Katalyst Hypercor Review: An Average Kitchen Sink Diet Pill

Posted on August 5th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Hello hello and welcome to yet another Fit Life Allie supplement review. I’m jazzed up and refreshed and ready to go today so put your hard hat on and let’s get to it. Today we are reviewing the Hypercor fat burner slash diet pill from Katalyst Nutraceuticals. Yes that’s Katalyst with a ‘K’. And don’t you forget it! LOL. In this in-depth review we’re going to talk about how this fat burner works over the course of a three week trial run with the product. Holy crap this song is good. (Paul Van Dyk ‘Lights’ Remixed by Giuseppe Ottaviani). Ok back to Hypercor. Wow we aren’t even past the summary yet and I can’t even keep my focus here. I love ADD. Not. Hypercor. Yes. We are going to talk about if this product actually burns fat and can help you lose a few pounds. We are going to talk about any side effects, and of course spend some time focusing on the formula itself. As with EVERY Fit Life Allie review we are also going to break down the label design and make fun of it, so please do stay tuned for that. Woo. Intro is over. Let’s get serious and talk about Hypercor. My goal of course at the end of this Hypercor review is to first and foremost entertain you, but secondarily, help you decide if it is right for you. Let’s hit it!

 First for some housekeeping. You’ve probably noticed some changes around here. Namely that my site is less slow, more secure, and, well, just plain sexier. I know y’all loved the BPW branding and 8 second page load times, but, honestly it was getting downright frustrating for all of us. So I do hope you appreciate the time and effort I put into my website to deliver YOU, my beautiful audience, your supplement reviews in a more beautiful architecture. 

To go along with the site overhaul, is my decision to start expanding my horizons beyond just supplement reviews and to start posting on a few other topics with regard to health, fitness, and maybe just life in general. I’ve kept the spirit of Fit Life Allie very tightly focused on supplement reviews- but many of you have expressed an interest in knowing more about me and what my ‘Fit Life’ really entails. So going forward I’ll be posting on all kinds of different things! I do hope it is well-received. I promise I’ll keep the content fresh and of course highly entertaining. Ok. Housekeeping over. Let’s dive into some Hypercor!

Katalyst Hypercor Performance Grade: 8.7

First thing you need to know about Hypercor is that there is no ‘E’ at the end of the product name. LOL. You probably didn’t expect that sentence to end like that. I crack myself up. No.  I’ll give you the sparknotes on what I think of Hypercor before I start my babbling. Even though I know you love it. 

Hypercor is a mildly effective diet pill. Very rarely do I come on here singing the praises of a fat burner because at the end of the day I believe that fat burning and weight-loss fall on the shoulders of the individual. If I lose five pounds, I want the credit for it, damnit. 

Funny thing is, I kind of do need to lose five pounds. In the last few months I think that I got so caught up in the spirit of making gains on my lifts and just getting ‘stronger’, that I for sure lost a little bit of my conditioning. And I mean that in the bodybuilding dictionary sense of the word- as in- I was not as lean as I like to be. My midsection, while stronger, was just a little soft and ‘blah’ looking. Where I am so used to seeing my usual striations and separation, I was seeing just blah Allie stomach fat. Of course I’m my own worst critic and I still look effing fab, but it is not acceptable for me. Enter Hypercor. 

It sounds like the name of a sci-fi device slash weapon or something. But alas. It’s a diet pill. And by gosh I wanted it to be the most hardcore, fat-obliterating diet pill around. I took Katalyst Hypercor twice per day- and I’m actually going to tell you about a few side effects that I noticed while on the product. 

The Hypercor Side Effects are not overly exaggerated or pronounced so don’t read these expecting them to be the deal breaker- but DO be aware of them. 

  1. Green Tea Belly: My little brother has a joke he has from discovering an intolerance slash allergy to corn that if he ever has stomach discomfort, he has ‘corn belly’. Well, the first time I took Hypercor, I definitely got ‘Hypercor Belly’. Looking at the supplement facts for an hour and a half, I finally deduced why. It’s for sure the green tea extract. If you are sensitive to green tea the same way I am, you might want to steer clear of Hypercor, or at the least make sure you take it after eating so that you don’t get ‘Green Tea Belly’. 
  2. The second and only other side effect of Hypercor I’m going to call out in this review is that you should really consider limiting other caffeinated products in your life. If you are a coffee or pre workout addict (or BOTH in my case), adding another source of caffeine like Hypercor might give you that burnt out feeling. During the three weeks that I was on Hypercor, there were days that I would take both it and pre workout and I will admit that at the end of those days I felt like I got hit by a bus and ironically had trouble sleeping to boot. You know when you are so tired that you can’t even sleep? Yeah, that’s the sign of adrenal fatigue. You want nothing to do with it, trust me.

Getting back to the performance and benefits of Hypercor in a positive sense- I’ll tell you the key areas where Hypercor is going to help you out.

The first benefit of Hypercor that I noticed was just sheer weight loss. I wish that I could tell you that the primary benefit was aesthetic, and that my abs magically came back and I was lean AF, but alas, that wasn’t the case. However, what I was, was hella lighter. (For you non-californians, ‘Hella’ means very, or alot). After my three weeks on Hypercor I was actually 3.5 pounds lighter than I was when I started. Now. I also did way more cardio and ate a little bit cleaner (with the exception of the fourth of July disaster). But I think Hypercor did help me lose those few pounds.

Other things I did like about Hypercor were that the focus element was actually marked. I actually used it before getting some of my web-dev work done that I was way more focused and could really crank out some of the super delicate work that requires a ton of focus. It’s one of the more underrated effects of these fat burners in my opinion, but makes a huge difference if you know how to use them. 

Ok so that’s pretty much all I’ve got for you in terms of performance. Let’s talk about what is actually in Hypercor that allows it to perform the way that it does.

Katalyst Hypercor Ingredients Grade: 8.6

Ugh. I almost don’t even want to jump into this section because the Hyperor supplement facts panel is like something out of a textbook. A chemistry textbook. Only longer. And harder to understand. LOL. But seriously. If there was ever a perfect example of the ‘kitchen sink’ formula- this is it. There is literally every fat burner ingredient under the sun in this diet pill. The only things it’s missing is wifi and cable televison. You could live IN Hypercor. in the roughly 2 grams per serving that you get with each dosage of Hypercor, there are a total of 28 different ingredients. TWENTY EIGHT. That’s ridiculous. This laundry list of ingredients are divided among 6 proprietary blends so that you have no idea how much of each ingredient is actually in here. I’m going to list off each of the six blend names and then tell you what the primary ingredient within each is.

  1. Thermo-Lipolysis Blend: Coleus Forskohli Root and Raspberry Ketones are housed within this part of the blend. I know the ketones are supposed to burn fat, and I believe Coleus Forskohli is supposed to raise or elevate testosterone levels which in turn will positively effect body composition. I’m not that crazy about this element of the product because test boosters make me nervous! But it probably doesn’t really do that much.. right?  
  2. Neuro-Phoric Blend: Some super hard to spell stuff is in here, and I’m assuming these ingredients are what give Hypercor it’s remarkable focus-enhancing capabilities. One of them is Beta-Phenylethylamine, or ‘PEA’. PEA is a mood enhancer. 
  3. Lipo-Adrenaline Blend: I think they meant Adrenalin not Adrenaline. But never-the-less. This part of the formula is the ‘engine’. It contains the caffeine, green tea, synephrine, and yohimbe. This is literally the only part of the formula that does anything (or at least responsible for ~80% of the effect.
  4. Adrenal-Cortical Suppression Blend: Ashwagandha and Magnolia Bark are the stars of the show in this part of the formula. I’ve never been a huge ashwagandha fan, but it is supposed to help you manage and reduct stress.
  5. P57 Appetite Suppression Blend: Hoodia is the only ingredient in the appetite suppression blend. I forget what it’s supposed to do. Googling.. and.. looks like it’s a natural appetite suppression. I guess I could have guessed that, considering it’s in the ‘natural appetite suppression blend.. LOL. Airhead.
  6. Bioavailability & Delivery Blend: This contains white willow bark and capsaicin powder extract to fire up the metabolism and shuttle nutrients into the bloodstream. Some Bioperine is in there as well. 

Overall I don’t mind this formula. I think it’s a little excessive, but it clearly has some big-money formulator behind it. Like. Even I had to google some of the stuff in there. But it clearly is effective at helping lose some weight. I do like it. The packaging on the other hand…

Hypercor Packaging Review: 7.0

I’m giving Hypercor a C minus on packaging because it’s a horrible design. It’s boring and white with way too much text on the front panel so that you can’t make heads or tails of it. I think the point is to make it look as clinical and serious as possible, so that you get the impression that it’s ‘pharmaceutical grade’ or whatever. I’ve never been a fan of this branding and packaging because I think it starts to cross the line between clever and deceptive. Like, come on guys. Make it hot pink and black and shiny and make it clear that it’s a friggin supplement. For most of us we won’t fall for the ploy, but you KNOW so many people buy this thinking it’s like, pharmaceutical-strength prescription weight loss drug. And that’s all I have to say about Hypercor’s crappy packaging. Let’s summarize this thing and get outta here!

Katalyst Hypercor Review Summary:

  • Katalyst Hypercor Performance Grade: 8.7
  • Katalyst Hypercor Ingredients Grade: 8.6
  • Hypercor Packaging Review: 7.0
  • Katalyst Hypercor Value Grade: 8.0

I paid over $50 for this fat burner at Nutrishop and I sort of go back and forth on whether it’s really worth it. At 40 servings per container- it’s not that bad of a value, and after all it IS a solid formula. Are there better options out there? Sure. But if you’re looking for something at Nutrishop, then Hypercor isn’t a bad choice.*

Katalyst Hypercor Final Review Grade: 8.8


Allie Lewis

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