REVIEW: I tried Herbstrong CBD. Here’s What Happened.

Posted on December 29th, 2018 By Allie Lewis in CBD Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Herbstrong reviews are not hard to find these days because of how popular the CBD products have become in Instagram- but I am finally biting the bullet and testing out some of the new wave of CBD products that are cropping up. I know. A little strange since my focus is on pre workout and protein products. But the fact of the matter is that most folks believe that these CBD products are the next big thing in sports nutrition due to their ability to help with anxiety, muscle pains, and other ailments that, let’s face it, we ALL struggle from. In this Herbstrong review I’m going to try and discuss every aspect of my experience with Herbstrong CBD droplets. From the taste to the packaging to most importantly, if Herbstrong works. And yes I’m going to go into my definition of ‘works’ or not. So.  If that sounds okay to you, let’s begin this Herbstrong CBD review.

Herbstrong has cropped up as one of the foremost ‘instagram’-popular CBD products. Yeah you know what I mean by that. All the pretty girls and boys are using it and posing with it along with their promotional code. I used to think that this style of marketing never worked but guess what, every company in the fitness industry has been using it to (what MUST be) great effect, because we keep seeing it! I finally bit after seeing about 10 of my favorite influencers touting it on the ‘gram. In the next paragraphs I’ll explain my experience with Herbstrong and let you know if it’s actually legit.

Does Herbstrong WORK?

That’s the big question for not just Herbstrong, but let’s face it, the entire CLASS of CBD products. Everyone thinks CBD is all the rage but is there really all that much science behind it? I don’t even know. But I believe it is still slightly under-tested. But as with all shiny new things, people will hop on the bandwagon. ESPECIALLY if the purposes are to reduce stress in our lives.

I actually was hoping that CBD could help with my anxiety because that probably IS my biggest ailment in this day and age. I feel like I’m overwhelmed often times with all the opportunities professionally, socially, spiritually, and with all of our commitments, I really do want a magic droplet to cure it all.

So. Like probably thousands of other people- I turned to Herbstrong CBD Hemp droplets. The type I got is the 1000mg Extra Strong Full Spectrum Recovery Drops. They came in a small black vial with an oil droplet. The instructions advised a few droplets of the oil sublingually in the morning or night. I took them at night because I had heard that sometimes CBD can make you tired. And that is certainly one of the Herbstrong Side Effects that I want to mention, and I’ll go into those later in the review.

But okay- so I took them. WHAT actually happened? Well. As you might have heard with most CBD reviews, there was not a really distinct reaction to the CBD product that I had. It was, if anything very subtle in terms of what you can FEEL from Herbstrong CBD. Now. I won’t say I’m a ‘pothead’ by any stretch, but I definitely have tried smoking dope way back when. Frankly- I hated it. Hated everything about it. But I do remember the feeling of being ‘high’. And so for all of you curious…

Does Herbstrong Get you High?

The answer is ‘no’. You won’t get a formal ‘high’ from Herbstrong CBD. This product is ‘full spectrum’ which means it does indeed contain some THC material, but, that still doesn’t mean you will get a full blown ‘high’. That comes from the ‘real thing’ so to speak.

However, I will say that since Herbstrong IS full-spectrum, those that are very in-tune with their bodies will experience some of that tranquility, and relaxation, that is often associated with cannabis.

I personally felt that it was more of a relaxed feeling like I get with a good cup of tea. But hey- that is a pretty good feeling!

In terms of the actual BENEFITS of Herbstrong CBD though, it is ludicrous to claim that it ‘cured’ anxiety of mine. Or that it caused my muscles to magically heal. Aches and pains to dissipate. Pigs to fly. It just is not the ‘magic ointment’ that people are claiming. And that’s not just relative to Herbstrong CBD- it is my opinion that NONE of these CBD products are ‘magic’.

So that’s really the summary of the benefits of Herbstrong. Yes, you will feel relaxed for a time, and yes, I do think it helped me sleep a little bit deeper (and probably have more vivid dreams), but no it doesn’t magically cure you of all ailments. And in fact there are some Herbstrong side effects to be wary of:

Herbstrong Side Effects:

Here is a list of the four things to be aware of when considering taking Herbstrong CBD Hemp Oil:

  1. Drowsiness: This one, I know is an obvious. But you probably don’t want to be slugging down CBD oil before an important day at work, or before driving a car or something like that. You do feel relaxed to the point of drowsiness within an hour of taking Herbstrong CBD.
  2. Lack of Motivation: This goes hand-in-hand with the above, but trust me, you won’t be chomping at the bit to go get any important tasks done while you are under the influence of Herbstrong CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.
  3. Taste: There is almost no way to explain the taste of these Hemp Oil products, but Herbstrong tastes like they all do- very very strongly. It’s ‘earthy’ but in a very specific, bitter way. Nothing quite compares. You can smell some of the same notes as you can with cannabis for sure. But yeah as for taste, don’t expect some kind of candy droplets here. It’s definitely a ‘pinch your nose’ type thing.
  4. Brain Fog: This one is tricky to explain, but I assimilate the feeling of the day after taking Herbstrong to that feeling the day after doing something incredibly mentally challenging. It almost feels like the brain synapses are fatigued from whatever the CBD does to them. This feeling scared me a little bit, but could also be due to my personal brain chemistry and health history.

And so that is it for side effects and benefits. Let’s close out the Herbstrong review with a quick packaging evaluation.

Herbstrong Packaging is Not Great.

I compare this CBD industry more or less to cosmetics. Like anything in the health/beauty space, the branding and packaging is paramount. That’s where I think Herbstrong has sort of dropped the ball. They use a black theme with lime, almost neon green accents and branding. Herbstrong uses some serif fonts and a sort of ‘embossed’ / family crest-style logo to fill the graphic space on their product. I really don’t think they have done a great job. It looks aggressive with the colors they have selected, possibly at the risk of intimidating new CBD users. I will give them a 6.5 out of ten on packaging. I really think it is misguided. But anyways. Let’s summarize what I’ve learned from Herbstrong CBD Hemp Oil:

Herbstrong CBD Review Summary

-This is one of the first CBD products to really ‘catch on’ and it does provide some immediate benefits in relaxation and sleep. For me it by no means ‘cured’ anxiety or physical aches and pains

-Herbstrong tastes foul, and does come with some other side effects such as drop in motivation and possibly some brain fogginess post-consumption

-Herbstrong packaging is uninspired

So what is my final verdict on Herbstrong? I think as the FIRST CBD product I have reviewed it is a good jumping off point. I also think I will feel about the same about all of these products as I do with Herbstrong- they do help you relax, but they just are not some kind of ‘magic potion’. I would say that until further compelling scientific research comes out, you are probably overpaying for not just Herbstrong CBD, but ALL CBD in general.*

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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