Fit Tea Fat Burner Review: I Would Take A Pass on This One.

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My Fit Tea Fat Burner Review is going to be epically awesome. Wow, apparently ‘epically’ IS a word. Who knew. Fit Tea is of course the popular Instagram brand that has billions of followers for some reason. If you can already sense some bitterness in my tone towards Fit Tea, then, yeah, you’re on the mark. I actually don’t much care for these new hipster tea companies because I don’t believe that they do as much for you as real fat burners. I also think they are dramatically over-priced and, well, just sort of a scam. But more on that in the meat of the Fit Tea Fat Burner review. Let me just outline what I’m going to tell you in this review. The first thing that you should know about Fit Tea is the benefits and if this product worked for me. I’m not going to blow smoke up your behind and tell you a product is worth buying if it doesn’t work. So make sure you pay closest attention to this key part of the review. After that, I’ll discuss the ingredients in Fit Tea Fatburner. What is in these pills that makes them either work, or not work? You’re going to find out. The last criteria is of course the packaging review. And oh boy will that be fun. This product looks horrid, aesthetically speaking. As usual, my review will be filled with sass, inside jokes, and other generally snarky-ness. So let’s get started with this FitTea Fat Burner Review.

Fit Tea is just never going to be NOT on my S-H-I-T-list. I wish I could do a better job explaining just WHAT exactly it is that I hate about these hipster tea companies, but alas I seem to be lost for words. Just like when I broke up with my boyfriend two nights ago. (I wish I was joking). Sigh. I swear I’m NOT taking my heartache out on Fit Tea. I swear. Ok. Mm. Yeah. Like. These ‘Tea’ companies just rub me the wrong way. They just give these crappy generic teas to the skinniest little fitties on Insta and everyone thinks it’s a miracle tea. It’s TEA people. It’s just freaking TEA. There’s nothing ‘fit’ about it. By default TEA contains things that make you FIT, like caffeine and green tea extract. But you’re never going to get as much of that good stuff from these stupid teas as you would when it’s extracted. So just take the pills. I’m at least thankful that Fit Tea does make a pill form of fat burner, which I’m going to tell you about right bookin’ now. Whatsup reference. LOL. Ok- so Does Fit Tea work? 

Does Fit Tea Work? 

The tea itself doens’t. Like. At all. I guess I didn’t follow the instructions to an exact ’T’ but I hate detoxes more than almost anything in the world. So get off me. But I WAS optimistic about the fat burning pills since I actually have had some great results with fat burners in the past (some of my favorite fat burners listed here). So the way these reviews work is I take the product for a two week stretch to see if it can work it’s magic on me. Sometimes I give you one big mouthful of a summary about if I say any effects but today I’d rather just tell you the three things you can expect when you take Fit Tea fat burner. It’ll save me some time that I would usually just be rambling nonsense to you, and honestly these are the only three things that happen when you take Fit Tea Fat Burner so there’s not much else you need to know. Here are my top three effects of Fit Tea Fat Burner. Well, not ‘top’, rather ‘the only’: 

  1. The first effect you notice with each dosage of Fit Tea fat burner is a pick-me-up in energy and focus. Like all successful fat burners (I’m not calling this one successful just yet mind you), this fat burner depends heavily on caffeine to procure it’s effects. The boost isn’t the same type you get from a cup of coffee where you are super wired and semi-jittery, but more of a smooth, calm, focus. I’d almost compare it to the feeling of taking some of the milder pre workouts like Sexy Strong Fuel, or the more recently released Carbon Prep by Layne Norton. 
  2. The second effect you get when you take the Fit Tea fat burner is that you definitely DO eat less after consumption. I don’t think there’s a ton of crazy science behind this one other than the stimulant element to Fit Tea. Caffeine is an ingredient that naturally blunts your desire to eat. So in theory, this is the main mechanism that is going to cause weight/fat loss. Some folks will say it’s increase metabolism, but for someone like me with fast metabolism anyways, the appetite suppression is always going to be more responsible for the weight loss. So that’s bringing me to point number three- does Fit Tea cause weight loss?
  3. The third thing you MIGHT notice from Fit Tea is some weight loss. I can tell you that after two weeks I actually did lose weight. BUT. (There’s always a ‘but’ isn’t there?) I dosed this product 50% HIGHER than what they recommended. That’s because I’m slightly bigger than most women and I know that they tend to err on the side of under-dosing, just so that you don’t end up taking way too much and going over the top and getting sick or nauseous. But I’m here to tell you that if you weight over 120 and you want to actually see results from Fit Tea Fat Burner, take 3 capsules instead of 2. I saw some changes in my abs, thighs, and, eh, maybe not my buttocks. The badonk is looking pretty solid still. But…yeah. I will give Fit Tea a respectable 8.6 on the results and performance criteria. But yeah, I was surprised that this product actually did do me some good given it’s a pretty unimpressive formula:

Fit Tea Fat Burner Formula Grade: 7.0

Fit Tea really shows their relative inexperience with fat burning pills when you take a look at this formula. Their isn’t a whole lot going on in this formula that makes you get really excited. I mean. I guess if you drink the Doctor Oz Kool-Aid you might get aroused when you hear the word ‘African Mango’, but I personally have never believed in this ingredient. Give me some good old fashioned Citrus Aurantium anyday. Better yet, make it Advatra-Z like you get in VULCAN, because that stuff works like crazy fast. Hm. What else is in this Fit Tea pill. Yo uhave some macqui berry and acai…not going ot sugar-coat it, these are pretty much useless…The green tea extract is of course a good inclusion, as is resveratrol. I always wonder how much red wine you REALLY need to drink to get the adequate amount of resveratrol. I think it’s a decent amount. I’m also pretty sure if there is anyone that DOES consume the adequate amount of red wine to get the benefits, it’s me. LOL. That’s basically the whole formula folks. Add in the caffeine, and then Apple Cider Vinegar, Kelp, and Grapefruit powder (seriously?), and that is all. So 9 ingredients total:

  • African Mango
  • Macqui
  • Acai
  • Green Tea
  • Resveratrol 
  • Caffeine
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Kelp
  • Grapefruit Powder

Again. This isn’t the most scientifically advanced formula that you will see. But it is strangely effective when you take enough of it. Let’s talk about the packaging now, shall we? 

Fit Tea Fat Burner Packaging Grade: 6.5

This product performs ok, but oh BOY does it look ugly to me. the bottle is a very plain, boring white and the label is a truly hideous orange color. Now. You know from reading my other reviews that nothing bugs me more than the black and pink color schemes that 99/100 companies use for their fat burners. And you know that nobody appreciates an unconventional label more than me. But this one is just not done tastefully. Fit Tea actually looks alot like the vitamins that you get from Costco. And that’s why I have such a hard time appreciating the design. It just does not look good to my eye. The shades of green are subdued and just ugly alongside the orange. There’s no putting this nicely – this is just one terribly ugly-looking product. I understand that they wanted to highlight the African Mango- and maybe using orange was the best way that they saw fit to do that. But they’ve done this a the expense of the overall aesthetic. I give them a D on design. Better luck next time, Fit Tea designers. 

FIt Tea Fat Burner Review Summary

  • Fit Tea Fat Burner Performance Grade: 8.6
  • Fit Tea Fat Burner Formula Grade: 7.0
  • Fit Tea Fat Burner Packaging Grade: 6.5
  • Fit Tea Fat Burner Value Grade: 7.5

Ok. So here’s the thing. For $35, Fit Tea seems like a pretty good deal, right? Well. Yes and no. Yes if you are taking just 2 capsules- but I tried taking 2 capsules and it just does not work very well at that dosage. So effectively you are getting 20 servings for your $35 jar. This STILL wouldn’t be such a bad value, but when you look at these ingredients, this is a very entry-level, basic formula that just isn’t worth that money per serving. I’d take a pass on Fit Tea Fat Burner.*


Fit Tea Fat Burner Final Review Score: 7.7

Allie Lewis

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