Me! Fat Burner for Women Review: Amazon’s Awful Performer

Posted on February 23rd, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Fat Burner Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Today I’m going to review one of the poorest named products I have ever come across in my entire life- Me! Fat Burner for Women Supplement. I bought this stuff on Amazon, and I have to be honest, this review is not going to be overwhelmingly positive. The Women Me fat Burner is literally one of the worst fat loss products I’ve bought this year. Now I know it’s only February and things are still very early. And I know I was pretty harsh on the Lean1 meal replacement shakes that I reviewed last week. But Women-Me might honestly be worse. In this Women-Me! review I’ll tell you precisely what I don’t like about this fat loss supplement. Here’s how the review will go- first, I’ll tell you all about my last few days in Vegas, because you know I love treating this review site as my own personal blog as well. After a quick check-in in the life of Fit Life Allie, we’ll actually talk about Fat Burner for Women. I promise. We’ll go over my results from the past week first. Second, we’ll talk about the ingredients. Third, we’ll talk packaging, before wrapping it all up in a neat and tidy review summary. Sounds good, doesn’t it. Let’s go for it.

Good old Vegas. Ever noticed how every time you leave Las Vegas you feel like you’re close to death, and never want to go back. Like ever? But then once you are on the plane on your way home, you are like- ok, I guess I DID have a ton of fun…let’s go back! Lol. It’s the strangest thing. It really is a crazy place. It’s even crazier when you make meal replacement shakes infused with vodka. Ugh. Such a bad idea. But somehow they came out pretty good? See my Legion Whey Review for more on THAT little experience. But then come back and read the rest of this whooping I’m about to stick to the Fat Burner for Women-Me! Sport-Belly, or WHAT. EVER. THIS. DARN. PRODUCT. IS. CALLED. OMG. Like. Who actually named this? It’s absolutely awful. Ugh. Get it out of my site. But yeah. Let me tell you about the week leading up to Vegas when I took this junk.

Me! Fat Burner for Women Performance Grade: 6.5

It’s getting a ‘D’ on performance. And that’s being GENEROUS. Like really generous. I took this product for one week before giving up on it because quite frankly it was one of the worst fat burners I’ve ever stuffed down my throat. It’s like the worst product ever. I took it on my first day, and then ended up eating an entire pizza later that night. I’m not saying that a pill forced me to eat a pizza. No. If we were snapchat friends, you would know that there was PLENTY of self-blame placed squarely on my shoulders. You probably would’ve called me to make sure I was like, ok. It was bad. But yeah. Almost the entire day after I took the ‘Sport-Belly’ Fat Burner, I was feeling ‘Empty-Belly’. I was literally like the hungriest I’ve ever been. So yeah. That’s really the biggest effect of taking this fat loss product. You just get super super hungry. On top of that, you get these effects: 

  1. Marginally Jittery: For a caffeine-free fat burner, I’m really not sure why or how I was feeling ‘on-edge’ when I took Fat Burner for Women-Me!. It was so strange. And I’m not stimulant-sensitive by any stretch of the imagination. 
  2. Pee A TON: You will pee. You will pee lots. I was going like four times within an hour of taking it. I legit hate when fat burners just load up their product with diuretics. 
  3. Upset Stomach: Most of the time this product just made me hungry, but there were a handful of times where instead of getting hungry, my stomach just flat out hurt. I don’t know why that was, but it was totally unpleasant. 

I don’t know what else to tell you. I ended up quitting taking Me! Fat Burner for Women after just about one week because it was doing literally nothing to help my physical appearance, and was just giving me those side-effects. Really a horrible performer. Let’s look at the horrible ingredients in the Me! Thermo-Metablic Complex…

Me! Fat Burner for Women Formula Grade: 8.0

The weird thing is that the ingredients actually AREN’T that bad. Which is odd. Even odder is that I actually LIKE some of the ingredients in here, and have had wonderful results from some products that actually have very similar ingredient panels. Here is the full list of ingredients in the Me! Belly Fat Burner For Women fat burner: 

Vitamin B-6

Chromium Amino Acid Chelate

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract

Guarana Seed Extract

Citrus Aurantium

White Willow Salix Alba

Cayenne (Capsicum Annuum)

Green Tea Extract 

Uva Ursi

Dandelion Root


Ok, so it’s easy to see where all the peeing comes from. You’ve got two very powerful diuretic ingredients in this fat burner. But some other stuff is good. Carnitine. Good. But guess what? It’s LAST on the ingredients panel. That means there’s the LEAST amount of the BEST ingredient in those whole product. They clearly did some cost reducing when they put together the amounts of each ingredient. And then they made the label a big old proprietary blend so that you couldn’t see that there are just trace amounts of the good ingredients in here. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the majority of this formula is diuretics. That’s pretty lousy. But since it’s a ‘prop-blend’ I can’t say for sure, so on paper I guess I have to give it a decent formula grade. But I still hate it. You know what I REALLY hate about this fat burner for women? The packaging. 

Me! Fat Burner for Women Packaging Grade: 5.0 

Hehe. A five. Out of ten. I can’t even remember the last time I gave a product a grade that low on anything. You know you’ve gone and fouled it up to get a score THAT low from me. But I mean. Come on. People. Just look at this product. Look how sad. Look how pathetic. Look how just truly horrible this product is to look at! I mean. It’s practically hurting my eyes just to see it sitting here on my kitchen counter. I almost need to throw a bag over it. It would be an improvement. Like. Honestly I think I could have designed a better-looking fat burner than Fat Burner for Women-Me!. It’s horrid. It’s a black ugly label on top of a black ugly white jar just like the way the old NLA Performance products used to look. It’s insane to think that someone approve this design for production. The main graphic is a triangle shape that falls down into the crest of the ‘M’ in Me! Fat Burner for Women. There’s the silhouette of a porn-star I mean woman standing there seductively (I guess?), and then some jibberish about what the product does beneath the product title ‘Me! Fat Burner for Women’. It’s truly a bad product all around. I’m done talking about it.

Me! Fat Burner for Women Review Summary

  • Me! Fat Burner for Women Performance Grade: 6.5
  • Me! Fat Burner for Women Formula Grade: 8.0
  • Me! Fat Burner for Women Packaging Grade: 5.0 
  • Me! Fat Burner for Women Value Grade: 6.5

Yeah this is the worst fat burner I’ve reviewed in quite some time. Maybe ever. Me! Fat Burner for Women just doesn’t cut it in my book. It your looking for an Amazon fat burner, you’ve got WAY better options.*


Me! Fat Burner for Women Final Review Score: 6.5

Allie Lewis

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