My LadyBoss Lean Review: Does This Meal Replacement Work?

Posted on July 31st, 2019 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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LadyBoss Lean reviews are easy to find on facebook and elsewhere, but I was actually having a really hard time finding REAL reviews on their website so I grabbed a bag for myself and gave it a try for 14 days. I was looking forward to trying LadyBoss Lean protein for a number of reasons, and in this full LadyBoss Lean review, I’ll tell you what I found. I have learned a lot about this protein, and I’m excited to share. In this review I’ll tell you what I think about the taste. I’ll tell you if it actually helped me lose weight. I’ll tell you about the ingredients so you know what’s really in here. And finally I’ll tell you pretty bluntly if I think LadyBoss Lean is worth the money. If that sounds like the info that you need- then let’s boss up and get this LadyBoss Lean review started.

I first heard about LadyBoss from my facebook fan page of all places, where a few different women reached out, asking if LadyBoss is legit or not. I had never heard of this brand, so I took to google (like we always do) to try and find more info. And that’s when things got weird. 

You see, LadyBoss is not your typical supplement company. You can tell that by visiting any of their horrible webpages. I mean. I have never even been on a ‘spammier’-feeling website than the LadyBoss website. I could have sworn that after I paid for one bag of LadyBoss Lean protein that I would simply never see my money again. There is about a million lines of huge, spammy-sounding copy-writing. Copy that sounds like it was written by a creepy old white man who is used to tricking young women. I know that sounds so negative but that’s seriously the way their website feels. The writing is creepy. The photography is truly horrid. It’s just bad. But I went ahead and bought my bag of Lean regardless. Immediately after purchase I did receive a sort of ‘e-book’ type guide thing from the founder of the company, and apparently the main ‘LadyBoss’ herself, Kaelin Tuell Poulin. Kaelin lost a bunch of weight in a short amount of time, and so she is the LadyBoss and apparently a pretty notable weightloss influencer on facebook. The guide included some information about LadyBoss Lean protein and how to use it. You essentially are supposed to use it as a meal replacement or snack replacement. I pretty much know all of this stuff already so I glazed over it.. but.. within a few days my LadyBoss Lean protein did arrive and I tore open my pouch of protein. Ready for anything! Here is what I thought of the flavor: 

What Does LadyBoss Lean Taste Like? Is It Good?

So you guys know that I have reviewed about a million different protein powders in my day. So I am very hard to impress when it comes to the flavoring. LadyBoss Lean went in a fun direction with their flavor, which they made as a birthday / white cake flavor. I found it to be very much just like a vanilla flavor…with not all that much ‘cake’ flavor to note..but overall it is actually quite pleasant-tasting. The sweetness level is on point, and is balanced out nicely with a smooth texture. No ‘chalkiness’ to report on my end. LadyBoss Lean is actually pretty easy-drinking! I don’t think it’s the BEST protein shake I’ve had, but it’s somewhere just above average, I would say. So the taste is okay, but does LadyBoss Lean actually help you lose weight? 

Does LadyBoss Lean Work? 

Great question- and to be quite honest I don’t have a great answer for you because I have only been taking the product for like one week. BUT. That being said, I am a few pounds overweight and so I am going to give LadyBoss another few weeks working it into my diet and see if it has actually helped. I’ll add a follow-up section to this part of the LadyBoss Lean review to report back on the results that I have noticed while taking it.

FOLLOW UP NOTES: I have taken LadyBoss for a total of three weeks now, and I think I can definitely notice a few areas that seem to have tightened up a little bit. Keep in mind that I have been ramping up my workout schedule to 4x per week (so I’m getting really sore but that’s a whole other story LOL) but I do think that LadyBoss has helped provide me with some extra protein to maintain and add some muscle mass while not gaining weight. In fact I have lost a total of about a pound and a half since starting LadyBoss Lean protein. I am taking it just once in the afternoon during the time when I used to just snack like crazy. So I do think LadyBoss Lean has actually helped me in some ways even if nothing has been like crazy or transformative I do think it’s working a little bit. I do want to review a few notes of mine regarding the LadyBoss Lean ingredients though. 

What’s In LadyBoss Lean Protein? 

This protein meal replacement is actually fairly straightforward in terms of its formulation. There is a good amount of protein, a slew of vitamins, and not much else. I sometimes expect these meal replacement products to have all kinds of extra carbohydrates and nutrients in them, but this is literally just a whey protein shake with some added vitamins. Nothing wrong with that, but I’ll share a few other notes below: 

  1. MACROS: The macros on this are pretty good. It’s calorically rather light at just 100 calories per serving. It’s relatively low-carb, and has 4 grams of sugar with 2g of fiber. I think I would have liked to see more fiber and less sugar, but it seems like they went the route of making it taste better than just have more fiber. The shake has 15g of protein which isn’t terrible high but it’s an adequate amount for a light meal I suppose. 
  2. ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS: One thing to note is that LadyBoss does have some artificial flavors and sweeteners that make it somewhat less appealing in my book…but it is what it is. For me I would prefer that they used more natural ingredients but I bet it’s harder to make it taste good that way. 
  3. VITAMIN MIXTURE: The LadyBoss Lean shakes contain basically an entire multi-vitamin worth of micronutrients, which does make it more effective as a meal replacement. They are trying to give you a bunch of the nutrients that you would get from a real meal. So that is interesting to note. I won’t list all of them out, but it is really heavy on biotin and Thiamin, which seems to me to be because it is targeting women, and both of these minerals are good for hair, skin, and nail health. 

Overall this formula is pretty good! It’s rather simple and again, I wish it had less sugar and didn’t contain artificial ingredients, but it is what it is. I don’t mind the formula here. Let’s go over packaging before we wrap this thing up. 

LadyBoss Lean Packaging is not Great. 

I know we’re all supposed to be avoiding plastic these days, but I have to be honest I hate these stand-up bags of powder. The product just doesn’t seems as legit as powders that are in actual tubs. I also don’t love the design overall of the LadyBoss Lean product. The bag is VERY text-heavy and almost comes off a little bit trashy. I know that is a strong word, and I don’t mean to sound ’stuck-up’ but from the website to the packaging there is, well, just a certain trashiness about the LadyBoss brand that is somewhat of a turnoff. But. I suppose I am a California snob at this point. And only the best design impresses me these days. So take my harsh words with a grain of salt. Okay. Let’s wrap this thing up now. 

LadyBoss Lean Review Summary: 

– LadyBoss Lean is a high-protein meal replacement shake created by weightloss personality Kaelin Tuell Poulin 

– LadyBoss Lean contains whey protein, vitamins, and some artificial flavoring ingredients to round out the ingredients

– LadyBoss Lean helped me lose about 2 lbs., and has pleasant taste and texture 

– LadyBoss Lean comes in a stand-up pouch that is visually very busy from a design perspective

Is LadyBoss Lean Worth The Money? 

The hard thing about LadyBoss Lean is that it is actually very expensive. If you are ordering just one bag, you know you are paying an arm and a leg (I paid over $60 for it)..given the simplicity of this formulation…I’m not really sure that LadyBoss is your best bang for the buck. It might be more economical (and tastier) to just get a REALLY great-tasting dairy-based protein, and drink it with a basic multi-vitamin.* 

Allie Lewis

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