My SFH Recovery Protein Review – Is It Worth the Premium Price?

Posted on June 11th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Have you ever heard of SFH Recovery? Well I hadn’t. But I’m sure glad I have because it might just be the best protein powder for women that I’ve come across. In this SFH Recovery Whey Protein review I’m going to tell you everything that you ever wanted to know about this protein supplement. As with all my protein powder reviews I’m going to spend a TON of time talking about the taste and the flavor- because let’s face it, that might be the most important as anything when it comes to protein drinks. A close second is surely the ingredients and the formula itself. I mean a protein powder is all about using high quality ingredients and the right types protein sources. I’ll finish up with my thoughts on this product’s packaging and it’s ‘shelf-presence’ overall. Because we all know a product is only as good as its appearance, right? Right. Ok. We’ve got a full plate so let’s dive in- our official SFH Recovery Protein review:


One thing that always interests me, and I’m sure you as well, is how to identify new products to review. I’m sure to the naked eye it must seem really pretty easy to pick out these products to review. But a little more thought goes into it than putting on a blindfold and picking a product at random. Let’s face it. I could EASILY do that. There is no shortage of pre workouts and proteins and fat burners and protein bars on the market today. 

But I like to be a little more methodical in my approach. See, I know who my audience is. It’s me. I like to work hard and play hard, and I like high quality supplements. You know from reading my other posts that I have never had a problem paying for the best. It’s just who I am. I take too good of care of my body to fill it with anything less than the best. So that’s why I can’t just randomly select any crappy old product off the shelf of GNC and do a review on it. I do my reviews for you, and by ‘you’ I envision an entire audience of ‘me’s’, who know that they want the best, and not some crap from some crappy company that’s just trying to make a quick buck. Ok rant over. So how did I find SFH Recovery? 

Well, one of my AWESOME fans actually facebook messaged me (I encourage you to do the same!) and asked me if I had ever heard of, or tried SFH Protein. She (I will leave the name anonymous out of respect for her privacy) told me that SFH was actually one of her favorite protein supplements ever and that I should try it. The funny thing is, that once I asked her to send me a link (which she did promptly), I realized that I actually HAVE seen this product! I saw it at the tennis court pro-shop that I play at! And I even took a picture of it on my phone thinking ‘hey I gotta write a review on this stuff, it looks pretty good!’. Of course I forgot the second after I took the pic, but whatever. But after my friend told me it was so good, I actually rushed over to the court, and grabbed a bag of SFH Recovery. Nothing like good old-fashioned ‘on-demand’ shopping! No shipping time here! Ok so let’s get into this review portion now- I’m sure you’ve heard enough of my rambling for one day. Let’s start things off with the taste.

SFH Recovery Whey Protein Flavor Grade: 8.8

I feel like I’ve been giving out alot of B pluses lately. I can’t tell if my palette is just having trouble telling the differences between these products, or if they actually all kinda taste the same. I think I know the answer. And I think it’s that SFH Recovery tastes alot like, well, almost every other protein supplement that you’ve ever tried. I was really expecting something a little tastier from this product since the bag has such a rich, luxury feel to it. But alas, if you’re expecting to be blown away- you may not be. Actually you know what- I just realized that the last review I did was on the Apollo Pure Protein, which, if you are unaware, is actually the best tasting protein powder that I’ve ever tried in my entire life. So that is probably why SFH Recovery didn’t knock my socks. But let’s give them some credit here- an 8.8 out of ten isn’t bad at all. 

I used a cup of ice cold skim milk (ran out of whole at the store), a handful of ice cubes, and some organic spinach for my test. Don’t worry, spinach is virtually tasteless in protein shakes- that isn’t why this product didn’t score an A! But what I realized when I took my first sip was two things- first is that this was absolutely a product sweetened with Stevia, and second that this was probably a mostly whey product. I don’t know about you, but I have become very very keen on what the stevia taste entails- and it’s not really my favorite. In fact none of the ‘natural’ sweeteners are really terrific in my opinion yet- it’s like the technology hasn’t evolved yet or something. As for the whey thing- I’ve found that products that are mostly whey have a certain texture that is just a tad grainy-er than others. It’s not unpleasant in the least- but I’ve found that the absolute best tasting protein powders are more often than not blends made up of whey, casein, and milk sources. The vanilla flavor itself was relatively pleasant- it just tasted really plain and, well, like it needed a tiny bit more sweetness and maybe a bit more salt. But not bad overall. Let’s move into the ingredients:

SFH Recovery Formula/Ingredients Grade: 8.4

I’m dinging this formula just a little bit because it actually has creatine in it- which is something that you don’t always find in whey protein shakes. Creatine itself I don’t have a huge problem with in a recovery shake. Well. I don’t mind it that much. Regardless of whether or not it’s an effective recovery agent (it def. is), we should at least be told on the front label, quite prominently, that this is a creatine product. Or else you end up taking it and finding out after the fact. Some people (myself included) will abstain from creatine products if they are really trying to lean out, because of the additional ‘bloated’ appearance that creatine ABSOLUTELY causes (don’t let anyone tell you the ‘creatine bloat’ is a myth- because it’s not. On top of them not really telling you about the creatine- it’s not like there’s a mere dusting in here. There’s almost 3 entire grams! That’s pretty serious, people. That’s like more than in Pre-Jym! (one of the more legit men’s strength building pre workouts). Other than the creatine issue, I’d also have liked to see SFH add the BCAA’s in a little higher doses (under a gram/serving for all of them, even leucine). The grass fed whey part is nice. But yeah. All in all, a few things they should have done a little better with the formulation itself. Ok let’s talk packaging.

SFH Recovery Packaging Grade: 9.4

SFH Did one thing super well with the Recovery product and that’s making it look REALLY good on a shelf. I mean this stuff just begs to bet picked up and handles, and ultimately, bought. It’s almost an instinctual reaction to see this pouch to just go up and grab it. Like puppies. Or Ryan Gosling. LOL. It’s such a beautifully matched design to the product that gives a sense of ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ to the consumer. What I love most is the texture itself of the bag. It’s a thick, super-flat, almost platic-y finish. But a rich, expensive feeling plastic-y. You know what I mean? I really enjoy it. Other things they did really well were arrange everything clearly, and in such a way that you know almost immediately what the product is named, and what it does. The whole thing conveys a sort of immediate value. And that’s what great packaging does. Very nicely done, SFH! 

SFH Recovery Whey Protein Review Summary: 

  • SFH Recovery Whey Protein Flavor Grade: 8.8
  • SFH Recovery Formula/Ingredients Grade: 8.4
  • SFH Recovery Packaging Grade: 9.4
  • SFH Recovery Whey Protein Value Grade: 8.0

Depending on who you buy this stuff from- you may end up paying an absolute PREMIUM. I mean. I paid over $50 at my tennis club, and that’s WITH my members discount. I saw it on the SFH website for $65- and that’s not even including shipping! With a price like that, you’d better be getting the best whey protein supplement on the market in every way. And in my opinion, SFH Recovery just isn’t. That doesn’t make it a bad product- in fact it’s actually quite good in many ways. But to ME, it’s not worth that premium price.*

SFH Recovery Final Score: 8.7

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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