213 Carbon Fire For Her Review: Be Cautious With This One

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You won’t find many Carbon Fire 213 Complex For Her Reviews online, and honestly I was having trouble finding just one. This is a product that was given to me to try by a really good friend of mine, and I was immediately curious how it would compare to my ‘go-to’ Vulcan fat burner which is the one I usually take because of safety/reliability. So in this Carbon Fire 213 For Her Review, I’ll tell you A. Does the product work? B. What is IN the product? C. How the packaging stacks up to the competition? As you know from my other fat burner reviews I’ll do my best to keep things good-natured and humorous. I do love when fat burner reviews come out positive, so keep your fingers crossed and let’s just cut straight to the chase and dive into the meat of my Carbon Fire 213 For Her Fat Burner review.

St. Louis. A place I don’t think I can see myself living, ever. It’s a place where some of my really good friends live though. One of my favorite all-time fitties, and the beautiful lady who introduced me to 213 For Her Fat Burner Complex Alexis lives in St. Louis, and coming off that crazy bachelor party from two weekends ago, I was really happy when she invited me into her lovely home. As we were all going out separate ways from the bachelor party, she was like ‘why don’t you just finally come see me in St. Louis?’. I thought to myself, yes, that’s a great idea. I’m hungover and feeling lousy and I know if I just go back to my lonely life in Santa Barbara I will not be a happy camper. So I went to St. Louis. It’s not exactly my favorite place put I had a great time with Alexis, and the crazy thing is that she actually had this fat burner that she wanted me to try. I told her I would do a review for her if she gave me a two-week supply. She did, and I flew back West excited to try my new product. So. Yeah! I’ve been taking 213 For Her for the past 2 weeks. I might as well start with the biggest, most important thing…

Does 213 Complex For Her Work? 

My time taking Carbon Fire 213 For Her Complex For Her Performance was, well, eventful. I started the first day I got back from four days of partying, followed by about ten days of not working out, and eating like overall crap. Needless to say, I was carrying about three extra pounds. And by three I mean seven. Here are the handful of things that I think are the most profound benefits of Carbon Fire 213 Complex:

  1. The first thing that struck me about 213 was the insane amount of cognitive effect that I felt, like right off the bat. Notice I said ‘effect’. Not necessarily ‘benefit’. Sure. The amount of wild energy, and sort of ‘high’ that you experience when you take Carbon Fire 213 Complex feels good while you are in the middle of it. But when you come down from that energy, it almost feels like you need it again. Maybe that’s just me over-thinking it, but as with anything that feels good, you do want more and more of it. Let’s start talking about actual weight loss though. 
  2. I was about 4 pounds heavier than I wanted to be, two weeks ago. And then after my two week stretch of taking this fat 213 fat burner, I was about 2.5 pounds heavier. So the point is that nothing really works so fast that you are going to reach your exact goals in just 14 days. But I absolutely assisted in my 1.5 pound weight loss by 213 Complex For Her. This product fires up your energy and metabolism like crazy. And the third effect is this: 
  3. Appetite control is much simpler. With some of these fat burners, they will claim to be an appetite suppressant, but then they actually won’t suppress your appetite. They will in some cases make you even hungrier than before. But with Carbon Fire 213 Complex For Her, you are seriously appeased when it comes to hunger. I didn’t want to eat very much at all for up to like 4 hours after taking my 213 fat burning pills. You just don’t desire the food. Sounds crazy but you’ll see what I mean. 

The last thing I’ll say in this performance section is that I listed the energy and cognitive impacts first for a reason. I don’t think that this is the right fat burner for a first time user, or for someone who is not used to taking products like this. There are too many advanced ingredients in here for the casual user. Let’s go over some of those now. 

Carbon Fire 213 Complex Formula Grade: 8.0

I don’t want to give this fat burner a ‘C’, but I also don’t want to be too generous to it and give a grade higher than what it deserves. My opinion on this formula is mixed. Just like my opinion on most things, lol. On one hand, this product seems appealing because of how many ‘serious’ fat burning and mood-boosters it has. I mean. Let me list all of the ingredients in 213 fat burner that I consider ‘serious’: 

PEA (also known as phenylethylamine, or sometimes phenethylalymine), PEA is a serious mood booster that most companies won’t use. 213 would probably be safer without it to be quite honest. 

Choline Bitartrate: This one is ‘serious’ but not really dangerous or edgy. I just listed it anyways because it’s in Carbon Fire 213 Complex For Her. 

DMAE: DMAE is also safe, but maybe overkill to include since they already have so much ‘focus’ going on in here. 

Sulbutamine: Sulbutamine would certainly fall under ‘edgy’. It’s very potent and expensive too, judging by the focus products I’ve bought that include it. 

Bacopa Monneri: This is an antioxidant that enhances focus and cognition. I like this one and it should not scare you. 

Caffeine: Not THAT edgy- but still effective. It’s dosed pretty high in 213 fat burner at 200mg / serving

Hordenine: You see this one in most pre workouts. It stimulates the brain and heightens alertness. 

Guarana: Guarana is used commonly in energy drinks and other energy supplements

Methyltyramine: Regulates dopamine, so it is also a ‘feel good’ ingredient

Synephrine: I love this stimulant. It’s like a milder ephedra

Cocoa Extract: A good source of theobromine which is why it’s included in Carbon Fire 213 Complex

Dendrobium: Super hardcore. Most companies don’t use this ingredient because of the ‘crash’ it can cause once the primary effects wear off. 

Yohimbine HCL: I really don’t like yohimbine for periods of time past a week or so. It just makes me feel jittery and breathless. 

Huperzine A: Yet ANOTHER nootropic. Holy cow. This one’s safe, but really. Enough is engouh. 

Coleus Forskohlii: This is a testosterone and thyroid nutrient that also has fat loss benefits.

Ok. So. You can see what I mean. This product uses a really dramatic amount of ‘serious’ brain boosting and energy boosting ingredients. I’m not really sure that ALL of these brain and energy ingredients are necessary, or even safe to take all at once. I would feel more comfortable if it was capped at just a few of them instead of having so many of them at once. Let’s talk packaging now. 

Carbon Fire 213 Complex For Her Packaging Grade: 7.4

Some companies know how to make things look good, and some don’t. Carbon Fire clearly THINKS they know how, but really, it’s not a good looking fat burner. I don’t think the white and pink is fresh enough to give people the sense of confidence that this product is the right one for their next fat burner for women purchase.

White as a background is fine, but what’s the point of using white if you aren’t going to put some really good looking graphics in front of it. 213 Carbon Fire is a plain jane design. You have that funky pink fire graphic that seems like it must be the ‘cool’ graphic these days because legitimately all of these products are using it now. Then the 213 is huge and noticeable on the front, but at the end of the day, what is it even supposed to mean? I think maybe it’s the temperature of fire? Maybe? I honestly don’t know. But I don’t think calling your fat burner a number is the smartest decision. The one thing I will give 213 credit for is the shade of pink they use is kind of nice. Kind of. It’s still not enough to overcome an overall poor design. I give the package design a ‘C’. Not good enough for me. 

Carbon Fire 213 Complex Review Summary


  • Carbon Fire 213 Complex Performance Grade: 8.9
  • Carbon Fire 213 Complex Formula Grade: 8.0
  • Carbon Fire 213 Complex For Her Packaging Grade: 7.4
  • Carbon Fire 213 Complex Value Grade: 6.5


Well. Here’s the thing. 213 has every ingredient under the sun. And you’ll PROBABLY lose weight with it. Not a doubt in my mind. But. There’s a tradeoff. Do you really want to put THIS many energy and nootropics in your body every day? I get that it’s expensive because of how much stuff they put in here, but I personally don’t find the value to be there for me. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t make it a good VALUE. I would think very carefully about what really matters before you pull the trigger on Carbon Fire 213 Complex Fat Burner For Her.

Carbon Fire 213 Complex Final Review Score: 7.8


Allie Lewis

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