Legion Whey Plus Review. Everything Good BUT Taste

Posted on February 19th, 2016 By Allie Lewis in Protein Powder Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Hello and welcome to my Legion Whey Plus Review. In this Whey+ Protein review, I’m going to tell you all about yet another Legion Athletics product, and if it is something YOU should consider buying. I think there is alot to like about this whey protein product, and as always, a few things I’m not as crazy about. You can be assured that in this in-depth review, we’re going to flush out the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ll open the review with a brief synopsis of my trip so far in chilly Las Vegas (I know, right? Where’s my sun!). After that, we’ll actually discuss Legion Whey+. I’ll go over all the things relevant to a protein powder. From the flavor, to the formula, even to as far as the packaging. No part of this protein supplement will be left un-reviewed. That’s right. I even talk about the details of the packaging. What other supplement reviewer goes to such lengths to help YOU make awesome supplement purchasing choices? That’s right. None of them. Because I’m the best. And you know it. And I’m going to prove it to you in this my one millionth protein powder review. Or something like that. Let’s get the Legion Whey review under “whey”. Get it?!

Oh Las Vegas. Why must you do this to me every time. As I sit here at this cold, dark cafe table in the corner with my coffee and my egg quiche. Thing. That isn’t very good. I’m barely coherent right now so bear with me. I’ll have a few more sips of coffee before we dive headfirst into this Legion Whey Protein review. My girls and I MAY have been making Legion Whey cocktails last night, with Malibu and Belvedere. I cannot discourage this behavior highly enough. Because while this protein tastes pretty horrid on it’s own, it was simply magnificent with some Malibu and Baileys. The Belvedere happened to find it’s way into the picture super late night. I don’t really want to talk about it. Because I’ll throw up all over this cafe. And nobody want’s to see that. But speaking of throwing up. Let’s start with the Legion Whey + Protein from a flavor perspective. 

Legion Whey Plus Flavor Grade: 7.4

As you know from my other reviews- I’m a BIG time Legion fan. The Pulse pre workout is one of the better energy boosts I’ve had in a while, and of course you know Legion Phoenix has been a sort of ‘dark horse’ in the fat burner game for awhile. Phoenix actually has a real shot at winning our BPW Top Ten fat burners for women this year. That’s a pretty good reputation, and the reason why I was beyond excited to get my hands on the two tubs of Legion Whey Plus. I convinced my friend Alex to buy the Eggnog flavor, while I bought the Dutch Chocolate for myself. Here are our thoughts on each: 

Eggnog: I actually just reviewed the Isagenix Isalean protein in an eggnog flavor and it was not so good. Well. You know what? It sort of WAS good- jjust not for too long. Like all those crazy flavors (red velvet, cupcake, birthday cake, etc), they are SO good for the first sip and then they sort of lose their appeal. This was certainly a case of that. The eggnog notes are super bold and tasty up at the front of your palette, but then they really do morph into something- er- strange. A really bitter, almost alcohol taste comes out of the blue to really turn something good-tasting into something bad-tasting. It’s like the tale of two taste profiles. It starts so good and bold and sweet but then just gets totally compromised by that weird aftertaste. 

Dutch Chocolate: The Dutch Chocolate flavor is quite a bit better than the eggnog flavor- and here’s why. The weird nasty aftertaste is not QUITE as prevalent in this flavor. It’s still there, don’t get me wrong, but not as bad in this flavor of Legion Whey Plus. I’m pretty sure that the naturally bitter notes of chocolate are responsible for canceling out some of that bitter taste. The chocolate also has a little bit of a smoother texture in my opinion, which was surprising. It was almost like a different product entirely. I also found this flavor to be better when mixed with Bailey’s and a splash of whole milk. Lol. So healthy. But. Let’s talk about why this product actually IS super healthy when you are NOT on a four day Vegas bender. 

Legion Whey Plus Formula Grade: 9.4

Now this is more l like it. This is more of what we expect from Legion Whey Plus. A range. This is the Legion I know and love. The Legion that stole my heart with their Phoenix Fat Burner. 

Legion has done a great job with this protein of a very important principle. The kiss principle. Ever heard of it? My friend Alex certainly did at Hakassan last night! Oops. Was I supposed to say that? Lol. Never mind. But no. Not THAT kiss principle. The K.I.S.S principle from lacrosse practice. Keep It Simple, Stupid! That’s what I was always so bad at wether painting my nails or running around the lacrosse field like a mad-woman. I always tried to get too fancy, and often times it nipped me in the butt. Protein companies do it all the time. I mean. Just look at something like Usana Nutrimeal. That product had so much extraneous junk in it that I could barely stomach it. This protein is quite the opposite. Want to hear the ingredients in Legion Athletics Whey+ Protein? Get ready for it- here they are: 

Non-GMO Whey Protein Isolate

Non-GMO Maltodextrin

Cocoa Bean Powder

Natural Flavors

Xanthan Gum


Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf Extract

Tapioca Starch

That’s a pretty neat and tidy list of ingredients for a protein powder in this day and age. Just one source of protein is both a good and a bad thing in my opinion. The good thing is it’s super high-quality ‘clean’ protein from Irish Dairy Sources if you believe that or not. On the Legion website they claim Irish Dairy cows produce a more delicious protein powder than other sources. That could be all marketing, but also given the way this protein tastes I personally don’t buy it. But it could also be that the stevia is compromising the taste. I’m like 99% sure that weird bitter taste that ruined the taste of Legion Whey is from the Stevia. I’ve had plenty of stevia-sweetened products in my day, and didn’t really have a problem with them, so I almost wonder if Legion didn’t just get a nasty batch of stevia for use in Whey Plus Protein Powder. But. Yeah. Other than that this is a super basic, clean, well-made formula. The macros are on point, and the protein source is great. 

Legion Whey Plus Packaging Grade: 9.0

I love the way Legion makes their products look nice and consistent with each other. These are designs that aren’t totally flashy and ‘look at me’, but at the same time, they are tasteful and catchy. I always have people asking me about them when I have guests over because I keep them planed on top of my fridge in the kitchen proudly. Whey uses the same black containers as the other Legion products, and then also a more robust version of the signature ‘honeycomb’ background pattern that is so familiar from the other products in the Legion Athletics line-up. They could have made the flavor identifier a little bit more prominent on this protein powder label, but I think they do a good job as alway, focusing on the product benefits and features. Whey + has three awesomely distinctive little icons to call out the protein source, that the product is antibiotic and hormone free, and also non-gmo. These are key differentiators for Legion so I think it’s smart that they have called it out. And of course they have done so tastefully. Super nice job from an aesthetic standpoint, as always, by the Legion Athletics team. 

Legion Whey Plus Protein Review Summary

  • Legion Whey Plus Flavor Grade: 7.4
  • Legion Whey Plus Formula Grade: 9.4
  • Legion Whey Plus Packaging Grade: 9.0
  • Legion Whey+ Protein Value Score: 9.4

Such a shame that Legion Whey Plus doesn’t taste better, because every other aspect of this protein powder is ON point. The packaging and formulation are top notch. And the clincher? The value is incredible at under a dollar per serving. If they can improve this taste, they have a winner, winner, chicken dinner.*


Legion Whey Plus Protein Final Review Score: 8.5

Allie Lewis

By Allie Lewis

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