My Musclepharm Assault Review – Can Women Take it?

Posted on January 16th, 2015 By Allie Lewis in Pre Workout Reviews Read Time: 12 mins.

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Musclepharm Assault reviews are not hard to come by. You might be walking down the street and actually hear someone recapping their experience with this pre workout. It’s that popular. But for the most part these are going to be reviews from guys- which means they are going to talk about how jacked up and ‘swole’ (insert eye-roll here) the product does, or does not make them. But what about girls? Can girls take Musclepharm Assault? That’s what I’m here to answer. So get your popcorn ready, because this popular pre workout is about to get it’s close-up. That’s right. Musclepharm Assault is FINALLY getting an in-depth BPW review.

Assault has quickly become one of those pre workout supplements that’s almost so popular that you forget about it, if that makes any sense. To me it’s almost on the same level as something like C4, or even the original NO-Explode. Since I’ve actually done a thorough review of Cellucor C4, I thought 2015 was Muscelpharm’s turn to get a shot at the belt. How will it hold up to the likes of Femme Zip, or Lecheek Hottie? Could it have a legitimate shot at being crowned the best pre workout for women of 2015? I’m about to tell you. As always, I’ll start with an analysis of the flavor, then move into the meat of the review, which is where I’ll cover off on the performance of this pre workout drink. I’ll then discuss the supplement facts and talk a little bit about the ingredients that make up this product. I’ll finish up on a lighter note with a packaging/design grade, and round things up with an analysis of the cost, and ultimately announce the final grade. So without much further ado, let’s get into it: the official BPW review of Muslcepharm Assault.

What’s the BEST flavor or Musclepharm Assault?

Assault Flavor Grade: 8.6 So here’s the thing. Alot of people are not crazy about the way Musclepharm Assault tastes- and that’s fine. I AM, but can understand where people are coming from. You’ve just got to know what the best flavors are- because there actually are some real differences from flavor to flavor. Some are amazing, while some are pretty horrible. I’ve never tried a pre workout that has such variance from one flavor to the next. It’s almost as discrepant as Lulu Lemon clothes! (You 100% know what I mean if you shop at Lulu). So here are the flavors that I tried, and what I think of each. I’m ranking them in order from 1-5 based on what was the best, to (what I think) is the worst.

  1. Candy Apple: Yes. You heard me. You won’t find another supplement in the world with this flavor, and I am such a huge fan. Is it very ‘natural’ tasting? Heck no. But is anything about that delicious red candy coating on a candy apple, ‘natural’? No. And it’s not supposed to be. I’m totally ok with there being all sorts of artificial flavors and sweeteners going into this flavor, because it tastes flat-out amazing. I’ve actually told my fitties that not only is this the best flavor or Assault, it might be the best tasting pre workout I’ve ever tried. And that’s saying something. If you are getting yourself a tub of Musclepharm Assault, you better get Candy Apple flavor. Tell ’em Allie sent you. 
  2. Grape: I know. Your thinking, “really, grape?”. Super basic. But MP really did knock this one out of the park to. Remember that cough medicine that you used to have as a kid that was so good that you tried to drink the whole bottle when Mom wasn’t looking? I do because I actually did that and almost took the long sleep at age 6. Good times. But this is exactly how grape flavored Assault tastes. Like grape candy (or cough medicine)- whichever you prefer. NOt the most authentic flavor you’ll ever try, but, again, who cares. It tastes bomb.
  3. Strawberry Margarita: You’ll probably read elsewhere that this is the best flavor of Musclepharm Assault, but it’s not. It’s definitely in the top five, and took my personal bronze medal, but isn’t quite on the level as Candy Apple. I believe Cellucor came out with a strawberry ‘rita flavor first, and I’m guessing that MP copied them with their version. In any case, this flavor is very solid. A little salty, but I dig it.
  4. Raspberry Lemonade: I’ve always been a sucker for raspberry lemonade, and thus I’m somewhat of an expert on the topic. MP Assault Raz-lemonade flavor is successful because it has a nice balance of berry and sour citrus. I love the berry flavor they choose because it’s strong enough to stand up to the lemon. This is honestly probably as good if not better than strawberry ‘rita. Can’t go wrong with either.
  5. Cherry Limeade: This is actually one of the newer flavors of Musclepharm Assault and it’s very solid. I’m surprised it took them so long to come out with the cherry limeade flavor because it’s super sweet, but has the hint of lime to set it off. I’m in love with this flavor and highly recommend it.

Does Musclepharm Assault Work?

Assault Benefits/Performance: 8.9 I’m giving Assault a B+ because, yeah, it works. It works well. I’ll tell you the day that I took Assault for my performance review I actually felt kind of lousy. Point of fact is I was straight dragging ass. And kind of had a cold. I remember it like it was yesterday. Ok it was yesterday. And I was supposed to go out for drinks but I didn’t feel up to par. So where do I go? Home, and to bed right? A normal person would. Not someone who writes a blog about pre workout supplements. Awkward laugh. Sigh. Yes. I thought it was the perfect time for a pre workout performance test. So I busted out my candy apple-flavored friend and began the process. I put one-and-a-half scoops of Musclepharm Assault into my shaker and downed it relatively quickly.

It was already like 7 PM so I knew I would probably be feeling the effects of Assault while I was trying to sleep, but, oh well. I got to the gym just as the beta-alanine tingles started setting in. One thing I will say is that this product has a crap-load of BA in it. Like if you are not used to the sensation, or don’t like the sensation, do NOT go with this pre-workout. Or at least if you do, start with a small-ish scoop. It will hit you hard. I got into my tabata-style warm-up and started to feel the rush of caffeine-powered energy hit me very hard. I love the energy that I get with Assault it is basically second to none. Today was one of my heaviest work-loads of the week, and a time where I really needed the boost. Yep. Leg day. Specifically, squat day.

My first few warm-up sets went down without a fight, in fact I barely even remember them I was so dialed in and ready for the heavy weight. My first three sets at 8x reps felt light too. I do remember that I started off like 25 lbs heavier than I was supposed to though. Which meant I was basically crushing more weight than I ever have on a back squat. I didn’t realize that until now LOL. But I felt so good that I kept the weight high even as I got into my lower rep, heavy weight sets. I hit all my reps, and even had the energy for two 20x rep ‘death sets’ to boot! Give that a try next time you’re feeling ambitious. The energy and strength stayed with me through my high-volume arm ciruit- and I could even feel the infamous ‘pump’ that so many products claim to provide. So performance is unreal- but what’s actually in here that makes it so effective?

What’s in Musclepharm Assault?

Musclepharm Assault Ingredients & Formula Grade: 9.0 Ok so Musclepharm knows how to crank out a bad pre workout. And by bad I mean good. I mean, they signed Tiger Woods to a contract. They have pockets deep enough to be able to get the best of the best on board as formulators. And they’ve clearly done just that with Assault. Through the different versions of this formula, they’ve made adjustments to make it one of the top performing pre workouts available today. Here are the highlight ingredients:

  1. Carnoysn Beta Alanine: While this isn’t my top performance enhancing ingredient by any means, I had to make doubly-sure that everyone that reads this review knows there is a ton of beta-alanine in here. It will help slightly with endurance, but mostly will just make your face feel like it’s melting.
  2. CreNitrate: Patented form of creatine that will help your muscles re-synthesize ADP molecules into ATP. This turnover will happen faster than usual, allowing you to have this readily available form of energy to use for explosive, fast-twitch muscle activity. This is why it was so effective for me on my heavy squat day.
  3. PureEnergy Caffeine: This is an ingredient that I had not previously tried before, and I really enjoyed it. It is an encapsulated form of caffeine that will last longer, thus preventing the energy crash that is usually associated with synthesized caffeine intake. I totally felt the effects of PureEnergy when I was trying to go to sleep later that night. 

Musclepharm Assault Packaging Score: 8.3

Not surprisingly, the lowest scoring area of this product is the packaging. I know. You are not surprised. But I just have high standards, ok? From a design perspective, this is just not that great of a piece of work. First of all, the product name should never ever be vertical like this. I get that you’re Musclepharm and everyone is going to know what this product is called, but, it’s just packaging 101 NOT to do this. It’s not clear. Second of all, the feature graphic is just your logo. I don’t like that. Your logo doesn’t tell me what the product does, and it honestly isn’t even that good looking of a logo. It looks like green fingers. I also am not in love with the faux-aluminum finish on the label. It’s like Apple and iOs8 – skeumorphism is over- get with it! That’s all I have to say about the packaging. Just not very inspiring. But let’s not dwell on the packaging. It’s what’s inside that counts.

Musclepharm Assault Final Score: 9.0

I’m giving MP Assault an ‘A’ because they’ve created a highly effective pre workout via smarter formulating. The ingredients are well thought-out and leave you feeling not just jumpy and energetic, but actually stronger. Is this product ‘for’ women, per-say? No. I would say not. At the end of the day, there IS creatine in it, which IS going to give you a more volumized, ‘full’ look. If you’re really trying to lean out, I would still say go ahead and try Assault, becuase when you go ‘off’ of it, you’re muscles will have stronger and you will see added definition. Add to the equation a host of delicious flavor options, and you’ve got one sweet pre workout.

Allie Lewis

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