1Up Nutrition Her Pro Pump Review: Tastes Good, Performs Ok

Posted on June 1st, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Pre Workout Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Todays’ review will be focused on Her Pro Pump- the women’s pre workout from 1Up Nutrition. I’ll talk about everything and anything related to this new sports supplement to help you decide if it’s worth a spot in your supplement cupboard. Er, wait, you don’t have a supplement cupboard? Doesn’t everyone? LOL. 1Up has found it’s way into MY supplement cupboard with this pre workout, and I’ll tell you why. We’ll talk about the flavor, the supplement facts, ingredients, labeling, and of course we’ll focus mainly on performance so that you know if this stuff actually works! As usual I’ll wrap things up with a review summary (aka the cliff notes)- so if you’re looking for the short version you can just scroll all the way to the bottom. Without further ado, then, let’s jump right in: My official BPW 1 Up Nutrition ‘Her Pro Pump’ review!


If you’ve been waiting patiently for us to release the Official BPW Top Ten of 2015, then you were in for a much needed surprise last Friday, as we FINALLY got the final nominees in and reviewed for the ‘best pre workout’ list. Pretty late, I know. But hey, at least we got it published before June first, right? As you know if you’ve been a longtime reader of the blog, though, there is no rest for the weary. There are always new products for us to try out. Always new prospective products for your supplement cupboard. It’s our responsibility to make sure that you’re getting all the information that you need to know about these products from somewhere you trust. Or at least somewhere that makes you laugh. Of course we fill both criteria here at the BPW. 

1 Up Nutrition came across my radar on Instagram (of course). I was just browsing my daily feed of mostly nude bodybuilders and fitness models when I happened across one of them promoting a sports supplement. Whenever I see this my eyes light up because I know that it’s new material for the blog. This particular product was actually a BCAA product and the model had made a sort of summer slushie out of it. A pretty cool idea that I’ve actually copied with my own BCAA’s. When I did a little bit of research on the company I saw that they have this pre workout called Her Pro Pump. A pretty awful name if you ask me. But this is the product that we’re going to focus on today. Let’s start our un-dressing of this product with a close evaluation of the supplement facts. That’s right. We’re doing things BACKWARDS today and starting with the ingredients.

Her Pro Pump Formula Grade: 8.4

What’s in Her Pro Pump? Well. Looking at this formula it’s really a pretty basic blend of classic pre workout ingredients. As usual there is very little in this product that makes it a ‘women’s’ product. I’ll list out the ingredients and then we’ll discuss with a few more broad strokes just what this product is on paper.

Performance & Endurance Blend:

  • Taurine
  • Caffeine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Advantra-Z Citrus Aurantium
  • Glucuronolactone
  • Glycerol Monostearate

Muscle Toning Workout Blend:

  • L-Arginine AAKG
  • AgmaPure Agmatine Sulfate
  • AmentoPump Selaginella Tamariscina Extract
  • L-Citrulline Malate
  • N-Methyltyramine HCI
  • L-Ornithine AKG
  • CarnoSyn Beta Alanine

Some of the highlights in this product include the Advantra-Z synephrine, the AgmaPure agmatine sulfate, and even the AmentoPump. So, yeah basically all the patented ingredients. I always respect when a company shells out for the patented versions of the ingredients. It shows me that they care more about the product performance than their margins. The effects are always noticeable too. What I’m not too crazy about with this formula is the fact that it doesn’t have a 100% transparent label. That means that while all the ingredients are listed out, we don’t actually know how much of each ingredient is in here. We can make educated guesses based on the overall quantity listed out in each part of the blend, and also on the ordering of each item within there, but we’ll never really know for sure. But overall this is a decent formula. It’s not spectacular, and it’s not bad at all. That’s why it gets a solid ‘B’ on this aspect.

Her Pro Pump Flavor Grade: 8.8

1Up Nutrition did not exactly get very far outside the box with the flavoring of Her Pro Pump. But then again, did they really need to? The flavor that I got was the fruit punch. This was also the only option available. I kind of wish they had released something a little more creative than fruit punch, or at least offered a few more options. But it is what it is. I mixed a scoop and a half of the red powder into 12 ounces of icy cold water. Her Pro Pump mixes up pretty well with minimal clumping or settling. I expected as much since there aren’t any amino acids in there (those usually don’t mix very well), but so far, so good. My first sip was exactly as I expected. It’s the same fruit punch flavor that you’ve been drinking since you were four years old and Mom makes up a batch of Hawaiian Punch on a hot Summer day. (Still sounds good, doesn’t it?!). The flavor is sweet and tart, and quite refreshing. The only reason that I’m not giving Her Pro Pump a higher grade on flavor is just because they played it so safe. To get a really solid score from me on flavoring, you have to go above and beyond. Show me a flavor that I’ve never seen before. Show me a flavor that I’ve never even THOUGHT OF before. That’s what I want from 1Up Nutrition next time they’re sitting at the drawing board for Her Pro Pump. So the flavor is about as you expect to be. How does this pre workout perform? 

1Up Nutrition Her Pro Pump Performance Grade: 8.6

Her Pro Pump performed quite well for me. It didn’t blow me away like some pre workouts have recently, but it certainly got the job done. Today was one of those rainy mondays that I really had to motivate myself from the inside to get in the right frame of mind for the workout. You’ve had those days, right? Like. You feel like you just don’t have it. Something is still sore from last week. The weather is crappy. That feeling starts to creep in that you must be over-trained and need a rest. 

And that’s when I (and probably you, too) put on one of my favorite motivational youtube videos, pour out a nice stiff pre workout drink, and overcome the mental obstacles. It’s on these types of days that I’ve really surprised myself and had some fantastic workouts. Today was such an example. 

I set out to do a hang clean workout- one of the most physically and mentally workouts of the week. It can be such a mental block to get that heavy bar into the right position to perform the hang clean with the proper form. Today I went right up to my all-time max of 155 pounds. I put 165 on for one try even though I really was not feeling it at all. But you know what? I crushed it. The bar flew right up into position and I caught it perfectly mid-squat position and brought it up to complete the lift. I was totally amped!

Now I don’t want to let this pre workout take TOO much credit for me hitting a PR on the hang clean- but I can safely say that Her Pro Pump helped me accomplish this feat. The remainder of my workout also went really well. I always seem to be able to dial in my focus better when I had some of the Advantra-Z citrus aurantium in my pre workout cocktail. 

If I had to judge the various elements of performance with this pre workout- I would give the overall energy a ‘B’. I was fairly energized, but this is definitely not one of the more stim-heavy pre workouts that you’ll try. The focus element is probably the best aspect of Her Pro Pump. I was completely focused on each rep today. The ‘pump’ was surprisingly not that noticeable with this pre workout- which kind of surprised me given how much emphasis there is within the ingredients (arginine, agmatine, glycerol, citrulline, etc). But then again, I almost never feel the ‘pump’ so don’t worry too much about that critique. The beta-alanine provided some endurance elements, but the lack of amino acids really prevented this from being a true endurance winner. Her Pro Pump get’s a very solid B plus on performance. Alright let’s talk looks!

Her Pro Pump Label Grade: 7.8

Meh. I was close to giving 1Up a ‘B’ on the label of Her Pro Pump. But after turning it over in my hands once again- I just can not justify it. It’s simply NOT an attractive design in my opinion. (Or yours if you know anything about design). The pink ’S-curve’ is horrid in my opinion. The designer clearly read something about including an ’S’ shape on the product because it recalls the female body and how women always want the ‘hourglass’ shape. I personally am tired of that entire stereotype and thus HATE this label. The white background sitting on the black background looks horrid, not to mention the ‘1Up’ logo itself is an eye-sore. It looks like my 5 year old nephew designed it. Other things that kind of suck about the package would have to be the choice of green for the main product title. I mean. It looks brutal. If there’s any silver lining within this design…I guess the layout itself is ‘clean’ and well-organized? I mean it is pretty easy to identify the product name, it’s benefits, the flavor, servings, etc. Blah blah blah. In this day and age I just expect more creativity. Not enough to get into the ‘B’ range in my opinion. 

1Up Nutrition Her Pro Pump Review Summary: 


  • Her Pro Pump Label Grade: 7.8
  • Her Pro Pump Formula Grade: 8.4
  • Her Pro Pump Flavor Grade: 9.0
  • Her Pro Pump Performance Grade: 8.8
  • Her Pro Pump Value Grade: 7.9


The first nominee for the BPW Best pre workout for women of 2016 is 1Up Nutrition Her Pro Pump. This product tastes good, performs good, and has a good formula. Thus it is a ‘good’ product. At $50 for 20 servings, it’s certainly on the pricey side for just a ‘good’, but I think that’s mostly because they are trying to get you to buy it within a bundle to get a better price. I’m awarding Her Pro Pump a solid ‘B’. It does what it’s supposed to- it’s just a bit overpriced. And sorta ugly.*

1Up Nutrition Her Pro Pump Final Review Score: 8.7

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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