1st Phorm Harmony Review: I Share My 10-Day Trial Results

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1st Phorm Harmony Reviews are not easy to find for this relatively new product, so I figured I would grab a jar upon release and give it a 10-day mini-trial. In this 1st Phorm Harmony review, I’ll tell you the results that I have gotten while taking the product. I’ll also share any additional notes regarding the product including side effects and anything else that I experienced while taking 1st Phorm Harmony. I’m also going to review the ingredients, and share my thoughts on the formula. I’ll keep this review very light, and hopefully easy-reading for you so that you can make an informed decision for yourself about 1st Phorm’s newest product. If that sounds good to you, let’s get started!

Unfortunately I have to start this review with some bad news. 1st Phorm Balance is a direct knock-off of Alani Nu’s flagship ‘Balance’ product. Katy Hearn’s brand, which very well could be my brand of the year for 2019, was the first to roll out a hormone-balance product back in 2018. 

Just by looking at the name, the timing, and even some of the ingredients in 1st Phorm Harmony, you can tell that this product is not just a coincidence but a direct response to the success of Alani Nu’s Balance (which I actually love- you can read my full Alani-Nu Balance review here). Now. There’s nothing WRONG with this…after all…almost every car company is scrambling to make electric cars, like Tesla. That doesn’t make them villainous companies. But I think what I am finding in this Harmony review is that it does make them at risk of making an imitation product that isn’t QUITE as good. But let me share my 10-day 1st Phorm Harmony log and you can see for yourself how it worked for me: 

NOTE: I took the prescribed dosage of 1st Phorm Harmony for the duration of my logging, which is 2 capsules, twice per day with food. So 4 total caps per day. 

1st Phorm Harmony 10-Day Mini-Log: 

DAY 1: Okay, so first day taking my Harmony product. I am really interested to see if this will work for me the same way Balance did! I will be looking specifically for skin/breakout effects, mood changes (hopefully for the better), and also general appetite health. 

DAY 3: Alright! So 3 days in and I do actually have some things to report to you guys. My skin, similar to when I took Alani-Nu Balance, is actually really clear. Keep in mind that I’ve been home in San Diego and wearing NO makeup because I’ve just been in and out of the ocean all day (the salt water keeps my skin so clear on it’s own), but regardless I think 1st Phorm Harmony has been helping keep my oils balanced and my skin clear. I also find that my appetite has been a little bit lower while taking Harmony. Not sure if I’m imagining that or not but I’ll keep monitoring closely. 

DAY 5: So we’re about halfway through my logging and it’s kind of weird but I swear I am like, WIRED after taking Harmony. It’s not like a full-blown pre-workout type feeling (I am a big pre workout junkie as you know – see my 1st Phorm Pre Workout Review here), but yeah I just feel like super energized after taking Harmony. It might be a little bit overwhelming especially after the second dose, which I am taking later in the day. I almost would rather not be all wound up at that time (later in the afternoon). But I also have been drinking coffee with it in the morning so maybe that’s contributing. 

DAY 7: I’m a week into my 1st Phorm Harmony review trial and I think my skin is definitely being impacted by the product, in a good way though. My complexion on my face, neck, and shoulders has been super even and smooth, with very little by way of topical care going on. So I’m like basically not using any of my usual creams and ointments. Just a nightly toner and moisturizer but nothing crazy…so I think Harmony is totally helping my skin. I’m still getting this weird energized sensation after I take it though that is sort of starting to make me uneasy. I also feel like super focused…which isn’t a bad thing…it’s just new for me to have that sort of mentally wired feeling. 

DAY 10: My 1st Phorm Harmony trial is over and I think I have a really clear picture of what this product does. My top 3 effects of 1st Phorm Harmony are VERY obvious and I’ll share those with you below to recap my log.

Does 1st Phorm Harmony Work? 

Harmony DOES work, at least for me, in 3 main ways. 

  1. SKIN: The most noticeable thing that Harmony did for me was improve my skin and essentially prevent all breakouts. I didn’t have even one zit for the entire time taking Harmony. Which is crazy since I usually take medication for my skin. 
  2. ENERGY: I had a TON of energy within like ten minutes of taking 1st Phorm Harmony. I would get this really weird dialed-in/focused feeling that I usually get from energy drinks or pre workouts. It was not a bad thing but it made me feel uneasy in some ways. It’s hard to explain but it was a little unpleasant for me to have that feeling like nonstop for 10 days. 
  3. APPETITE: I think Harmony has a definite impact on your hunger because I was definitely eating less while taking Harmony. I was not as hungry during the afternoon lazy hours when usually my lunch is wearing off and I just want to snack…so that was interesting to note. I also found myself eating much less breakfast while taking 1st Phorm Harmony. So just something to think about is that this product may deliver you some weight loss benefits as well. 

1st Phorm Harmony Side Effects: 

The only thing that I will describe as a side effect because it was super unexpected is that energy and mental tunnel-vision effect that I was getting. Sometimes I like this feeling when I’m studying or doing something that requires really intense focus but to be completely honest I was not a fan of that feeling all day long. But. Let’s look into the 1st Phorm Harmony ingredients and see what’s in the formula…

The 1st Phorm Harmony Formula is Heavy on the Nootropics

I’m just starting to learn more about nootropics, but what I am learning is pretty fascinating. There is a category of botanical ingredients that actually impact your brain and the way you feel mentally. What I am seeing in this 1st Phorm Harmony formula is several ingredients designed to make you FEEL a certain way mentally- which is EXACTLY what I was feeling while taking the product! I’ll list out the ingredients and then share my thoughts on them: 

Calcium D-Glucarate 


Ashwagandha Root 




Caffeine Anhydrous 

NOTES: Okay so there’s caffeine in here. Good to know. Lol. I guess that’s why I felt freaking crazy after drinking coffee AND taking it! The other ingredient that provides energy is MACA, which I thought was often used for men and men’s hormonal balance, but whatever. I actually hate the way I feel on MACA and that’s definitely the sensation that I was getting from Harmony- just sort of an over-stimulated feeling. Other interesting/notable ingredients that jump out at me are Phosphatidylserine and Diindolymethane. The former is used for cognitive benefits and the latter is ripped off directly from the Alani-Nu Balance formula. I think this is the engine of the formulation. 

To summarize my thoughts on the 1st Phorm Harmony formula- I actually don’t like it as much as Alani-Nu Balance. I’m just not a fan of all the nootropics. 

1st Phorm Harmony Packaging is Boring. 

I know the looks of my hormonal balance pills are not important. But compare this to something like Alani-Nu’s jars and, well, I’d just rather have the prettier jar in my medicine cabinet, lol. 1st Phorm does have good consistency, and I suppose the labeling is technically sound with all the important benefits clearly communicated and all, but, for me, I just prefer something a little girly-er. 

1st Phorm Harmony vs Alani Nu Balance: 

Ok so my final verdict on Harmony vs Balance is that Alani Nu’s product is just better in every way. The skin improvements might be a TINY bit better with 1st Phorm but not enough to make me want to have these cognitive sensations that come along with it. I will take Balance all day. Plus they are the original and 1st Phorm blatantly copied them so I’d rather support Katy Hearn’s company. 

1st Phorm Harmony Review Summary

– 1st Phorm Harmony is the new hormone product from supplement brand 1st Phorm

– 1st Phorm Harmony contains many ingredients that are intended to provide mental focus and energy 

– 1st Phorm Harmony is inspired by Katy Hearn’s Alani Nu Balance product, all the way down to the name

– 1st Phorm Harmony helps improve skin quality and clarity, but also provides some unwanted stimulant-driven side effects 

To summarize, I am not a huge fan of Harmony, for the reasons I have already outlined. It’s not as good a product for me because of the added stimulants, which I just don’t want in my hormonal balance pills. On top of that, they are dramatically over-priced at $50 per jar. I’ll stick with Alani Nu.*

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