogenic system like this. When you drink a $5 drink, you want to feel something. You’re wallet tells your brain ‘ouch that hurt’. Your brain says ‘ok, well we’re going to darn well get something for that money’. So the brain commands the body to sense things that might be there, and might not. For me, with Pruvit, the brain told me to feel really great overall well-being. I can’t physically attach phenomenon and sensation to it, but I just felt a nice state of overall calmness and like I was at peace. Not like a ’high’ or anything- I just felt good. And I think that Pruvit is the cause. Half because of placebo and half because of what’s actually in it. And speaking of what’s in Pruvit… 

What’s in Pruvit Ketone System? 

I put this product under my fat burning review section because I’m guessing most of y’all are thinking of spending all that money on Pruvit because you want to lose lots of weight. But when I look at the supplement facts, it’s interesting to see some familiar faces, and some not as familiar. I like the fact that there is caffeine in it. I’ll be honest. I’m a caffeine junky as you all know. And I need my 800mg a day. No that’s not an exaggeration. Then you can see the OTHER ingredients in here are, well, different. You have, in addition to the caffeine, you have: 

MCT Powder: Medium Chain Triglycerides are the healthy fat components found in coconut oil and fish oil. They are associated with benefits ranging from heart health to weight loss. 

Beta Hydroxybutyrate: BHB is the real all-star in Pruvit’s Ketone Operating System. These are the ‘exogenous’ form of the stuff that stored bodyfat is broken down into, when your body enters a state of ketosis. And you’re drinking it straight up. That’s pretty cool, right? 

Natural Flavor: Flavoring. Bad flavoring. 

Malic Acid: Helps the bad-taste taste less bad.

Stevia: Natural but gross tasting sweetener in my opinion. Give me Splenda or give me death. (It actually probably will kill us. I’ll be eating those words!)

Those five ingredients create something that tastes altogether like a swamp. So if you’re wondering what does Pruvit Ketone OS taste like- just know that it’s not great. It’s swampy. An orange swamp, but still a swamp. I really was not ready for the Pruvit taste, I can tell you that right up front. It’s much much thicker than a standard pre workout, such as I am used to. It was thick, sort of sweet, and sort of chalky, and sort of, well, fatty tasting. The orange notes come through really prominently at the end of each sip. The stevia taste has never been my favorite taste in the world, but I was able to tolerate it I suppose. I would give Keto OS a 6 out of 10 on taste. It definitely could use some work. Speaking of needing work, let’s turn our attention to Pruvit Keto OS labeling department. 

One final note on the ingredients is that this stuff is, as expected, very very fatty. It has 7 grams of saturated fat per serving, which, if you aren’t careful, is going to sneak up on you. If you aren’t eating a strict diet that is low in carbohydrate, it’s a very real possibility that KETO OS just straight up makes you GAIN some weight. Just so you know. 

Pruvit Keto OS Ketones Packaging Grade: B

I love the packets, and I hate the tubs, visually speaking. Oh. Speaking of the packets, apparently Pruvit makes a sort of bulletproof coffee supplement that I really must try. The name is Keto Kreme, which is simply brilliant, and I can’t wait to hit up my special Pruvit friend to try some. 

But anyways. The packets are lovely. They use a white material that feels super nice to the touch, and looks handsome with it’s gray and orange touches. I like the blue-trim version too (what you get if you go caffeine free). It’s quite nice looking, and they also use a ovely set of hipster fonts. Hipster fonts. They’re just thin fonts, Allie. Get off your soapbox. The jars of Keto OS really don’t look great though. The blue jar is not the sort of special treatment you would expect for spending three figures on your ketone supplements. I don’t know what I would rather they put them in, but a gold chalice would be a good alternative off the top of my head! 

I wonder if a clear jar wouldn’t look even better than blue. But anyways. The packaging overall is not really the part you’re supposed to focus on right? Right. Pruvit’s ’N8tive Series’ will come along in the looks department. Like Angelina Jolie. It’ll just get better looking. That’s all I have to say in terms of Pruvit Keto packaging. 

Pruvit Keto OS Ketones Review Summary

Well, we certainly covered plenty of ground in this Keto OS review. To sum things up, here is everything I know about Pruvit, in one simple list: 

  1. It does not help you lose weight (personal exp.)
  2. It DOES give nice energy levels
  3. It promotes mental calm and clarity
  4. It TASTES awful
  5. It uses Beta Hydroxybutyrate as the main ingredient
  6. It’s probably overpiced 


That last one is the kicker. I think it’s just not worth the money if you are a fit and capable person. You can put your body into a state of ketosis, and get much more effects than just drinking supplemental ketones for a dollar per sip (literally). It’s a cool concept that will work well for many, but to me, Pruvit Keto OS isn’t really worth the money.*

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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