Xenadrine Reviews- Good Enough for Ronnie, Is it for You?

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The reviews of Xenadrine started pouring in a few years ago when the product first made it’s way onto the fat burning diet pill scene. Xenadrine became a key player mostly due to it’s promotion from the notorious Jersey Shore character Ronnie promoting the product. I took note of Xenadrine’s fat burning product because it had the backing of Ronnie. I guess he was pretty lean, right? Maybe it would do the same for me- (hopefully without giving me the roid-rage). Keep reading for my Xenadrine review!


The Xenadrine XT Diet Pill – My In-depth Review

My experience with Xenadrine XT was odd. As you know from my other reviews of the best diet pills on the market, you know that I give each product a fair shot. I gave Xenadrine a two-week window to morph my body and burn-off some stubborn body fat. Xenadrine’s product had big shoes to fill since I was coming off an incredible experience with Cellucor’s Super HD, which was dubbed the best fat burner for women of 2014. However, Xenadrine was given a fair shot to overthrow the incumbent. Here’s what I noticed as the key benefits of Xenadrine. 

Xenadrine Benefits: 

First off- I should mention that I used Xenadrine XT for the purpose of my review. I’m pretty sure that they make a myriad of products, but the one that I sampled was the one that GNC was promoting at the time. I’m also pretty sure that this is the exact model that Ronnie was supporting. 

Thermogenisis: While it might not always be a positive effect- the most notable ‘benefit’ of taking Xenadrine XT fat burner is that it creates a massive spike in your core body temperature. The goal is off course to burn fat- so it makes sense to make the product jack up the heat. When you increase your body temperature, metabolism picks up as the body works to try and cool it off. This leads to an overall increase in caloric expenditure- including some percentage of calories from fat being burned. On occasion, I do appreciate a good thermogenic. Like when I’m cold. Outside of that, I’m not all that crazy about feeling like my insides are filled with lava. Ok, so I’m being dramatic. But seriously- It’s not my favorite. For that reason, I’ve got to list the thermogenetic effects of this diet pill as both a benefit AND a side effect. 

Appetite Control: The second key benefit, and this one actually can be a great benefit- is that it creates a huge blunting effect on your appetite. Appetite control is super useful to me on numerous occasions. The best time for me to take an appetite suppressant is typically a few hours after a key meal. When I have a big meal, my blood sugar gets pretty high. The problem with that is when a few hours have gone by, my blood sugar starts to free-fall, and my brain tells me that I’m starving to death. Which- of course- is not true. But as you know, your brain can be pretty persuasive, especially when the dining hall is so near. That’s when I popped a few Xenadrine XT pills. Within a few minutes, my adrenaline was pumping, my metabolism was fired right up, and my hunger was banished. If you are looking for a strong appetite suppressant, then Xenadrine XT might be for you. 

Moderate Re-composition: The third and final benefit worth noting is that I did get a decent amount of re-comp from Xenadrine. As you know from my previous diet pill reviews, I’m incredibly in touch with my bod, and am usually able to pick up seemingly minor changes in my body composition and muscle tone. Particularly in the morning in that side light 😀 . You know what I’m talking about! Anyways, about a week into my trial with Xenadrine, I started noticing some strong definition in my lower abs. My body as a whole was also slightly leaner in general overall, but I definitely noticed the best progress below my belly-button, extending out around my sides. I love getting my ‘V’ lines nice and defined, so getting these to pop was enough to convince me that Xenadrine is certainly a product worthy of the BPW Fat Burners for Women top 10 of 2014. 

So Xenadrine definitely has some positive effects- but how about those cons? Keep reading to learn more about the things you may not like about this popular diet pill.

Xenadrine Side Effects

  1. Side Effect 1– Diminishing Returns: This is a side effect of some of the other fat burners that I’ve sampled, and I must say, it’s one of the most disappointing that I’ve experienced. I know many of you have had the same thing happen, so you know what I mean. You take a product for an amount of time with some promising results, and then all of a sudden, it’s like your body adjusts to the ingredients, and the results just stop happening. I’ve experienced this with some other fat burners, but not quite to the extent of Xenadrine XT. Now, it’s not totally fair for me to label this product as one that stops producing after a a few days, because I have been taking fat burners for a pretty long time now for the purposes of putting together the top ten for 2014. 
  2. Side Effect 2– Jitter Bug: I get tons of caffeine in my diet. Let’s be real. I review pre workout supplements in my free time. On top of that I have a cup of coffee basically after every meal (it helps me tell my crazy brain that eating time is over). Point being I’m a self-proclaimed stim-junkie. Now, even with my built up tolerance to caffeinated products, I still was going off the walls after two capsules of Xenadrine XT. Having a quick peak at the ingredient panel and it’s pretty easy to see why. Xenadrine has a whopping 270 grams of caffeine per 2 pill serving (which is what they prescribe). To put that into context- that’s the equivalent of about three cups of coffee. It’s also about double the amount found in most of the pre workout supplements. This is important for me to stress in this review because I know several of you aren’t going to have the same tolerance as I do, so if you do give Xenadrine a try, be aware of this side effect. 
  3. Side Effect 3– Slight Stomachaches: Ok, Ok. You’ve read my other reviews and you’re probably thinking “ya whatever Allie, you have a stomach made of glass!”. lol. Sigh. I guess I don’t really have a comeback for that one unfortunately. The fact is that a lot of these fat burners disagree with my stomach for whatever reason. Green Coffee is a pretty common denominator in those diet pills that do make me feel a bit queasy, so I guess I’ll just attribute it to that. But if you’re like me and can get thrown off by the occasional cup of joe or green tea, than you might want to go another route for your fat burner.

Xenadrine Ingredients:

Xenadrine’s supplement facts panel reads quite nicely. It hits all the classic thermogenic ingredients, and includes some of the trending extracts that have done really well for me in terms of trimming down some excess fat, and boosting my definition. Here are the spark notes of what each ingredient in Xenadrine XT is supposed to do for you: 

  • Caffeine: Caffeine is the most common ingredient in any supplement, and responsible for ~75% of the effectiveness of a product in my opinion. As mentioned before, Xenadrine has quite a stiff dosage of this famous additive- 270 whopping grams to be exact. Caffeine works by triggering the release of adrenaline in your brain, which then puts the body in a ‘fight or flight’ mode, which opens up pathways of utilizing fat for energy.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: GCB got thrown back into the spotlight just a few weeks ago as Dr. Oz, the mani who brought it mainstream, came under government scrutiny for potentially misleading or deceiving customers about it’s alleged effects. Green Coffee Bean is supposed to provide a tremendous amount of the arachidonic and caffeic acids that give coffee it’s (non-stimulant related) fat-burning qualities.
  • Sage Leaf: I had to do a little research on Sage- but to my understanding, it is included in Xenadrine (in conduction with L-Theanine), to help counter the stimulant effects of all that caffeine. I personally didn’t find this attempt to suppress the amount of caffeine successful, but I’m pretty sure that’s what the Sage is in here to do. It is also supposed to smooth tension in smooth muscle, and is therefore used to treat asthma attacks. 
  • L-Theanine: L-Theanine is another ‘smoother’, or counterbalance for the stimulants in Xenadrine. This amino acid supports dopamine production in the brain, which is the ‘feel good’ hormone that also has calming effects. I think if this ingredient had been doubled, or even tripled, it might have been more effective at reducing the jitteriness. My theory is that the folks at Xenadrine ran out of room in the capsusle to put more L-Theanine in. 
  • Yohimbe: Yohimbe is a trending fat burning ingredient that supposedly works through similar mechanisms as caffeine- by triggering a nor-epinephrine release and blocking the degradation process of cyclic AMP. I think.
  • Rhodiola Root Extract: Rhodiola Rosea contains over 140 chemical compounds, including phenols, rosins, rowins, organic acids, and terpenoids. While the exact mechanisms are less than clear, this plant, which was first found and used in Russia and Scandinavia is used to increase athletic performance, elevate mood, and reduce stress. This is one of my favorite ingredients in Xenadrine, and has always worked out nicely for me in terms of lifting up my mood, and brining out some of my cuts.

Xenadrine Packaging Review:

Xenadrine XT Xtreme Thermogenic has a pretty sweet packaging design. It’s a little aggressive for the female market, which is fine. I basically included it in this years top 10 because my friend scored a deal on some and gave me a bottle to try. The packaging is black with blue lightning bolts and bold typefaces. There are some cool yellow accents that really make it pop. I think the packaging matches the product super well because it really does feel like there’s a lighting storm going on in your synapses when you take this stemmed out diet pill. The product’s claims of ‘extreme energy’, ‘maximum intensity’, and ‘hyper thermogenesis’ are all pretty much spot on. This is more of an energy drink in a pill than anything else. From that perspective, I think Xenadrine becomes a successful product. Less as a fat-loss and re-comp agent, and more as a spark of energy. The label bumped this product up the rankings in this year’s BPW top 10 fat burners and diet pills of 2014. 

Final Score: 8.4


Xenadrine got an 8.4 overall and took home number 5 in the BPW top 10. Xenadrine scored highly in packaging, energy, and ingredients, however, some negative side effects took it down to the B-range.Not a bad outing for a fat-burner in my book. If you are looking for a product that primarily will light a fire under your butt and make you super-alert with tons of energy, than Xenadrine XT might be the best one for you. As always, take a peak at some other Xenadrine reviews before making your final call, but if you want my final opinion- I’d say if you have a strong stomach and can handle some serious stims then it might be for you. Just remember not to wreck your house and scream at your boyfriend. Ronniee!

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