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NLA’s Shred Her Fat Burner- Strong Product from NLA

My friend Sean is the reason why this review for NLA for Her Shred Her fat burning diet pill was made possible. After sampling some of the most popular diet pills and fat burners on the market, I was struggling to find my last few candidates for the top 10 diet pills for women of 2014. It wasn’t until Sean sent me the link to NLA for Her Shred Her that I even knew it existed. While his motivation for sending me the link was for less constructive purposes, he actually saved me the effort of tracking down this awesome new candidate for my diet pill reviews. Without further ado- let’s get in-depth with NLA for Her Shred Her.

Pros and Shred Her Benefits: 

As you probably know from reading my first several women’s diet pill reviews, I like to keep the focus on the fat burning effects of each product (or lack there-of). After all, why buy a fat-burner if it doesn’t do just that- burn some fat. After being relatively impressed with the pre workout for women that NLA Performance makes (see my NLA Uplift reviews), I had high hopes that this product would stack up comparably to how Uplift did. The Sparknotes of my experience with Uplift is that I was basically un-impressed with it’s ingredients, but somehow the stuff kicked my butt in the gym, and I ended up being a fan. As you will soon read, I was sort of equally un-impressed with the ingredients (supp facts) of NLA Shred Her- But here are the top three benefits that I did enjoy during my two-week stint on NLA for Her Shred Her.

  • Moderately Strong Fat Burning Performance: While I can’t say that I got to quite the same level of lean that I got with Nutrex lipo 6 black hers, or the same ‘dry’ look that I got with Hyrdroxycut, I am happy with the visual effects provided by this NLA fat burner. Of course several of the effects are a product of the focus of my workouts, but the cool thing about NLA’s diet pill was that it’s effects were really equally distributed across my physique. What I mean is that even though I focused mostly on my lower body and posterior chain, I started to get super lean throughout my abs, chest, and shoulders, despite not really training them hard. This was by far my favorite part of NLA for her, and the biggest reason why I would reccommend trying it out.
  • Lasting Focus: With my mid-semester exams coming up right around the corner- this effect was huge for me, and I thought it would be worth mentioning to my readers who are also plugging away at their summer classes. I honestly started taking Shred Her before some late-night study sessions, bascially knowing that it would keep me up all night. By no means will Shred Her replace my adderal (let’s be real), but when you run out, let’s just say NLA For Her isn’t such a bad option LOL. O, and I ended up getting an A- on my exam. Heck yeah. 
  • Slight Appetite Suppression: This is third on the list of effects, because it was such a minor effect, but it was marked enough that I thought it worth including in the review. I know several of us take a diet pill mostly to keep the hunger-monster away. I’m the first one to go on crazy binges when dieting- and being able to keep it in check via a diet pill usually comes up huge for me. NLA for Her Shred her did aid in fighting back the urge to pig out- but I will say that in the end, my hunger won out; per the usual. Ya. I dominated Chipotle at least twice during my two week stint. But the thing is that I still maintained that lean-ness and dry look that as you know, is so hard to maintain when you are under the stress of school, work, and the lot. 

NLA For Her Shred Her Side Effects:

Here is my list of side effects, or the downside to using NLA for Her Shred Her: 

  1. Diminishing Returns: My biggest problem with NLA Shred Her fat burner was that I hit a peak about a week and a half into my review cycle. This disappointed me because with every other diet pill that I’ve tested over a two week stretch, the best always seemed to come last. I would wake up on the twelve morning, get in front of that nice side-lighting (ya you know what I’m talking about!), and I really loved the way I looked. I specifically remember the end of my time on Lipo 6 Hers Ultra Concentrate when I looked so shredded in the morning- it was so legit. Again, I did not get that with NLA. It’s not really a side effect as much as it is a let-down. I peaked in terms of the amount of fat I could lose with NLA for Her Shred Her, and I was super-upset about it, especially since the effects started out so strong. 
  2. Stomach/Digestive Discomfort: They weren’t kidding when they named this stuff ‘Shred Her’. Plenty more on the name in a second, but let me let you in on a quick secret about NLA Shred Her. It has the power to put you out of commission if it so pleases. Unofortunately for me, it pleased on a Friday night, when I wanted to go out and grab some drinks with my fitties. The worst part is that I didn’t even eat anything out of the ordinary! I had my standard chicken with rice and a spinach salad after an afternoon cardio session. Then I took my last dose of NLA Shred Her and was getting showered up for the night when all of a sudden I felt like I had just eaten an entire lobster (I’m violently allergic to shellfish). Without going into too much detail- let’s just say it was a a night-ender before it even began! Ya sure it could’ve been food poisoning. But I legit eat that meal 12 times a week. Buying the ingredients from the same exacts store. You be the judge. 
  3. The Name: This is a really minor thing. Or is it. This product is called ‘Shred Her!’ Now I’m a mature person (sort of), but c’mon guys. You named your product NLA for Her Shred Her. How did nobody raise their hand in the boardroom and say “uh. Is that really the best verb to use before the world ‘her’?” Apparently nobody did. As you remember, my friend Sean posted this product on my wall because (1) he’s super immature and (2) his sense of humor is tone deaf- like – that’s my wall dude! Anyways. Yeah. This name stinks guys. Change it. 

NLA For Her Shred Her Ingredients: 7.6

As I mentioned prior- I’m less than impressed with the ingredients in NLA for Her Shred Her Fat Burning Diet Pill. Essentially they took the most common fat-burning ingredients of all time, and dumped them in a totally un-inspiring proprietary blend. It’s like the lamest formula since, well, VPX Redline. The essential ingredients to me are caffeine and green tea extract, so it least it has those. But what I’m really looking for these days is a more creative use of some of the ingredients available. Garcinia might have been a great addition to this formula, and the same with Capsimax (capsicum). As you know from the the reviews on the effectiveness (to a degree) with this product, the formula isn’t all THAT bad, it just doesn’t do enough for me personally to justify an above average grade in the ingredient category. 

NLA For Her Packaging Review: 8.0

I should really just copy/paste the reviews from NLA Uplift into this paragraph, because the packaging is basically the exact same. I honestly forget what I thought of the Uplift label. Knowing me though, I probably ripped on it. The white plastic for one is atrocious. It’s 2014 people, let’s use some colored HDPE. It wouldn’t look so bad, but your label is primarily black, so putting it over the white HDPE looks like a train wreck. And a cheap on at that. Other than that obvious oversight, the design isn’t all that bad. I like how the NLA products use the metallic pink over the flat finish. I also appreciate that there is a level of consistency across the product line- from the pre workout supplement for women, to the protein, to the diet pill– all the products do look good next to each other, because there’s the consistency all the way around the NLA for Her family.

Summary and Final Score: 8.3

Something to consider about NLA for Her Shred Her Fat Burner is that it’s $56.00 for the 30 serving jar. This is super expensive for me, especially for a bottle of pills. You have to factor this in when applying the final score. However, you also have to factor in that this product is going to deliver some pretty solid results. If you are willing to unload that kind of money on a supplement, you might just have to give NLA for Her Shred Her diet pill a run. Let me know how you think it stacks up!

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