Clutch Bodyshop Whey Protein Review: Tasty But Pricey

Posted on March 13th, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Clutch Bodyshop is one of those trendy, hipster companies that makes a pretty darn good Protein Powder. I’m finally getting a chance to write down my thought on this protein, and it’s an exciting time indeed. This is a protein powder that I was hesitant to try, just because it does LOOK a little bit intimidating. But let’s face it, I’ve tried more hardcore products than this. So I’m actually super glad that I did because Clutch Bodyshop Protein is a wonderful product. In this review I’ll tell you what I really like about it, and then also the few things I don’t like about it. I’ve had a chance to review both the chocolate and vanilla flavors of Clutch Bodyshop protein, and so I’ll make a big portion of this Clutch Bodyshop Review dedicated to the flavors and comparing which one is better. In addition to discussing the flavors, I’ll spend some time going over the product’s formulation, and packaging. Two other important factors that you should always take into account when considering a protein! Of course, it goes without saying that I’ll also spend a portion of this review babbling about myself and what’s going on in my life. That’s important to any protein review as well. Right? Lol. Let’s dive in headfirst and get things started on this Clutch Bodyshop review.

Clutch Bodyshop. I don’t really have a great handle on what this brand is all about. But I know they are a Southern California brand, so I suppose I was obligated to like them from the start. As I spent a little more time researching their brand culture and what they are all about, I started to get more and more excited about what they’ve been doing in the supplement space. They are a little bit like an ‘anti-supplement’ brand. They don’t use any artificial ingredients, whether that is on the flavoring side, or the coloring side, or anything of that nature. So I convinced my best fittie Alex to buy some of the vanilla flavor, and I got the dark chocolate flavor. We waited patiently for our protein to arrive, and when it did, we ripped them open, turned on an old Nickelback song, and started throwing it up in the air while screaming along to the lyrics. Er. Wait. Never mind. That was Friday night. And it was Coheed and Cambria, not Nickelback. And it was champagne, not protein powder. Lol. I need to grow up, I know. But. I actually did get a chance to try both flavors of Clutch Bodyshop this morning, and there are some pretty significant differences between the two flavors: 

What’s the Best Flavor of Clutch Bodyshop Protein? 

I found that each flavor of Clutch Bodyshop Protein was, well, very unique. I don’t know the last time I reviewed a product that had such dramatic difference from one flavor to the next. But I suppose that makes it easier for you, since you are considering making a Clutch Bodyshop purchase. The best flavor of this protein powder is, without a doubt, the Dark Chocolate. I know, I know. I’m basic. As you know from my other protein reviews, I’m a huge chocolate lover, and it’ll come as no surprise that this was my favorite flavor. But you never really can tell with protein powders. Some companies are super good at chocolate, and some are good at vanilla. Some are good at both- as are most of the brands in our Top Ten Protein Powders for women of this year. 

But if I had to describe the dark chocolate flavor of this particular Clutch Bodyshop protein powder, it has to be that of Lindt dark chocolate truffle. Maybe even Ghiaradlii 75%. Eh. Call it 82%. It’s a really strong, dark, nutty chocolate flavor. Almost to that level where your mouth feels dry at the end. I love that effect. Clutch has really and truly nailed the chocolate flavor. The sweet-tooth side of me wishes it was just a tad sweeter just because it is so bold in taste, but overall I really enjoy it the way it is. The vanilla however…

The vanilla flavor of Clutch Bodyshop Whey Protein Isolate Powder is sort of like, hm, let me think. You know that scene in Zoolander, where Will Ferrell is given the ‘foamy latte’ by his assistant, and then he intentionally spits it out everywhere, all over him? This was the type of reaction one can expect from drinking Clutch Bodyshop protein. It’s really a horrible taste. I don’t understand how the same product can be SO good with the chocolate flavor, and then this one was so, just ‘yuck’. To be fair, Alex said that I was out of my mind and that Vanilla Clutch Bodyshop was just fine. She did agree that the Dark Chocolate was better though. Overall as a whole, I’m going to give Clutch Bodyshop Whey an 8.5 out of 10 on the formulation. 

Clutch Bodyshop Protein Formula Grade: 9.0 

The formula is where brands like Clutch Bodyshop really shine. Similar to the last protein review I did, which was on the Fitness Guru One Whey, this is a very pure, very minimalist protein supplement. You will be hard-pressed to find protein supplements that are this clean. And basically this makes me want to go back and revise the flavor grades, because what they’ve managed to achieve in terms of taste, just by using stevia and natural flavors is totally impressive. Ready to see the full list of ingredients in Clutch Bodyshop protein? Get ready. It’s going to be super exciting! Here are the ingredients in Clutch Bodyshop: 

Ultra-Filtered Whey Protein Isolate

Ion-Exchanged Whey Protein Isolate




Aminogen Enzyme Blend


Natural Cocoa

Natural Vanilla

Xanthan Gum 

Acacia Gum

Guar Gum

Natural Flavors

Sodium Chloride

That’s the entire list. It does have just a few additional ingredients to add to the taste and texture- namely guar gum and acacia gum. And xanthan gum. Wow. Quite a bit of gum, actually. I think they could’ve cleaned things up just a touch by limiting the gum’s, but I’m not going to lose any sleep about it. The BCAA’s are a nice little touch, and add some additional recovery benefits to this Clutch Bodyshop Whey Protein. I like how they’ve also included the amount (just 1 gram), just so that you know they aren’t protein spiking. 

To sum things up from a formulation perspective- it’s just a really nicely composed, simple formula. There are only 100 calories, and 25 grams of protein- meaning you literally are consuming 100% pure protein, since 25g x 4 kcal per gram equals exactly your 100 calories. Nothing else extraneous. It’s like watching a timeless golf swing- there is no wasted motion. All purpose. It’s quite lovely. Another little benefit of this protein, and something that Clutch Bodyshop stresses heavily, is that their product uses 100% New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate, which is totally free of r-bst or r-bgh hormones or preservatives. It’s just that little extra selling point. That makes it (almost worth the price). 

Clutch Bodyshop Whey Protein Packaging Score: 9.0

Another ‘A’ for Clutch on the packaging. That’s pretty neat. This is a product that looks quite unlike most of the protein powders that you see on the market. Going back to that whole ‘anti-supplement’ thing. This protein powder just looks like a diamond in the rough, or more like a rebel standing in defiance of the status quo. There’s nothing normal about it. The package base is a black, totally black stand up pouch, with a very flat matte finish. The words ‘CLUTCH PROTEIN POWDER’ stand out as the only text on the front of the pouch, with the exception of the Clutch Bodyshop logo. The whole thing just looks like it’s going to punch you in the face. But in a weird way, you don’t feel at odds with it. You want to connect with it on a deeper level. You want to be one with it. I know that sounds super wishy-washy, but let it sink in a little. Sometimes designs like that take a minute or two to really connect with. And I know for me personally, I have connected with Clutch Bodyshop on a much deeper level now after having tried and used the product for a few shakes now. It’s a high quality product in an understated packaging that still screams out in it’s rejection of establishment packaging. See what I did there? Lol. 

Clutch Bodyshop Whey Protein Review Summary

Clutch Bodyshop Protein Flavor Grade: 8.5

Clutch Bodyshop Protein Formula Grade: 9.0 

Clutch Bodyshop Whey Protein Packaging Grade: 9.0


Clutch Bodyshop Whey Protein Value Grade: 8.0

So here’s the thing. You can tell that I really do enjoy almost everything about this protein. It tastes fantastic (well, the chocolate does, not the vanilla), it looks great visually, and it has a beautifully simple formula. The CATCH is the PRICE. At $40 for just 15 servings, you’ve better be in a really good financial place to be able to afford such a premium protein shake. Someday when I’m rich though, I’ll buy Clutch Bodyshop Whey Protein every time.* 


Clutch Bodyshop Whey Protein Final Review Score: 8.2

Allie Lewis

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