Genetx Burn for Her Review- A Winner or a Dud?

Posted on August 3rd, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Hi everyone welcome to my Genetx Burn review! In today’s in-depth article I’ll detail the performance of this new fat loss supplement, and basically let you know if it’s worth trying. As with all fit life Allie reviews I’m going to start by rambling about nothing in particular just because I know you love hearing about what’s going on in my life. Eventually we will get into talking about Genetx Burn Fat Burner for Her, which is actually a pretty decent performing product. I’ll tell you about the main effects that I personally noticed from taking Genetx Burn, and also tell you about any downsides or side effects. We will then discuss the supplement facts panel and list out all the ingredients in this fat burner. I’ll follow that up with a brief commentary on what my favorite ingredients within the product are. Lastly we’ll talk about the labeling and appearance of Genetx Burn. At the very end we’ll review all the information and award a final grade to Genetx Burn. So. How about we dive in with this Genetx For Her Burn Review!

 Wow.  Did anyone else have an absolutely disastrous weekend in terms of diet and exercise? Or just life in general? Because I definitely did. Don’t get me wrong- I love having fun as much as anyone. But for some reason I feel like I have a tendency to go overboard sometimes and try and get all my fun out at once. It’s almost like by behaving so strictly for so long in terms of diet and exercise that you have all this pent up energy to release at once.

And unfortunately I think I released way too much energy at once. Me and my fitties actually went to a super high-energy rave (aren’t you too old for that, Allie?). Ugh. Yes. I think I probably am. But hey I’m on the right side of 30 still. Yolo, right?

So we went to this show (don’t worry we are going to talk about Genetx Burn soon), and I think I basically just got caught up in the moment and went a little too far with everything. And this was coming off the heels of a super aggressive Friday night out, too. How does everyone else even do back-to-back nights out anymore? O, wait. With drugs. But anyway. The long story short is- I felt absolutely horrid yesterday and honestly still kind of feel that way.

That’s why today I started taking Genetx Burn Fat Burner for Her. I know. Usually I give these things a little while before I put down the review. But what I’ll do is post up this review, and then edit it later to give you a little bit of sense of how it performed over the span of a few weeks. But anyways, here are the main effects that you can notice in the short term:

Genetx Performance Review Grade: 8.7

I’ve been reviewing these products or long enough to know that Genetx Burn is going to provide a nice little change in my physique over the course of the next few weeks. The key effects that you will notice right from your first dosage are as follows: 

  1. First thing that you will notice from this little Fat Burner is that there’s an immediate kick of energy. I took it on an empty stomach the very first thing this morning. Within just a few minutes I could feel some positive energy start to fill my body. This was such a welcome feeling after the, er, crap I was putting in my body all weekend. The familiar feeling of caffeine buzz overtook my mind and believe it or not inspired me to write this review. I don’t know if I’m imagining it or not, but I feel like this fat burner has given me a greater sense of focus than some of the other fat burner reviews that I’ve done.
  2. The second effect that goes hand-in-hand with the energy is a sort of thermogenesis that you can actually feel right from the get-go. What I mean by that is that you almost start to get a baby sweat going even though you are not really in a hot environment (from a temperature perspective). The thing I noticed was that within about 20 minutes of taking Genetx Burn Fat Burner for Her, I started to accumulate a little bit of sweat on my brow. You’re probably thinking that this would be unpleasant- I mean, who wants to be sweating for no reason? Nobody, right? Well usually I am with you on that one. But this wasn’t like a total body sweat. You can just feel your pores opening up a little bit as a result of your increased body heat and metabolism. It’s not so bad. 
  3. The third effect that I can already tell is going to be a factor is the diuretic properties of the product. Now I can’t tell if this is a result of some specific diuretic ingredients or if it’s purely a function of the caffeine content (a diuretic in it’s own right), but I have already peed like four times since taking it two hours ago. I don’t know if this is necessarily a side effect of Genetx Burn, but just something I’ll keep my eye on. Now that you know some of the key Burn Fat Burner for Her effects, I want to discuss the supplement facts and ingredients.

Genetx Burn Fat Burner Ingredients Review Grade: 8.8

I’m giving Genetx Burn a decent grade on the ingredients side of things because I really think it’s a well thought-out complement of ingredients. The problem that I have with it is that it’s just a 1 capsule serving size. That basically means that while the ingredients themselves are formidable, there really just isn’t enough raw material in each dosage to make it incredibly effective like some of the others I’ve tried that advise a three, or even four pill serving size.

Here are the ingredients in Genetx Burn Fat Burner For Her:

The things that I like about this supplement facts panel are the caffeine, the Synephrine, and also the white willow bark. I like products that incorporate more than one source of caffeine (such as my favorite White Rapids pre workout). This Genetx Burn Fat Burner uses 100mg of regular caffeine alongside almost 70mg of Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate. I’m pretty sure this is why I got such a unique rush of energy when I took the product, since it uses the special form of caffeine.

Genetx Burn Packaging Grade: 7.5

From an appearance standpoint, this product falls short in my opinion. That’s what you can say about my ex-boyfriend as well. LOL. But seriously. Genetx Burn Fat Burner for Her leaves something to be desired when it comes to packaging. The black backdrop is fine, but honestly I am not crazy about the product name, or even the color of the product name. Silver and hot pink/purple do not go well with the silver in my opinion. Pink and black has really been beaten to death by the supplement industry. I really think it’s time that someone came in and dared to swim against the current. Like. There are other cool color combinations out there! You can still make a package seem feminine without using trashy pink. Other things thaat I don’t really like are the silly ‘molecule’ graphics that spawn from the Genetx logo, and I also don’t really like the linear borders along the top and bottom of the label. It’s just so basic. It’ s soo basic. Like me this weekend. Insert frowny face. LOL. Ok let’s wrap this review up and get outta here.

Genetx Burn Review Summary:

  • Genetx Burn Performance Review Grade: 8.7
  • Genetx Burn Fat Burner Ingredients Review Grade: 8.8
  • Genetx Burn Packaging Grade: 7.5
  • Genetx Burn Value Grade: 8.0

I’m giving Burn a final grade of 8.6. It gives you a nice sensation of energy and focus right off the bat, while giving some promising benefits from a thermogenic standpoint. I can tell it’s going to be a sound performer for me when it comes to fat loss. I don’t think the value is so great at around $1.50 per serving. I just don’t think the formula is special enough to command such a price point. But overall this is an average product. If you have your heart set on it- give Genetx Burn a try. You might like it.*


Genetx Burn Review Final Score: 8.6

Allie Lewis

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