BPI Sports Burn XS Review: I Can Feel my Face- Falling Off!

Posted on March 2nd, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Ok so this might not be my most eloquent review but that’s ok because BPI Sports BURN XS might not deserve my finest work. The thing is that I just took one last look at the Burn XS jar (slightly hungover, you see), and it’s actually just reminding me of all the things that I sort of, well, hate about this product. I know. I really let the cat out of the bag early on this one. What are we…three sentences in? Way to let the drama build, Allie. (Crying emoji). But as you know from reading my countless other fat burner reviews, I tend to basically never sugarcoat my thoughts. If I like a product, you know it. If I hate a product, you’ll know it. You already know where I stand on BPI Sports BURN XS fat burner. Sometimes there are bright spots though. As I go through the performance, ingredients, and even packaging of this fat loss supplement from BPI Sports, maybe you’ll find that this IS actually a product you want to try regardless. That happens sometimes. One man’s doo-doo is another man’s gold. Ever hear that one before? Probably not if you aren’t a dinosaur like me. But yeah. We’re going to cover this one from head to toe, so let’s get this Burn XS Review started.

Well this is shaping up to be one doo-doo-show of an election isn’t it. Funny how I’ve never used the term ‘doo-doo’ in a single one of my hundreds of supplement reviews until today. Congratulations go to Burn XS for being the first one on that front. I think you can already imagine how this review is going to go for BPI’s fat burner. Their second fat burner. As you know I reviewed BPI’s other fat burner ‘Roxy Weightloss’ a few weeks ago, and didn’t really find it all that great. There were some things I did like about it, but for the most part it was just ok. Unfortunately, Burn XS didn’t even get an ‘ok’ from me. It was actually a really bad experience. Here’s what I hate about BPI’s Burn XS fat burner. 

Why I Hate Burn XS

I think I know why BPI named this product the way they did. I took Burn XS, just one pill, only one time. I know. I’m supposed to take each product for two weeks to get the best feel for the benefits and overall impact over a reasonable amount of time. But I honestly couldn’t stand this product just the ONE time that I took it, that I actually had to cancel the whole thing. I wasn’t even going to write this review, and I really don’t like ‘smearing’ a product, but this one was just such a disaster that I actually felt obligated to warn you about it. I took Burn XS two days ago on an empty stomach, expecting that this would be the beginning of a whole new two week trial on another fat burner. To my alarm, about ten minutes after I swallowed these nasty-looking little red pills, I started experiencing some really unpleasant BPI Burn XS side effects

First, I started feeling a really weird sort of like, knot in the bottom of my throat. Almost like heartburn, or indigestion. This was unexpected, because I know I drank a ton of water with it. I can’t imagine that it was just the pill itself getting caught up. It was some sort of effect of one of the ingredients that felt like it was closing down my esophagus. Needless to say, this feeling sucked. 

The other super unpleasant side effect of BPI Burn XS is how the skin on my face felt. It was like, burning to the point where I felt like my face was actually on fire. I coudn’t believe how uncomfortable I was. You haven’t felt discomfort until you’ve taken a pill of Burn XS by BPI Sports. Ok, I’m being dramatic, but this was like, 10x worse than just a pre workout beta-alanine tingle. Between this and the other side effect, I was actually convinced that I was having an allergic reaction. I get super anxious when my body feels weird effects, and then my brain starts doing backflips and freaking out. It all builds on itself and makes whatever uncomfortable side effects I’m having just that much worse. I can’t even. I hate the feeling I got from BPI Burn XS. Let’s look at the formula and see what the heck is in this junker. 

BPI Burn XS Formula Grade: 6.0

How can I give Burn XS anything higher than a ‘D’ when all it did was make me feel like I was dying? I’ve spent a little bit of time researching some of the ingredients in Burn XS and I think I know why I felt the way that I did. The first thing you need to understand is that most of these ‘fat burners’ are just stimulant pills. They’re caffeine pills, yes, but like, souped up. They add other kinds of stimulants to the mix to basically jack up your metabolism so high that your body just becomes a calorie burning machine from the increase in adrenaline you get from all the stimulants. Here are the ingredients in BPI Burn XS: 


Vitamin B6


Lycoris Radiata Extract 



Solanum Tubersum

Cocoa Seed Extract 

Citrus Aurantium 

Taraxacum Officinale 

Turmeric Extract

Yohimbe Bark 

Well that’s quite a stimulating list if you ask me. You have caffeine, yohimbe, AND Citrus Aurantium. No wonder I was feeling like I was going insane. THREE different kinds of stimulants. Talk about overkill. In case you haven’t noticed, one of the other side effects I experienced without a doubt was incredible jittery-ness. I was freaking the kcuf out. No bueno. Pedro. But yeah- I never do well with yohimbe or yohimbine for that matter. I get anxiety and my heart feels like it’s beating out of my chest. The other thing that I hate is the niacin. I have taken niacin products before and never have I ever felt that level of skin discomfort in my face. It was like niacin-flush amplified times a million. I hate it. I hate Burn XS formula. I suppose, sigh, that the packaging is fine though.

BPI Sports BPI Burn XS Packaging Grade: 8.5

I think I gave Roxy Weight Loss a better score on packaging even though they look identical. But it’s funny how what’s on the INSIDE can even impact what you see on the outside. (right babe?). Insert angry emoji. Lol. Can you tell I’m still not over him? Sigh. Anyways. BPI does have some good design skill, I give them that. Even though I hate how Burn XS ‘Thermogenic Euphoric Catalyst’ made me feel, I suppose I can’t deny that it has a handsome exterior. The color scheme is super tasteful. Black, white, and bright blue convey a vibe of seriousness, eagerness, and reliability. Also notes of black cherry, fruit, lavender-infused mahogany. Lol. I sometimes do feel like I’m describing a wine, or fine art or something. It can be a little fluffy sometimes, can’t it? Design? I think so. But I think you’ll agree that BPI makes good-looking products. Maybe not as good as Adaptogen or Protein World Slend Blend Capsules, but they look good and aggressive. The fonts used, especially for the name Burn XS, are big, bold, and make the name readable even though it’s tilted vertically. I also like the fancy BPI-logo tear-off area up around the neck. It’s kind of nice looking. I almost didn’t want to rip it off and ruin it. But of course after trying the product for the first and last time, I want to launch this bottle of pills off a cliff. Oh well. Let’s wrap this BPI fat burner review up. 

BPI Burn XS Weight Loss Review Summary

  • BPI Sports BPI Burn XS Performance Grade: N/A
  • BPI Sports BPI Burn XS Formula Grade: 6.0
  • BPI Sports BPI Burn XS Packaging Grade: 8.5
  • BPI Sports BPI Burn XS Value Grade: 6.5

When you review as many fat burners as I have, you are bound to end up with a loser every now and then. And that’s what Burn XS is, in my opinion. I literally couldn’t do a full trial period with it because of the side effects. On top of that, the price tag is way too high. Over a dollar per serving to feel jittery and like your skin is falling off. Er. Ok. No thanks. I would pass on BPI Sports Burn XS.*


BPI Sports BPI Burn XS Final Review Score: 7.1

Allie Lewis

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