Surge Hers Review: If Only It Weren’t So Dang Expensive…

Posted on January 24th, 2017 By Allie Lewis in Pre Workout Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Surge Supplements is one of the newer brands making its way around the Instagram-o-sphere, and so last week I decided to grab one of their pre workouts to try out. In this Surge Supplements review, I’ll tell you what I think of the pre workout that I tried. I bought the Surge Supplements Surge Extreme Hers, which is their top selling pre workout for women. Being the Queen of Pre Workout reviews, I knew I needed to grab some Surge Supplements Hers Surge. Weird name right? Anyways. I tried this pre workout before my chest day this morning, and am ready to give you the load. That’s what he said? Lol. Alright enough fooling around. Here’s my full Surge Hers Pre Workout Review.

As you know, with these reviews, I usually spend a good amount of time babbling and rambling about my life. Usually love life. Jk. Well, I basically did in my last pre workout review, which was for Bradley Martyn’s Origin Pre Workout. I was quite fond of that product. (edit: Did you guys see that crazy video of Calum Von Moger ripping on Bradley Bradley for screwing him on the Origin deal?!) Mostly because I want to impress Bradley and marry him. Hehe. Okay but let’s talk about Surge now. I actually forget who’s Instagram I saw this on originally, but it was somewhere being touted by a tatted up fit chick. I know. That doesn’t really narrow it down. But yeah. I grabbed a jar of Surge Hers in the Miami Vice Flavor, which was so legit. I’ll start with the Surge Hers flavor. 

Surge Hers Pre Workout Tastes So Good. 

So good people. I actually might put this in my top ten pre workouts for women based only on flavor! JK I can’t do that. But I will tell you that this pre workout tastes phenomenal. The Miami Vice flavor is sweet, a little bit tangy, and actually has all the flavors of a real Miami Vice- except of course without the double shot of Rum that good old Allie would have dropped in it. With a floater on top. Lol. Ah missing the beach, people! But Summer will be here soon enough. Hm. Oh. As far as what’s the best flavor of Surge Supplements Extreme Surge Hers, I can’t really speak to that since I have only tried this one flavor. But my best guess is that Miami Vice is superior to the Strawberry Burst or Tropical Breeze. I bet the Tropical Breeze actually tastes similar to the Miami Vice though. Anyways. Let’s move to my thoughts on the formulation, before I tell you how this Surge Pre Workout performs. 

What are the Ingredients in Surge Pre Workout?

So Surge has two different pre workouts, the ‘mens’ Surge, which contains creatine, and noopept, and then this version of Surge Hers, which derives it’s energy from caffeine alongside some higenamine, hordenine, and synephrine. The highlights of this product, from a formulation standpoint, are that it si a totally non-proprietary blend, which means I can see each and every ingredient listed. Here are the ingredients in Surge Hers: 

Citrulline Malate

Beta Alanine



Choline Bitartrate



Mucuna Pruriens





Acetyl Tyrosine



Wow. Add on top of that a whole host of vitamins, and you can see Surge Pre Workout is quite the power-packed formulation. I do think this pre workout has a nice blend of stimulant ‘pop’, and traditional ‘tried and true’ ingredients to make it stand out from the pack from a performance standpoint. I think using hordenine AND higenamine might be a little bit of overkill, but let me tell you…

Surge Pre Workout Delivers in the Gym. 

It just does, guys. I don’t know if it was enough to crack our top three best pre workouts for 2017, but heck it’s going to be right there. It really is. I did a full-blown chest workout, with some calf work and some abs on top of it, and I can tell you that my favorite part about this pre workout was the energy, followed by a fantastic endurance element. There was no sign of fatigue anywhere in my body as Surge kept me motivated and crushing weights for about 75-80 minutes. I don’t think the strength factor was as pronounced as it was with something like the Bradley Martyn Origin pre workout, or even the Cellucor C4 Ultimate, but heck. This Surge Pre Workout does a number. I liked how my energy was balanced out with a good deal of focus, so that I could keep pushing that weight. I give it B plus on pumps, even though this isn’t my primary point of focus for a pre workout. But I did enjoy the fullness that Surge Hers gave me. Overall, this is an A on performance though. Let’s move on to our final pre workout grading criteria- the packaging. 

Surge Hers Labeling is Just Okay. 

Hers Surge pre workout could use a makeover. Let’s just put it that way. I think the name is a little awkward to begin with- is is ‘Surge Hers’? Or ‘Hers Surge’ or what? Either way it’s weird. The name ‘Surge’ isn’t terrible though. 

Visually, Surge pre workout suffers from a case of blandness that you sometimes see in these products. The Luxe Protein comes to mind, to name a product that suffers from a similar affliction. The white is just so boring. And the graphics are almost all text-based, leaving the eye nothing tasty to consume. I suppose there is a big old lightning bolt that lies in the background of everything, but it’s not nearly original enough to give the packaging a boost. 

I’d say the bright spots in Surge Hers Pre Workout packaging are the colorful strips on the top, that tell you what flavor it is. But other then that, yeah, it’s just boring. But. Hey. This is not that important. Surge Extreme Hers is still a wonderful pre workout. 

Hers Surge Pre Workout Review Summary

  • Flavor: 9
  • Performance: 9
  • Formula: 9
  • Packaging: 7.5
  • Value: 8.0
  • Final Score: 9.0

Surge Hers has an elusive combination of great taste and great performance that make it somewhat of a pink elephant in the pre workout world. I can forgive it’s inherent ugliness because I am such a fan of the powder inside. BUT. There’s a catch here. Surge Hers is $55 for one 30 serving tub. I don’t know how much money y’al make, but $55 is an AWFUL lot for a jar of pre workout. And that’s really the only thing keeping Surge Hers from being a 9.4 or 9.5. The price is just too high. But. Surge Supplements will be one to watch in 2017.*

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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