MAN Game Day Pre Workout Review: Gives You Scary Energy

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Today I want to talk to you guys about MAN Game Day pre workout. In this pre workout review I’ll talk about the flavor, the ingredients, the performance, and even the packaging! If you’ve been exposed to other reviews of mine, you know that i like to have a good time with these product reviews. And you can bet your bottom dollar that if nothing else, we are going to have fun with this one as well. The product lends itself to fun, I can tell you that much. If you like fun, and you like pre workout, than this MAN Game Day pre workout review is absolutely 100% something that you should be interested in. The thing I will start with is a brief overview of my love life because I think that’s the way that I start every review. So let’s get our listening ears on and jump right into this MAN Sports Game Day Pre Workout Review.

My love life. Can we even call it ‘love’ at this point? We should describe it as my heartbreak train-wreck life. It seems no matter what I do there is something dragging my sprits down. And by something, I mean someone. But really do I have anyone to blame but myself for all this heartache? I feel like no matter what I do I end up either hurting someone or getting hurt. Ugh. I know that’s all super vague but I’m not going to focus this review on my sorrows. I want to be distracted away from my feelings, so I might as well take another scoop of MAN Game Day and start REALLY giving you some good, hard intel on this pre workout.

What’s the Best Flavor of MAN Gameday? 

The first thing that you should know about this pre workout powder relates to the flavors. I have had the pleasure of trying two flavors of this pre workout, and can teach you everything about each of them. Well. Maybe ‘teach’ is the wrong verb. How about rather I can advise to you which is the better of the two flavors. They both actually taste quite similar, and in a unique twist of events I’m going to give them BOTH a 9.0 out of 10. They are both really tasty. Here is how I would describe the differences between them: 

Tropic Fury: This flavor is funny because it reminds me of that movie tropic thunder. Tropic Thunder is actually not THAT funny in my opinion but still the premise is hilarious and whenever I read ‘Tropic Fury’ I still crack a smile. This flavor is essentially a sour pineapple flavored pre workout with maybe some notes of mango or something. But the overwhelming flavor in Game Day is certainly the pineapple. The strength of this flavor lies in the fact that their is a great deal of sourness to balance out the sweetness. If you take two scoops, this product is QUITE sweet. So I should throw that out there. Same goes for the second flavor that I tried- the Classic Fruit Punch. 

Classic Fruit Punch: I don’t know how many more times I can try this flavor before I am sick of it. I feel like the last fifty-thousand pre workouts I’ve tried have been fruit punch flavored. Hm. That’s impossible since I haven’t tried anywhere near that many pre workouts. I mean. Nobody has tried that many pre workouts, have they? I hope not. But yeah. this interpretation of the classic fruit punch is just about as classic as it gets. This product tastes exactly like Hawaiian Punch sugar-y drink from when you were a kid. Maybe a touch more sour, but pretty darn close to that.

MAN Game Day Performance Grade: 9.0

Once again MAN Sports is going to get an ‘A’ on a grading criteria for Game Day’s performance grade. There is just something really special about the FOCUS that you get from this pre workout that I honestly haven’t experienced since the original ‘CRAZE’ pre workout of the yesteryear. If you remember Craze, you remember that product had dendrobium, and maybe even some AMP Citrate in it. Neither of those additions were particularly healthy. But what they did do was dial in your energy and focus to an impressive level. 

This pre workout reminds me of that. The workouts that I’ve been doing in the recent weeks have been incredibly tame by most people’s standards. I’ve been doing all kinds of lunge holds, wall-sits, hamstring holds, and other pretty low impact styles of exercise. I’ve had some pretty marked joint issues as of late, and realized that I really had to dial back the intensity of what I was doing. But when I’m doing these new ‘hold’ style workouts, it can be hard to dial in the focus. And that’s where Game Day has helped significantly. 

I took a scoop and a half this morning, and was able to hold my poses for way longer than usual without feeling the mental doubt start to creep in. This product not only improves the focus of the user but also the stamina. I really truly feel like I can go for longer without getting tired when I take Game Day pre workout. It’s especially noticeable when doing one of these isometric style workouts. 

The last performance element that is upgraded each time you take GAME Day is the PUMP. I know, ladies. We don’t always need that ‘swole’ feeling. Like. Almost never. But when you do decide to do some resistance training with Game Day pre workout, you will feel a really nice ‘pumped up’ tightness in your muscles that gives me a little bit of an adrenaline rush when I look in the mirror. It doesn’t last long, but it’s still a really cool effect. It’s not as dramatic as when you take White Rapids or some of the other ‘Crazy Pump’ products that I’ve experienced, but it’s still pretty cool. Ok let’s talk about the formula.

MAN Game Day Formula Grade: 9.0

Wow. Three grading sections, three ‘A’s. I think we might have a winner on our hands folks! Now. I’m not saying that this is necessarily the best pre workout for women winner of 2016, but I can certainly see it holding a top five spot when we release those rankings in January! 

Part of what makes this pre workout so effective is the number of high quality, high-performance ingredients included in each dosage. There is a really interesting combination of energy and pump ingredients with focus benefits tied in. Here is the full list of ingredients in MAN Game Day pre workout: 

  • Glycerol Monostearate
  • GlycoCarn (Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine HCL)
  • Serum Protein Isolate (Pure PF3)
  • L-Norvaline
  • Rutaecarpine
  • Dendrobium Alkaloids
  • Rauwolscine
  • Black Tea (20% theaflavins)
  • L-Tyrosine (As N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine)

As you can see, there are a couple ingredients in here that you might not be too familiar with. I know for me personally, Serum Protein Isolate is a new one. Like. What does that even mean? I’m guessing that it’s some sort of super broken-down complete protein that gives a bit of an endurance boost via the inclusion of some amino acids. The other ingredient that I wasn’t so sure what it was, was the Rutaecarpine. I had actually seen it before in a few other products, but never knew what it did. After some research, it seems like this ingredient actually counters the effects of caffeine. Alot of people actually take it to flush caffeine from their system. I don’t know exactly how or why that’s a good fit for a pre workout though because it seems like you should want the caffeine to stay in your system. But maybe I’m wrong. Let’s move along to the packaging grade after we answer on last relevant question: 

Can Women Take MAN Game Day Pre Workout? 

The answer to this is a resounding ‘yes’ in my humble opinion. MAN Sports’ pre workout seems to be intended more for men than women, but there doesn’t seem to be anything about the product that would eliminate it from the option list. And. Hey. I’m still alive after taking it. Soo. Lol. Yeah you should be fine. Just start with a half scoop and work your way up to psycho-status. 

MAN Game Day Packaging Grade: 9.0

This might be the first pre workout that I’ve ever given the same exact score to every element of the product. I am comfortable giving an ‘A’ to this product on the packaging because the design matches the products results so closely that the whole entire thing just feels seamless from beginning to end. From the moment you grab it off the shelf to the moment the final results of the pre workout wear off, you get the feeling that this is a pre workout that was designed very comprehensively.

The black background is the right choice to frame yellow and red tones of the product. There is heavy red influence on this package that echoes the seriousness of the pre workout product within. MAN Sports designers have done a nice job of giving you the right information in the right hierarchy. The title ‘Game Day’ title is yellow and red, and drives vertically down the side of the jar. The subtitle ‘High Intensity Performance Aid is also a very accurate description of what this product does. The ‘MAN Sports’ logo is a little too ‘energy-drink’ looking for me, but I think it’s working for them. The last thing that they’ve done well is use handsome flavor graphics. They might consider adding more visual cues like actual images of the fruits and stuff, but overall it’s not bad.

MAN Game Day Pre Workout Final Review Summary: 

  • MAN Game Day Flavor Grade: 9.0
  • MAN Game Day Performance Grade: 9.0
  • MAN Game Day Formula Grade: 9.0
  • MAN Game Day Packaging Grade: 9.0
  • MAN Game Day Value Grade: 9.0

Game Day is definitely a product to watch. The dendrobium is the only cautionary ingredient that might make you second-guess a purchase, but the product gives wonderful workout effects. I would highly recommend it.*


MAN Game Day Final Review Score: 9.0

Allie Lewis

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