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Fitmiss Burn – Another Strong product from Musclepharm

Overview: After reading all the positive reviews of Fitmiss Burn, I knew it was one of those diet pills that I simply had to try. After reading through the description of this fat burner, I became even more convinced that Fitmiss Burn was a prime candidate for an official BPW diet pill review. After all- the folks at Musclepharm (aka Fitmiss), claim that Burn can deliver results in less than two weeks. For those of you keeping up with my other women’s diet pill reviews- you know that this is the exact length of time that I’ve been running the other products. Two weeks of consistently clean diet and hard exercise, followed by an official score. After the solid performance of Fitmiss Ignite, which is the pre workout offering from Fitmiss, I had high hope for Burn. So how did this diet pill stack up? Keep reading for my offical Fitmiss Burn reviews.

Does Fitmiss Burn Work? 

As with my other diet pill reviews, I’ve got to start with the million dollar question. Does Fitmiss Burn actually work. The answer is, for the most part, yes. I’ll tell you why I say for the most part. The complicated part about Fitmiss Burn is that it claims to do so much, that it makes it really hard to deliver across all those claims! For the record, here is the list of benefits that Fitmiss claims those who use Burn will get: 

  • Breakdown of Fat Molecules
  • Boost Energy and Metabolism
  • Healthy Appetite Control
  • Supports Focus
  • All Day Energy
  • Balance Mood
  • Eliminates subcutaneous water
  • Aids in break down with proteins, fats, carbs, and dairy products
  • Enhances nutrient absorption

Whew. It’s alot, isn’t it? I have to admit I had to really think back to my time on the product- racking my brain to see if I actually did feel and notice all of these benefits. I’ll go through this laundry list and go over which benefits I did notice from Burn, and which of those I did not. Some were there. Some were not.

First off- the fat burning. Fitmiss is first and foremost, so I made most of my analysis and judgement of the effectiveness of this prodcut based off the fat-burning results observed while taking these diet pills. The thing about Fitmiss Burn is that you have to give it a few days. I’ve tried some really strong diet pills, such as Hyroxycut SX-7, as well as Lipo 6 Black Hers, and I swear with those products you can feel the kick within a matter of 72 hours. With Fitmiss Burn, it’s a little more delayed. Will you feel some instant energy and appetite suppression? Sure. Will you notice some moderate focus aspects? Sure. But the fact of the matter is that you’re not really going to see anything visible in the mirror until about halfway through the second week. It was a really unusual experience, because if nothing else, I am completely accustomed to the supplement industry and the claims of instant results and all. So i didn’t really have high hopes that Fitmiss Burn was going to deliver within that two week deadline. But i was pleasantly surprised to wake up on the 12th day of my run and start to notice some super-sexy striations on my abs and back. It could’ve been a function of how hard I’ve been working to balance out my upper body to match the muscle tone of my lower body, but I think Fitmiss Burn played an important role in helping to bring the level of detail to my upper-half. By far the best aspect of Fitmiss Burn is seeing the results start to kick in.

As far as the other benefits of this product- I have mixed emotions. I want you to keep in mind what I said before though- this is a diet pill. It’s a fat burner. So don’t take it and expect to write a fourteen page paper, or lose all kinds of water weight and be show-ready. In my experience, this product does little else from the laundry list of claims. Now. There’s a good reason for this, which I’ll dive into later. But just be aware what you ARE buying, and what you’re not. In additon to being slightly let down by the diuretic and focus aspects, there were a few side effects that I feel like I should cover off on. 

Fitmiss Burn Side Effects: 

While my experience with Fitmiss Burn was for the most part very positive (heck, who can complain with a nice cut-up look?), there were a few minor side effects. Well. Three to be exact.

  1. Side Effect 1- Baby Crash: As with most diet pills, thermogenics, and fat burners in general, Fitmiss Burn does contain caffeine. That being the case, there is a slight crash unless you’re taking doesages one after another; or ‘keeping it going’. I had a few days when I didn’t have the bottle of Burn on my person, so I missed a dose here and there. It was during those occassions that I had a ‘baby crash’. I call it a ‘baby crash’ because it wasn’t a full-blown, pass-out-where-you-stand crash, but just that sort of feeling like ‘uh’. Like, get me in my PJ’s and in bed. Not the worst thing ever, but just something to consider if you’re considering getting Burn.
  2. Side Effect 2- Don’t take on Empty: This is also a really small thing, but I did notice some stomach discomfort on the days when I skipped out on breakfast. I usually try to get at least something small in my stomach, but let’s be real- we skip sometimes. When I took my Fitmiss Burn pills on those days I felt like my stomache got a little bit queasy. Not full-on upset, but slightly uncomfortable.
  3. Side Effect 3- Burps: This one I included just because it happened just enough times for me to pin it on the Burn. And after reading that raspberry ketones were included in this product, it came as no surprise that I was getting some pretty odd burps. I’ve had the same thing happen with some of the pre workout supplements that have the ketones in them. This might be unique to me, but just be aware that you may get some ‘Chipotle-esque’ burps from this diet pill!

Fitmiss Burn Packaging Review:

Yes. It’s time for the packaging review. What’s a BPW review without a scathing review of the supplement industry and it’s inept graphic designers! 

But. Wait. Fitmiss Burn isn’t that bad. In fact, Fitmiss packaging has since grown on me, even since my review of Ignite from the inaugral BPW4W top 10 women’s pre workouts of 2013. Burn has the black and pink color scheme of all the Fitmiss products. The name ‘Burn’ is not terribly imaginative, but I don’t really mind it in comparison to the goofy ones that sound like they were named after a wrench size ‘HEX 7-3A’. Another thing that I’ve come to appreciate about the Fitmiss Ignite products collectively is their attention to detail in their packaging. The Burn products have the secondary cardboard box packaging that gives the overall conveyance of a luxury brand. That’s right. It makes me feel special. So good job Fitmiss. Your packaging is not terrible.

Fitmiss Burn Ingredients: 

The ingredients in Fitmiss Burn are shown below in the supplement facts panel

Fitmiss Burn Supplement Facts Panel

The thing about Fitmiss Burn Women’s 6 Stage Fat Burning System is that it has six stages. And it’s still just a few pills. And if I had all day, I could add up all the individual ingredients in those ‘six stages’ (each stage is it’s own mini proprietary blend). Eye-balling it, it seems as if there are almost forty separate ingredients in this formula. Holy cow. The reviews for the Fitmiss Burn ingredients composition could (and may end up being) a standalone blog post. As you know from my other diet pill reviews, you are limited by the capacity of the pill. So as much as I admire Fitmiss for stuffing every fat-burning ingredient under the sun into this blend, there just isn’t enough room for them to be effective. The point is that there’s just a dusting of several of these ingredients included in each serving. 

However, to get the product to perform the way it does, Fitmiss clearly is doing something right. From my perspective, they put just enough of the ‘right’ ingredients in here to make a winning formula. Those ingredients are namely caffeine, guarana seed extract, yohimbe, yerba mate, and possibly the chromium or cayenne. I do think the white kidney bean is a creative and flashy addition, but just am not sold on it as an effective means of mobilizing and oxidizing fat cells. Overall though, this is a pretty well constructed formula, even if it does try a little bit too hard.

Final Score and Summary:

Final Score: 9.3

  • Effectiveness: 9.1
  • Side Effects: -0.9
  • Packaging: 8.6
  • Ingredients: 8.5

Fitmiss Burn is one of, if not my favorite fat burning diet pill on the market today. The reviews essentially speak for themselves, and now I’m glad to add my own to help speak it’s praises. Adding to the final BPW score of 9.3 is the fact that Fitness Burn is reasonably priced at around $30.00 for the 23 serving container. It’s not the best deal in the world, but for such an effective diet pill, I’d say you should give Fitmiss Burn a try 

Allie Lewis

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