EVL Trans4orm Fat Burner Reviews: Too Strong for Me?

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EVL Nutrition Trans4orm Reviews are starting to come out online, and I figured it was as good a time as ever to get to posting my own experience with EVL Nutrition’s Thermogenic. In this EVL Trans4orm Review, I’ll do a handful of very important things for you. The most important thing is tell you if EVL Trans4orm works, meaning, does this little pill actually help you build a better body. I’ve been taking Transform for about two weeks now and I can tell you a few things about how it impacted MY body, and how you can expect it to perform for you. The second part of this fat burner review will concern the ingredients, and what is actually in EVL’s Thermogenic Complex. Here’s a little spoiler- this is a very stimulant intensive pre workout product. Like. VERY intense. The last part of this fat burner review will go over the packaging element. I like to grade the label designs of all the supplements that I review, because I’m a design nerd. Oh. And the only other thing you should know is that this review is going to be super informal and casual, so if you are looking for something more buttoned up and stiff, you might have to seek a different EVLUTION Nutrition review.

Lol. I knew you’d stay. Who wants a stiff review? Who wants a stiff anything for that matter? Well…dot dot dot…Lol. Oh boy. We are off on the right foot aren’t we now? Something like that. Ok. Reset. Compose yourself, Allie. Lol. EVL Nutrition. What do I know about the makers of the Trans4orm Fat Burner…hm…ah yes. EVL! The good old EVL ENGN pre workout. If you are a supplement dork like me, you know EVL ENGN is a pre workout that was banned from some of the big retailers for a while, because of concerns over one of the ingredients called picamilon. No, that’s not a Pokemon, that’s actually the name of a banned substance that the FDA deemed was not a good idea to be selling to 13 year old high school boys who want to get ‘swole’. So yeah, that’s about all I know about EVL…I have reviewed the original ENGN pre workout, and it was pretty awesome. Their stim free fat burner ‘Lean Mode‘ was also really good. So I was excited to see if I was going to get equivalent results from the brand fat burner, Trans4orm. So. Did I? 

Does Trans4orm Work? 

I’m going to give EVL Nutrition Trans4orm a performance grade of 8.8/10 on performance. As expected, this fat burner is stronger than most. I feel like the last handful of fat burners that I’ve reviewed have been on the ‘softer’ side, AKA they hardly had a direct impact on my physique and the way I looked. But I can honestly say that after two weeks on Trans4orm I have a slightly altered appearance in a few different ways. I can really distill this down to three main effects of the EVL Trans4orm fat burner: 

The first of the three effects that you will notice from Trans4orm is a change in the ‘problem’ areas where you store fat, or the areas where you have trouble gaining definition. For me, it’s the lats and lower back areas. I don’t think I can remember the last time my side obliques have shown through the skin quite like this. 

The second Trans4orm result I can say is that my water retention is down. The funny thing is that I haven’t caught myself urinating abnormally often, as is the case with some other fat burners, and especially those silly detox teas. But I certainly have a ‘drier’ look than I usually do. It’s most noticeable in my neck and face, which are usually quite buttery and soft-looking. 

The last effect of Trans4orm is not really tied to anything aesthetic, but more a remark on how you feel when you take EVLUTION Nutrition’s Multistage Thermogenic Complex. I found that after each dosage, lasting for about 40 minutes afterwards, I was very, VERY focused and energized. During those 40 minutes I could do anything, and do it well, and not be interrupted by anything. Ok, EVL, what did you guys actually put in here?? Let’s have a look at the supplement facts and find out…

EVL Nutrition Trans4orm Formula Grade: 8.8

Another high mark for EVL on the formulation. Even though I don’t see the ‘adderal’ in here like I expected to (only half-kidding folks), I do see a handful of things that are giving me a little bit of an ‘aha’ moment. As in ‘aha’ I know why I felt like I was on adderal after I took each dosage of EVL fat burner. 

In terms of fat burning ingredients, you are looking at two main ingredients. The first one is CLA, short of ‘Conjugated Linoleic Acid’. CLA is found often in red meats, which I admit I do NOT get very much of. It is supposedly a popular fat loss or dieting ingredient since I see it in almost every fat burner I review. NLA Performance and Jamie Eason also I believe have made entire products from the stuff. 

The second fat burning ingredient in Trans4orm is L-Carnitine L-Tartrate. I think some of the most well-made fat burners in the world build their fat burners around LCLT because of it’s versatility that extend beyond just fat loss. I always get results from L-Carnitine L-Tartrate. It’s to the point where if a fat burner works, I just know when I flip over the bottle and read the supplement facts that I’m going to see LCLT on there. It’s super good stuff. 

So those are the two real ‘fat burning’ ingredients. The rest of this formula is what I’ll call the Trans4orm EVL Adderal complex. It’s essentially the energy engine of a pre workout, put into pills. It’s like go-go pills. Here are the ingredients in the adderal complex: 


Choline Bitartrate 


Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine (A-GPC)

Synephrine HCI

Black Pepper Extract

Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract

Huperzia Serrata

So that right there is a stronger ‘nootropic’ or energy and focus complex than you will find in, like, 90% of pre workouts on the market. And pre workouts are generally stronger in that area than fat burners. They are trying to jack you up for a workout. But EVL has decided that they want to get you jacked up at all times of the day, with the mindset being, if they can elevate the metabolism (and therefore blunt hunger), you will lose weight. My body responded quite well to this. But. You should be very cautious when take EVL Nutrition Trans4orm that it’s quite stimulant-intensive. So if you’re a coffee drinker (or addict like me), you might want to consider cutting back, or even cutting OUT all other stimulants entirely. I love my stims as much as the next gal so you can bet this one would be tough for me, but at the end of the day, I have to listen to my doctor, who advised against over-stimulating. And EVL Nutrition Trans4orm is a really fast way to overstimulate. Trust me. But let’s talk packaging now. 

EVL Nutrition Trans4orm Packaging Grade: 8.8

Yet another B plus for Trans4orm! At least it is consistent. I think that this packaging falls somewhere between good and great. Somehow, EVL has totally commandeered this shade of blue and made it their own signature color. Similar to how Musclepharm has commandeered lime/neon green, when you see the EVLUTION blue, you know stuffs about to go down! I really like the name ‘Trans4orm’, because I think it reinforces the purpose of the product, while at the same time keeping a very close alignment with the EVL brand culture. Hm. That wasn’t the best way of saying it- but what I mean is, EVL has a very specific way that they name their products. AKA they use abbreviated, or stylized versions of the word. They use the word ‘Transform’ because the purpose of this product is to transform, or change the way you look. It’s a brilliant name for a fat burner. The other thing that I like about EVL Nutrition Trans4orm from an aesthetic standpoint is how the lid is wrapped in a fun, graphical EVL wrapper. It just feels good peeling that thing off and popping some Trans4orm into your mouth. The whole bottle is handsome in general. What more can I say. EVLUTION is good at the whole packaging thing. 

EVL Nutrition Trans4orm Review Summary

  • EVL Nutrition Trans4orm Performance Grade: 8.8
  • EVL Nutrition Trans4orm Formula Grade: 8.8
  • EVL Nutrition Trans4orm Packaging Grade: 8.8
  • EVL Nutrition Trans4orm Value Grade: 8.8

Well that is a first! EVL has received the same score across literally EVERY criteria of my fat burner reviews. That just does not happen very often. I found EVL Trans4orm to be well above average on performance, formula, appearance, and value. They also make a powdered drink version of this product that I would very much like to try at some point. I like the results, but think it may be a little too stimulant intensive for most folks.*


EVL Nutrition Trans4orm Final Review Score: 8.8

Allie Lewis

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