Kindle Fat Burner Reviews: Effective or Just A Pretty Face?

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Femme Forme Kindle reviews are hard to come by so I figured I would ring in the new year with a brand new weightloss review. I actually pre-empted my New Years resolution this year and turned it into a December resolution with an early Christmas present of the Femme Forme Kindle fat burner. In this Kindle review- I’m going to do a few things. I’m going to first and foremost tell you if it works. I’ve been taking Kindle for three weeks now and will tell you all of the effects, both good and bad, and I’ll let you know how it stacks up to UNICO VULCAN – my usual go-to fat burner. I will of course focus on whether or not Kindle actually works for losing weight. The second thing I’ll discuss in this Kindle review is what is in it. I’ll go over the ingredients to help you guys understand what’s in it. The last part of the review will focus on the packaging because let’s face it- looks are important! If this all sounds good to you let’s cut to the chase and dive right into this Kindle review.

Kindle is a confusing name to begin with. Let’s just through that out there. I don’t know how Femme Forme they got away with naming their fat burner the ‘Kindle’- which is of course exactly the same name of the now famous Amazon reading tablet. 

I think I was even confused when someone first told me about Kindle because I was like “wait why would I want to review Amazon’s reader tablet on my weightloss blog!?” It made no sense to me. 

But eventually someone finally told me just what the heck Kindle is. It’s a fat burner! And it actually looks a whole lot like alot of the other weightloss products that I have reviewed in terms of the formula. Why don’t we just start there by checking out the full ingredient list in Femme Forme Kindle. 

What’s in Femme Forme Kindle? 

The ingredients in this stimulant-based fat burner mimic many of the other products that I have reviewed here- but there ARE a few ingredients that I don’t recognize off the top of my head. I will list them all out, and then we will discuss. 


Vitamin B6, b12


Green Tea Extract


IG0B131 (Irvingia Gabonensis Seed Extract)



Advantra Z (Citrus Aurantium)

Yohimbe HCI 

NOTES: Again- the meat of this formula is very familiar to me. B vitamins alongside stimulants such as caffeine, green tea, yohimbe, and bitter orange (the Advantra Z). I do still love Advantra-Z, even if it is more of a question-mark in terms of if it’s safe to take. But nothing works for me quite like this ingredient in terms of energy and appetite suppression. So that’s a good start to the formula and also means it is not for the faint of heart (all these stimulants WILL put a LOAD on that old heart LOL). I should mention that adding yohimbe (another HARDCORE stimulant) is over-kill in my opinion. This ingredient is not needed and will likely make you jittery. The other things to note here are the b-vitamins which are good for energy, and then a new ingredient that I do not recognize called ‘IG0B131’ which is a fancy branded name for a special ‘irvingia gabonensis’ extract. I have NO idea what that is and have never seen it before in any fat burner. But. Let me tell you about how this product actually worked for me. To sum up my thoughts on the formula- I think it is overkill with the stimulants. I really do. Okay. But does it WORK? 

EDIT: I found out that the ‘IG0B131’ ingredient is African Mango- an ingredient that actually has been used for several years in weightloss products. It is supposed to induce weight loss and lower cholesterol. The research on it is not very impressive in my opinion.

Does Femme Forme Kindle Work? 

This is the most important question right? Well. Sort of. But as with anything that ‘works’ you have to consider the cost. Alcohol works. Drugs work. Plastic surgery works. But it will cost you something. Keep that theme in mind throughout this performance section of the Kindle review

As I mentioned- I have been taking Kindle for no less than 3 weeks- 24 days now to be exact. I want to tell you that when I started out- I was about 3 pounds over what I consider my healthy ‘off-season’ weight. So now that I’m back into bodybuilding I am trying to be more mindful of my weight throughout the year because now that I’m OLDER it takes me longer to get into show shape. So I started at 132, and set out to lose about 4 pounds in 3 weeks. 

After taking Kindle for about 10 days– I was already down 3 pounds

That’s incredible! You say. And it IS incredible- but keep in mind that I know how to lose weight with or without these fat burners. I noted every calorie and every meal that I actively tried to maintain a caloric deficit. I will say that Kindle did make it EASIER to EAT LESS. I will repeat. It is WAY easier to eat less while taking Femme Forme Kindle. That is because of all the stimulants in the product that make you literally not hungry. That is called ‘appetite suppression’- and Kindle relies on it heavily.

Standing here today I have lost a total of 5 pounds since taking Kindle. Again- it definitely makes it easier to eat less and also will improve energy levels. 

But I will never be taking this product again, and here’s why: 

Femme Forme Kindle Side Effects

While this product is safer than some fat burners that I’ve tried, the stimulant content in this product is just impossible to ignore as it behaves within your body. And that’s about what I expected going into this trial- I mean- there are four very serious stimulant ingredients in here. Kindle suffers from the old adage ‘too much of a good thing, is not a good thing’. 

I felt constantly over-stimulated throughout my three week trial. You will feel extreme energy while taking Kindle, but then bouts of extreme drowsiness until your next dosage. I also felt anxious constantly. Because of how many stimulants I have taken over the years testing these fat burners (and pre workouts which also have a ton of caffeine and other stimulants), my body has begun reacting quite negatively to the stronger products- and Kindle is VERY strong

The other side effect to note with Kindle is stomach discomfort- and that is also probably unique to me because my body does not tolerate green tea extract very well. I have heard others have issues with green tea as well, but just beware that you do not want to take this product on an empty stomach. And if you do- make sure you eat very soon after. 

To sum up my thoughts on whether or not Kindle works- the short answer is YES it does help you lose weight, but I still would not recommend it due to the severity of the formula and some of the negative health impact it can have. Before we close out with the final verdict let’s run through the packaging. 

Kindle Packaging is Half-Hearted. 

I’m using alot of heart phrases because of all those stimulants in Kindle that impact that heart LOL. But to close out the review- let’s take a look at the aesthetics of the Kindle fat burner. 

I said the packaging is half-hearted but upon closer review I actually don’t hate it that much. The color palette is ‘cool’ with blues and greens and white. It is a different look than all the other pink or fire-red fat loss products I see on the shelves. 

The clear bottle with silver lid reinforces the ‘cool’ vibe of the Kindle branding, and makes it more inviting to the user. 

So from a packaging perspective- Kindle does check some of the key boxes for me. It looks different and unique from others, and has a nice clean, modern look.

Let’s wrap up this review and tie together all of the information to help you understand my position on this Kindle fat burner.

Kindle vs Vulcan: 

You guys know VULCAN has been my top fat loss supplement for about 3 years and so far nothing else has really come close to giving me the same results. Here is how I would compare Kindle to VULCAN:

WAY more stimulants and jittery feeling: VULCAN has a big edge in this category. Whereas both products have the highly effective Advantra-Z Kindle has yohimbine and way more caffeine. This is just overkill to me and makes me feel jittery. 

Fewer patented ingredients: Whereas Kindle does have a few really good quality fat-loss ingredients, what still keeps me happy with VULCAN is that they actually use 5 patented materials, including one that balances blood sugar, which really helps me reduce cravings and keep my appetite in check.

Higher Price: Kindle actually isn’t HORRIBLY over-priced, but in my opinion it’s an inferior product to VULCAN, yet is about 20% more expensive. That math doesn’t add up for me. 

And so that’s really my main 3 criteria for evaluation. In terms of results, I will admit I’m more FAMILIAR with VULCAN having used it so many times, but I really do think it’s a more effective, and safer product (and more affordable.) So there ya go. 

Kindle Fat Burner Review Summary

-Kindle works fast, but has some notable side effects

-Kindle has a very stout formulation with several potent stimulants. Safety is a concern

-Kindle has lovely packaging and stands out to me from others in that regard

-Kinde is over-priced at $70 

I would hate to use the term ‘wolf in sheeps clothes’ but that sort of what we have going on here. From the outside- Kindle appears VERY inoffensive and harmless. Health, even. But on the inside, those little innocent pills contain an EXTREMELY POTENT combination of stimulants that should not be taken lightly. I would exercise caution if you do decide to try Kindle. It is not for beginners to diet products.*

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